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  1. Can't wait to play this, this has landed in my lap at the perfect time. I'm currently waiting for games night (stupidly I can't play solo without ruining the reveal ) and i feel I need to save it for the party, although just one peek... The problem with q&a is *spoilers*. So I'm hoping that all has been tweaked, if not the "grim" shall return. Thanks in advance.
  2. Alright all?! I was wondering whether a decision or general consensus had been reached regarding 6 by 4, as talk was previously referring to moving up to this size, come the 400 point revolution. I know the rules for Sullust were for 6 by 3 play area. Any road before I go shelling out for snazzie mats, any ideas?
  3. Alright all, I think the title says almost all, does anyone have one, as I'm looking for something local. I've emailed FFG.
  4. What they didn't tell you was how much you'd shell out on future purchases, forming your first 400 point rebel list and second 400 point imperial list with squadrons and scum. I'm just jealous really.
  5. You're forgetting admiral chiraneu and corrupter, allowing the imperial leapfrog. Sorry if this note has been responded to, cursory glance and making the kids dinner.
  6. Wow, folks have experienced hostility on game forums? (Que: abuse?) Not for me, I always find mutual appreciation, we're into the same things, maybe it's where I hang out forum wise? My way of painting is better than yours, doesn't really happen, constantly learning new techniques, tweaking bits here and there, exploration I suppose. Isn't it the same when list building? Any road I digress. Big cheer for us!
  7. And whatever Disney conjures up in the new film?
  8. You guys out geek me, and for that, I tip my hat. X
  9. Here's y'all banging on about gen con, I don't even know, what, when, where or who. But if there's toy spaceships involved, I'm excited.
  10. Down as a maybe via b'ton warlords, got the nod from the boss. Just waiting to get some more practice in...
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