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  1. @The Professor, seeing as the location are now double sided and that the adventure isn't known until you go to that place and turn over the card, does that mean that each card is the same of the back? Or, is there a card with "The Post Office" written on one side and it's corresponding adventure on the other side?
  2. I find that all of FFGs Lovecraftian games (Elder Sign, Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror and Mansions) are always tough to win. The first time I ever played Arkham my team won (I was playing with veterans of the game) and they laughed and told me that that wasn't normal… and man were they right. haha. Elder Sign was the only game I could win pretty easily… until that expansion, that thing is great value for the money but it will crush you! Mansions is no different. Whenever I have a table of new players I introduce the game as a horror movie, and like any good modern horror movie chances are good most characters will meet an untimely demise and the outcome of the game is rarely a 'victory' in the classic sense. All of this helps to set up an experience that's more about playing the game, and trying to win, rather than winning being the purpose of playing. While playing I also like to 'play up' the investigators small victories. They killed a cultists? Tell them its nothing. It's a minion. Laugh at your minions demise. Be a good sport when they do do something good and it'll make the loses easier to take… and more fun. Finally, I would strongly suggest picking up Call of the Wild. The scenarios are great and I can't say enough good things about the co-op scenario. There is no keeper in co-op it's just your team against the board mechanics. It's a lot of fun and could make your group understand that you're just as challenged by the game as they are. Good luck!
  3. Hahaha, love your additions to the zombie and the maniac. What do you use to sculpt these additions. I'm still new to mini painting (not quite brave enough to post my Mansions minis yet) and would love to know how you get the shadows on the white lab coats etc.
  4. These are fantastic! Love what you've done with the lantern light off of the Shoggoth. What do you use for the floorboards?
  5. Loving the Innsmouth and road suggestions. I like the idea of the Museum as well as a "Night at the Museum" Lovecraft style would be fantastic. That said I'd love to see a mid range expansions (like Forbidden Alchemy) that includes solo/co-op options for the base game and Call of the Wild expansion. The solo/co-op scenario in CotW is a great way to learn the game IMO.
  6. Great paint jobs! The painted bases add so much to the final design. I haven't painted a mini in a long time but I am tempted due to MoM. I have been collecting MoM photographs of painted minis for inspiration and your Shoggoth is one of the nicest, or should I say one of the most ghastly, ones I've seen.
  7. I just got the base game but I'm already excited about this expansion. Those monsters look great and the ability to build, and hide, the keepers hand sounds intriguing.
  8. I just got the game and played as the keeper with five investigators. They all had fun with the game but they didn't find it very challenging or scary. If I have the same number of investigators again I think I will do the following: remove 1 skill token from each player collect 1 additional threat token per round (1 per player +1) allow for a maximum of 5 mythos and 5 trauma cards I'm not sure if that's over doing it (what do you think?) but luckily if its a scarier fight my investigators want… its a scarier fight I'll give them.
  9. A traditional game screen would come in handy for MoM. Great idea. It would be nice to hide your monsters prior to deployment while also having the keeper rules on the inside of the screen for quick reference. FFG has the manual, albeit in low resolution, on the website. It wouldn't be too difficult to print the required keeper pages on 8.5x11" paper and then mount it to (black) foam core or gator board cut down to the same size. You could then use black fabric tape to act as a hinge between the foam core panels so that the screen stands up. I really like this idea and might make one for myself. I'll let you know how it turns out if I do.
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