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  1. My bad, I could have sworn it read differently. Must have been reading too fast.
  2. Recover doesn’t retroactively provide you more actions, your limited by what you have after the rally step. Check the email compilation thread for a dev email on the subject
  3. Yes. What would happen here is kind of weird. Say the close bike is the leader of the unit. The far bike gets assigned the wounds first and dies, then the leader ends up with 1 wound and luke is still where he is. Say the far bike is the leader of the unit. The closest bike gets destroyed, the one extra wound gets assigned to the far bike and then luke is moved over to be engaged with the far bike This post has the email clarification, I don't think its made it into the official one yet -
  4. Thoras

    Repulse ruling

    There was no source I am aware of other than rumours. Personally I got the impression most of the discussions thought the ‘stop short’ would be the ruling in the end based on an assumption of how speeder would interact with things. That seemed to be the majority opinion in those discussions from what I saw, but it wasn’t ever anything official. Just community guesses basically.
  5. Thoras

    Repulse ruling

    This is what the community guessed the ruling would be, not what it ended up being.
  6. That is actually a more complicated system to use during a game. It leads to debates and discussions about whether its covered 50% or not because it is modified by the angle of the viewing mini, complicated by whether you can realisticly get down to the mini's view point etc. Doing it pre-game causes none of the complications presented by using the current angle of the attacker. You just do a raw can this cover 50% comparison from dead in front of it.
  7. Good point captainrocket. They didn’t mention whether it applies pre-game anywhere(so it doesn’t) i feel like that’s another oversight myself. May need an email sent.
  8. Ya, I think you missed that they are excluding the peg and base for mini’s with a clear peg
  9. Assuming we are talking about a range 2 terrain piece that’s basically a ledge(no gentle slope) It can’t be forced off that by its compulsory move because it can’t make that move. It would fall under this clause “If it is impossible for a unit to perform a full move, it can perform a partial move instead, but the partial move must end as far along the movement template as possible. » If the unit performs a partial movement because it cannot perform a full movement, the unit immediately suffers a number of wounds equal to its maximum speed”
  10. Other than climb or clamber, there is no way to fall though. Current understanding from an email clarification is that you can’t force push people off ledges, so there is no way to have a mini fall that I can think of
  11. Not even on the second page of posts....
  12. There are quite a few emails consolidated in this thread. Someone in any reasonable sized community should really be familiar with this forum and keep up to date on all threads. It can help quite a bit.
  13. Anytime a card or upgrade uses the word “you”, it is referencing that unit only. So that unit gains an additional instance of arsenal 2.
  14. Thoras

    push and height

    I know, I feel like its just another drop in the bucket for the lack of height meaning much. This ruling combined with the onerous amount of actions it takes to do any climbing/clambering makes it much less interesting an option than it could be. If it worked with the same damage rules as a clamber, its not like it would even be crazy powerful in most cases. The only thing I can imagine is because of how onerous climbing is, they didn't want us to be able to force it on an opponent.
  15. Thoras

    push and height

    You can’t use push to do that in the first place unfortunately. check the email compilation thread for the email from Alex on it
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