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  1. For my undead assembly and painting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqQuihD0hoI&ab_channel=RobZombieVEVO
  2. Yeah, that would be the first thing I would do, and it would be very difficult to clear out those trays because you have to remove units from the back ranks first. Perhaps they will add something in like Hawethorne's ability restriction which limits the ability to 4 wide or 4 trays deep.
  3. This is exactly what i was going to suggest, and then you can magnetize the modified dovetail so you get the best of both worlds. The exterior dimensions would be almost identical unless someone wanted to argue about the millimeter of material removed from the dovetail...
  4. I agree with this, I think the point of this ability is to add trays, rather than just to regenerate trays which have been removed. I also think that it's reasonable to expect him to be able to add units however you please, since the rule for having legal unit layouts is for army building. Indeed there is a line in the rule book which specifically addresses that units will change throughout play into illegal configurations, which in no way invalidates them during play. RRG pg 3, Army Configuration During Play sidebar. During a game, players do not need to continually check if their army is legal. As players lose figures, trays, and upgrades, their armies may become configured in ways that are counter to the army-building rules. This is okay— the army-building rules only apply when building an army, not while playing the game. Now, none of that means they won't restrict it to either or both of the restrictions people have mentioned, but I don't see a reason in the RAW that makes any restrictions beyond the unit being Waiqar infantry clearly intended. Hopefully, if they have those restrictions in mind they will add the text to the ability on the card so it's clear from the time the card is in our cold and clammy skeletonized hands.
  5. I had a few bases that needed to have some material removed. I filed them down a bit so they would fit. I didn't file down the hero bases but they do fit in the hero base for me, it's just really tight.
  6. 10.3 Step 3—Roll Dice: The attacker rolls the dice indicated by the chosen attack profile. • If a game effect removes dice from an attack such that there are no dice to roll, the attack is canceled. If i wanted to be legalistic I'd say that it doesn't apply because it's not a game effect REMOVING dice, there just weren't dice to begin with, but it seems pretty obvious that it's meant to cancel attacks with no dice regardless of why there are no dice.
  7. So, if there are no Unstable runes, can Ankaur still use his ranged attack with 0 dice?
  8. What is the reasoning behind not having rules/lore in the essentials box, are Rules and lore not essential? I guess a Latari or Uthuk player can get the rules online, but it would be a real solid to get them the rules in an essentials box.
  9. They're up now on the RW main page.
  10. So, they probably flew in a bunch of copies for the Adepticon people, which costs a lot more than shipping them on the slow boat from China. They do something very similar for GenCon releases etc. Nothing to get worked up about, although, I'm excited to see if there will be a lot more reviews coming soon!
  11. https://rafpark.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/runewars-mg-explications-des-regles/ The same person who did the un-boxing blog post has now posted an initial mechanics review.
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