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  1. This store owner freaked out because it was day and when somebody tried to battle the sentinel and they counted the sentinel as having a -1. He demanded that the Sentinel gets no modification for battle reguardless of the day/night card. His reasoning was that it is a statue and not a monster…..I started to laugh, and he just started screaming! Do non-card enemies also get modified for the day/night card? (farmer in tavern) What is your opinion?
  2. 1. Wow, this game store owner/tournament coach almost looked like his face was so red he was going to burst lava from his eyeballs!!! This was because I drew an EVENT card that slowed movement in my region but I did not place the card IN THE CENTER OF THE BOARD. WHAT!!!???? I never placed EVENT cards off the board or in the center of the board!!! Don't event cards occupy a space? It's my understanding that if you land on a space that has an event card, you DO NOT DRAW a card. This guy said…."no go ahead draw a card….events are just cards that you throw off the board and they do not occupy any space." What is your opinion? 2. This same store owner FREAKED OUT when I did not put my base craft/strength value counters next to my character card ….WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in tarnation would I do that for???? He then turned red again and forced me to put strength/craft counters next to my character card for my sword and for my followers. WHAT IF I LOSE AN ITEM OR FOLLOWER AND FORGET TO SUBTRACT MY STRENGTH/CRAFT COUNTER YOU FREAKING IDIOT!!!!!! What is your opinion? 3. Then this guy HAD A COW because there was a dragon on the village. He looked at me and said "What the hell is this dragon doing on a space you can't draw a card on" as if I was ruining the whole tournament!!!! I tried to explain sometimes with the dragon expansion dragons do land on spaces you would otherwise just visit. The question arose…..can you still visit the village or do you have to kill the dragon on it first? What is your opinion? 4. You can land on the village/city and opt to do nothing correct?
  3. My house rules state you must land on the Portal of Power to enter. This rule is meant to allow your opponents time to catch up to you. In my opinion, the middle region is too small to allow this free and fast styled open doorway. It is so small you can use an axe, enter the middle region, and advance to the inner region all in the same turn! BOOOOOO!
  4. I disagree….I am sure an alchemist would know if this grail was false. I am sure he wouldn't A. Want it ….or B. Be able to turn it to gold. Not to mention the rules for ridding yourself of the "curse" or "disadvantage" are clearly stated on the card….visit the castle.
  5. Hello! Tonight my opponent encountered the Wolfen and failed in battle….rolled a fate counter…..then failed again and had to encounter the Werewolf chart. The question was asked if another fate counter could be used on the Werewolf chart? My opponent rolled a 2 lost a life and rolled again to the result of a 5 and moved to my space where I rolled on the chart and rolled a 5, so my opponent rolled again (asking again can I use a fate counter) rolled a 2 lost a life, rolled again and got a 2 ( and asked again if she could use a fate counter)…..I said no and she died. I guess the question is….when rolling after a battle can you use a fate counter on the WW Chart? and if you roll a 2 (roll again) can you use a fate counter? When the werewolf goes from your opponent to you then back to them can they then use a fate counter? Thankyou very much…..
  6. Thankyou I can't believe I missed these spell specific rules! It sure is helping my game posting in the forum!
  7. Straight to the point…..So, if you are a Lycanthrope basically you get a plus one during battle at night and in the day? (+2 at night -1 because of nightfall = +1)
  8. Straight to the point…..Many characters have numerous spells in their books at all times. Some characters can draw spells after they use them. DOES THIS MEAN THEY CAN KEEP CASTING AND CASTING as long as their specific spells allow? Thankyou for your opinions…..
  9. If I'm the alchemist and I lose my last life, but I have an object left….do I have to start my secondary character, or am I still alive? "Durning my turn I can turn an object to gold….Durning my turn I can make a healing potion IN THE SAME TURN…." Please give me your opinions and THANKYOU~!
  10. mimm2

    The City Space

    Thankyou very much for all of your advice….It's nice to know I have been coaching the corners correctly!
  11. Many times when I decide to persue the crown area, I wonder if I have enough strength to kill the Pit Fiends. Does it seem strange there are no witty craft loaded creatures to worry about when going the muscle bound way? Please give me your insight…..
  12. One of the things I disagree with about Talisman is being able to climb the Sentinel stairs and Portal of Power stairway without ending your roll on it. It seems if another character is winning the game, you wouldn't want him or her to just walk up the stairs easily! The time it takes for a character to land on these spaces gives others end game hope. Does anyone agree?
  13. mimm2

    The City Space

    Is it legal to land on the city and do NOTHING? I can understand if you don't have a gold to heal, or an object to turn to gold, but wouldn't you at least have to visit the Mystic? ( or enchantress if in the other corner) If there is card on the city such as an event or stranger or item you cannot carry…..can you then just encounter the city options? I hope this was short but sweet….please give me your advice!
  14. I think of things as having only the average amount of time to have one experience. I do not agree with visiting the graveyard and digging in the same turn.
  15. Lets get straight to the point…..If you laminate all of your cards, you can add them to a grab bag/box instead of decks. This costs hundreds of dollars, but it allows you to form new cards and characters on the fly! No perfection is needed other than making your cards the exact same size as the others in the grab bag. As for myself, I am an artist and enjoy making them look alot like the game cards. Player pieces can also be created using plastics and clay. After reading the forums, I came to the conlusion that this game is about FREEDOM. Some rules are wrong, some cards are questionable, some spaces are useless, some players argue……this is the beauty of TALISMAN! It is yours. It can be completely yours too by being creative and not getting so concerned with formalities. After playing many custom games I can tell you that some end in quick victory, and some end in quick death. You truely never know what will happen when you throw this "balance" off. For example, go ahead and make a SPACE MUTANT with 1 life but 10 craft and 1 strength. PARTY TIME MY FRIENDS!!! This game is a hidden gem for all of us lucky enough to percieve it's value.
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