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  1. its been a long time since i last posted. but, here is some new stuff!!! ENJOY! Take A Breath: A character learns to take use the breaks in combat to rest their body for the coming fight. Effect: Characters with this module are able to forsake the ability to take active actions this combat turn to instead recover a fatigue point for every 20 base presence they possess. Weapon masters with this module may ignore the requirements for the ‘Use of Necessary Energy’ ki ability. Requirements: Con 8, 60 in any two Athletics or Vigor skills. Cost: 40 DP Defensive Breathing: Even when under enemy assault the character learns to conserve movement and rest their body. Effect: a character with this module when on the defensive may forsake the active actions they would have gained this turn to use the ‘Take A Breath’ style module. Requirements: Take A Breath, Withstand Pain 80. Cost: 30 DP Brutal Blow: Characters trained in this style use effort to make their strikes as powerful as possible, cleaving through anything in there way. Effect: A character with this module may spend fatigue points to increases the damage of an attack by 10 per point spent. Requirements: Str 8, Feats of Strength 60. Cost: 30 Unbowed: The character has trained to master the use of armor to such a degree that weapons that would cleave through their armor like a knife through butter, instead glance of harmlessly due to superior positioning and training. Effect: When targeted by an attack action a character with this module may spend 4 fatigue points (this goes towards that characters stamina spending limit for that turn), if they do that characters armor counts as having the ‘Unmodifiable’ advantage (pg 59 DE) for that combat turn. Requirement: Wear Armor 240, Use of Necessary Energy, Inhuman. Cost: 50 War Cry: The character unleashes a great and terrible cry of war to strike fear in their enemies. Effect: As an active action a character may unleash a war cry. Individuals effected by the war cry must pass a resistance check using only their base presence, although they may apply bonuses from the Composure secondary ability. The difficulty of the check is equal to the users presence. The difficulty of the check is also effected by the size difference of the creatures involved, for every 5 size points the user has above those effected the difficulty of the check increases by 10. For every 5 size points the user has below those effected the difficulty of the check drops by 20. Beings that have 30 or more presence then the user are unaffected by war cry. On a failure level of 0 to 30 the effected creature takes a -10 to all actions. On a failure level of 31 to 60, the effected creatures suffer the fear state. On a failure level of 61 or more the effected creature suffers the terror state. War cry has a range in feet equal to the users presence times 15. Those who have been effected or have resisted the effect, can not be effected by war cry again the same combat. A character using war cry may use stamina points to make the check for war cry more difficult or to increase the range. For each stamina point spent the character can increase the difficulty check by 15 or count their presence at 10 higher for calculating the range. Requirements: Will 8, intimidate 100. Cost: 40 DP
  2. After the release of the Dominus Exxet Martial Arts where given a massive upgrade while Style Modules where left sadly lacking. Because of this the class of Weapon-master was left with near to no late game abilities making it one of the weakest classes. What I wanted to with this topic is to see if we could improve the late game ability's of anyone who doesn't want to go into ki, magic or psychic by improving/making new Style Modules. One of the ideas i had was Style Modules Trees. Here is an example: Mounted Combat: Requirements: 60 Ride Once per combat turn whenever a your mount is targeted by an attack, you can use your Ride ability instead of your mounts defence ability. 30DP Ride-By Attack: Requirements: Mounted Combat Style Module, 100 Ride. Once per combat turn your mount can move at its full movement value as a passive action. You may make attacks at any point during this movement gaining the bonuses for charging. 40DP Mounted Shield: Requirements: Mounted Combat Style Module, 100 Ride. When you are astride your mount equipped with a shield, your mount counts as being equipped with the same shield gaining its bonuses against melee and ranged attacks. This includes bonuses for quality. 40DP Powerful Charge: Requirements: Ride-By Attack and Mounted Combat Style Modules, 200 Ride. Once every 5 turns, whenever you make a charge attack you may declare it to be a powerful charge. When you declare that you wish to mount a Powerful charge, the character obtains a special bonus to your Attack and damage equal to 1/10 (round down at multiples of 5) of your Ride Secondary Ability. 50DP Mounted Mastery: Requirements: Mounted Shield and Mounted Combat Style Modules, 200 Ride. You may use the effects Mounted Combat up to half your agility score per turn, rounding up. 50DP Godlike Charge: Requirements: Powerful Charge, Ride-By Attack and Mounted Combat Style Modules, 300 Ride. Once per combat, the you can make a special charge attack. To do so, you must ride in a straight line for at least a full turn. Then, gaining the bonuses from Powerful Charge, you move 500 feet forward in a straight line (in the direction you were going in the previous turn), attacking everyone along your path with your full Attack Ability. 60DP Any comments would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Elric I agree with you on Marcoshias, looking at the rules for him in Anima : Tactics he is said to be a warrior who fights like a Berserker. However, I have to disagree with you on Damien. it is said in his Anima : Tactics rules that he can become immaterial at will and is marked as a Warrior/Prowler. his abilities are called breathless, bodyless and lifeless. To me this gives the image of a ghost. I thought a technique tree based around his abilities to control the senses of himself/ his opponents/the world was really cool. However I’m not to good at making techniques, hence why I’m here. P.S. thanks for the tip about the flamey tattoo.
  4. the Second character is Inquisitor Damien. "Like a shadow that crawls through the darkness unseen and unheard, like a dark angel bringing absolute silence, the Inquisitor Damien is an enigma even to the Church. To contain his abilities he has restrained his body in rune covered bindings and sealed his senses. Nevertheless, although blind, his eyes perceive more than any mortal sight has seen, illuminated by the clearness of eternal darkness..." Here are his rules in Anima: Tactics: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/99188/anima-tactics-damien Here is an image of him: http://th08.deviantart.net/fs19/PRE/f/2007/300/6/5/Anima__Damien_by_Wen_M.jpg
  5. Need help!!! I'm game mastering a game where two legends of the Inquisition are going to be main villains and i have tried to come up with Ki technique trees for them both to no avail. So, I'm posting this request for someone to come up with some awesome Ki technique trees for these awesome characters! The first of these two characters is Lostaroth Marchosias, the Lord of Massacres. "The ultimate executioner, Marchosias is the most powerful warrior of the Inquisition. He is a dangerous weapon that the Church unleashes only when the situation is truly dire. With unlimited potential for destruction and a wildly unpredictable temperament, the man known as the Lord of Massacres now walks Gaia once more…" He is known for wielding Platinum, one of the original eleven lawbringers. It's stats can be found on page 94 of the Prometheum Exxet. For those who understand the rules of Anima: Tactics, here are his stats for that game: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/113911/anima-tactics-lostaroth-marchosias and here is an image of the man himself. http://th08.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2010/125/c/4/Anima__Marchosias_by_Wen_M.jpg
  6. I just want to thank Latoshi for offering to help; sorry I didn’t take you up on it. I defiantly need to thank ElricOfMelnibone for coming up with yet another awesome technique tree, thank you this is exactly what I wanted.
  7. Hello, I’m new to creating ki techniques and I wanted some help in creating a technique tree based on the use of cancer monofilament weapons. I wanted the tree to be based on the techniques performed by Walter C. Dornez from the anime Hellsing: Ultimate. As seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEwPN2cdQFU Any help would be great.
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