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  1. I've both played with and against Nanok. He is one of our faforite heroes as it comes to doing damage (Always as the Beserker). As the OL it's terrifying to see Nanok with "Weapon Mastery" (exhaust for extra surge) and a weapon like "Iron Battleaxe" (surges for damage) or "Grinding Axe" (surges for many damage). And see him attack somewhere between 7-14 damage. As the Hero it always sucks when the OL throws a "Dark Charm" on Nanok (to test his willpower of 2) and see him attack one of your heroes or Nanok himself with that same damage (once bashed Avric KO in one blast). Or being sabotaged with a stream of pittraps and tripwires so Nanok can't even begin to attack. I believe Nanok is the strongest Hero in the game, with the right weapon. We played a campaign without proper weapons for Nanok and he didn't do anything. And we tried him as a Knight and Champion, both didn't work for us. Other than that he always dit the most damage. Thereby we always chose heroes to 'go with Nanok' and support him. A champion to give him 1 extra damage on his attack each turn and a deciple to heal and give him an extra yellow dice on an attack. As the OL you have to adapt to the heroes you play against and choose your OL cards accordingly. I always found that the Heroes (myself included when I play as Hero) sacrifice a lot to get Nanok the right weapon, resulting in lesser companion Heroes, use your cards to distract Nanok and your monsters to deal with the rest. To sum it up, Nanok is powerfull, but not overpowered. Ps: Nanok, beserker, act II Lightning strike. You're welcome.
  2. Great, thanks for the update and link. Got a ton to read and implement in our games now.
  3. Dam said: And you can't play Frenzy and have it Sweep twice either, because Frenzy gives you an extra attack action, but Sweep (despite counting as an attack action) is an "arrow" action. But Frenzied Giant could Sweep and attack a character of course. Well, yes you can. With a Frenzy you give the monster an extra 'attack' action. Remember that the "arrow" does not give any restrictions to an ability (or in this case, attack). It does not require you to exhaust the card (it isn't a magic the gathering 'tap' sign) it merely means you have to use one "action" to perform this. And in this case that action has to be an "attack" action. We had a debate about this aswell, where one stated that this wasn't an "attack" action per se, but that is was an "action" that happened to let you perform an attack, so it could be used for both actions (like the "howl" ability from the barghest for example). But we desided that it couldnt and if anyone tried it otherwise we would see this as a social problem and pointed them to the d*ck-punching-rule.
  4. It would be nice to have a selection tool that allows you to select multiple objects at once (or a select all button). I made a map, only to find out I forgot a 1x2 ending tile al the top. Only problem was, the map ended there, so it wouldnt show on the quest page. Had to manually select all tiles (one by one) and all, token, doors and added text (one by one).
  5. As can be read in the "Rules of Play" page 20, chapter "The Campaign Phase". It states: "1. Receive Gold from Search Cards: Record the total gold value of every Search card the heroes acquired over the course of this quest on the CAmpaign sheet (even if the Search card was used during the quest). Then return all Search cards to the deck (even if the heroes didn't use their abilities). The heroes are assumed to sell their newly discovered treasures in Arhynn." So every search card.
  6. Steve-O said: No, a hero can never voluntarily suffer fatigue in excess of his Stamina rating, for MPs or for anything else. He can be forced to suffer fatigue in excess by various involuntary effects (generally OL effects), but he cannot choose to do so. This is true in all but 1 cases: --Enduring the Elements-- "Mud: Any heroes that are adjacent to a figure with this ability must suffer 1fatigue in order to perform an action. If this would take the hero past his Stamina, he may instead suffer 1damage to perform an action. If this would defeat the hero, he cannot perform the action." As far as I know, this is the only case in which a hero can voluntarily suffer fatigue in excess of his Stamina.
