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  1. Question 3: Cancel X. If it says cancel X, when does the target being cancelled need to be cancelled, does it need to be cancelled the immediately when the card is played or can it "disenchant" something that has been in play for a while now. There are barely any cards in the game that disenchants other cards.
  2. Question 1: When I play (use) an advantage card, when and how and the ability take effect? Does the card need to remain in play to take effect? For example, during combat, I play an advantage card (A) that gives me +3 to combat. My opponent subsequenty uses Millenium to remove the advantage card. Do I lose the +3? From our understanding, the advantage cards need to stay in play to take effect. Therefore, Millenium is essentially a counterspell to everything except for on-play cards then. Also this makes Artifact: Fathum not as good. Since if I return card (A) if I roll a 6 then it bounces back to my hand and I'll lose the +3. Question 2: Elisabetta: Can I reroll any dice rolls in the game including other player's exploration rolls, or other player's combat rolls.
  3. i see a great opportunity here for ffg to start a new type of card game .. a true living card game created by the community .. all cards in new sets are created, balanced and voted in by the community .. all that ffg will do is publish what is created .. maybe they should start it as a "promo" pack at a nominal price to see how it'll sell .. or collect enough cards and come out w/ the occasional big box set
  4. I hope that there'll be a community to continue the game similar to star wars, original netrunner, lord of the rings tcg
  5. cant wait!! .. i'm on my local shops notify list and i keep checking another local stores website for this .. but its still on yellow status on the ffg product list
  6. ppl sell a sets of one-of and two-of on ebay, and some sites do sell singles, but after buying everything you need youre better off just buying three of the base-set .. i split the game w/ two other friends, so we have 3x base set and one to two of each expansion
  7. Anybody know the release date of cataclysm? … Can't wait!!!
  8. Horatius said: No, because the BW states: "… When {chaos} units you control is corrupted, put a resource token on this card." and the unit, with WE in play, enters in play already corrupted. Thanks Horatius. Can anybody else confirm this? This makes bleeding wall really good, but if it does not then it nerfs bleeding wall a little bit. Contentious issue in our lil playgroup lol .. both good and bad .. one time i jealous eyes a few counters off of bleeding walls that shouldnt have been there haha
  9. does bleeding wall get a counter for units that come into play corrupted w/ warpstone excavation?
  10. Can I play Banna Bearer from anywhere? ie from my hand, graveyard .. etc
  11. Can you look at the developments you've placed face down or when i need to sacrifice developments i need to remember which developments were placed where.
  12. Teokrata said: .Crux. said: +1 vote for Teo and + 1 for the German community counter. It is very nice to see how many players from Europe want to keep Invasion "alive"! I have some ideas about international tournaments in Europe, but it is too early to speak about that… by the way - where are players not from Poland, Germany, Italy or France? Where are players from USA? Jeremy? +1 for more support in Canada .. My friends and I are really into the game, but we're a small playgroup (4 people) .. one of my local stores stopped carrying up to date battlepacks and had to special order them for me from their supplier. on the bright side: The other store only carrys one or two packs and sells out immediately, so somebody must be playing besides us .. but w/ lack of organized play its hard to find these other people who play the game around here
  13. 3. Church of Sigmar / Plague Bomb: if my opponent plague bombs my units, does he have to pay one per unit (ie 3) or just pay 1? 2. Church of Sigmar: does my opponent only need to pay +1 for non-target effects? ie destroy all opposing units 1. Iron Discipline / Plague Bomb: If i iron discipline one of the three units targeted, then does iron discipline get cancelled together or just the damage targetting the one unit? thanks in advance
  14. thanks!! i must've missed it in the FAQ
  15. When attacking I declare the zone I attack before sending attackers in. Does Spoils of War trigger when I declare the zone I attack or when I choose the attackers. ie. If I do not attack with any units, does Spoils of War still trigger?
  16. Is the target still a Unit and a Development? If it is a development, is it flipped over like other developments?
  17. A few rule clarifications: 1. Can I activate once per turn actions once on my turn, then activate it again on my opponents turn? ie. the HE Legend hat adds a resource counter. Can I add it once on my turn, then when my opponent's turn roles around, I add a second counter 2. With search and reveal abilities do you have to discard anything you do not put into your hand? ie. Call the Brayherd. I would think it stays in your deck, but my friend said that theres a thread on the forums on this topic.
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