  7. During a "campaign" there are multiple "quest". During a "quest" there are, usually two, "encounters". During a "quest (both encounters) you only cycle through the searchcard stack one time. If the stack is empty you can't draw any more searchcards for the remaider of that "quest". After every "quest" (both encounters), all the searchcards are put back in the searchcard stack.
  8. Robin explained everything correctly. As for: Lobaine said: Example, monster drops stun and then plays dash to get a move action, yay or nay? If a monster stuns a hero, this means he had to perform an attack action. The dash OLcard states: "Play this card when activating a monster during your turn." So this is not allowed after he performed an attack.
  9. Hello Melonhead, As you can read in the "Rules of Play" page 12, chapter "Line of Sight". It states the following: "In order for a figure to have line of sight to a space, a player must be able to trace an uninterrupted, straight line from any corner of that figure's space to any corner of the target space." So that would be the following: Next paragraph: "If the line passes through the edge of a map tile, a door, or a blocked space (a space containing a figure or obstacle), the target space is not in line of sight." That would be the following: Next paragraph: "if the line passes along the edge of a blocked space, the target space is not in line of sight." And that would be the following: And now for the important part: "However, if the line only touches the corner of a blocked space (without passing through the space itself), the target space is in line of sight." Meaning: So you can perform the attack. As for the range bit. You have to count the squares, not the line. As such: So your attack would require a range of 2.
  10. About the Elementals the Errata states: "Monster card, Elemental, Act I and II - The Air ability should read “Until the start of your next turn, this monster can only be affected by attacks from adjacent figures.” About the reinforce overlord card: If you want, you could do that every turn, yes. However keep in mind you are, probably, playing with your "friends" and a game is meant for fun. So everytime I come across a player who does things like that to (legaly) break a game, I refer him to the "d*ck-punching-rule". To people who say this "legal" rulebending is a fault of the game, I explain that this is a social problem, not a game problem and encourage others to punch them in the d*ck every time they do this and if they complain about it tell them to show you the rule prohibiting d*ck-punching.
  11. Just got in: From: Adam Sadler (asadler@fantasyflightgames.com) Send: donderdag 10 januari 2013 17:31:10 We are aware of the issues that the Reinforce card introduces (such as these instant win situations) and we are currently re-examining this card for a possible errata/FAQ update. Please watch our support page for any updates in the near future. Thanks, Adam Sadler Managing Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games
  12. I've been working on a campaign with a friend of mine. He does all the artwork. I've got all the map tiles as image files, for easy map building. All tokens for the quide and the same background and fonts as the original quest guide. Also working on a quest-kit to be published with the campaign so everybody can start to work on their own campaigns. It's still a work in progress and not ready for a couple of months.
  13. The overlord card "Reinforce" (Warlord III) states: "Play this card at the start of your turn and choose one of your monster groups in this quest (except for a lieutenant). You may place monster figures on the map up to the group limit for that monster. These monsters may not be placed within 3 spaces of any hero, but may otherwise be placed in any empty space." Does this card brake the game? In quests where the overlord has to occupy designated spaces, he can just place these monsters on those spaces for an instant win. In quests were doors have to be unlocked in order to reach your goal, the overlord can just place monsters directly into this room for an instant win. Can monster groups which are not on the board (yet, because they are in reserves and are placed on the board at a preset condition), be placed prematurely. Official reply from FFG on the way.
  14. I find the Quest log that comes with the game quite to my satisfaction. Everything I would like to put on it, I can. I find yours a bit cluttered, maybe because I don't know why the "City" column is there but mostly because of the blood stains. Indeed maybe if you faded it some more, it would be ok. Plus there is no way to log who won which quest. Hence the name "quest" log. I do understand it is a work in progress, but would suggest you take the standard sheet and add from there. So you don't forget anything.
  15. Dam said: Seems legit, although I think it will be a very rare occasion when you'll have so many 2x2 and 2x3 monsters out. This is because we play with the conversion kit. In this quest there were the dragons and two open groups which, in our case, are almost always 2x2.
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