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  1. FFG will never make a exact videogame replica of Arkham Horror, not while it can still make loads of money off expansions, custom dice and figurines. I suspect they made Elder Sign into a videogame because it's hard to justify expansions to a dice rolling game.
  2. I also heard there was some kind of "Mega Scenario" where every investigator is in play at once? I believe it was called "To the barricades!"
  3. I heard Arkahm Nights had some exclusive Arkahm Horror scenarios played there. Anyone here that played them? What were they like? Did they give copies to play at home?
  4. Just a thought: Do all the peices have to be based around Cthulhu? I'd like it if some of the other peices were based around the other elder gods, like Shubb-Nuggath being on the monster cup, Yugg-Shoggoth being the gate cup, Azathoth for the GOOholder…
  5. Has anyone tried making a ZALGO ancient one? I'd imagine it's effects would involve extra sanity costs for tomes and monsters appearing in stable locations. (In fact, someone might want to make a expansio based on the fear mythos some time.)
  6. Lola Haye's personal story. A ally card for a sucess, 4 doom tokens for a fail? That's not even enough time to close a gate and get to the boarding house! I mean, I'd be okay if the reward was ridiculously overpowered, but it's not, and there's no decent strategy to complete it! I say the fail condition should be jacked up to eight doom tokens. Anyone else spot things in this game that you think are really unfair?
  7. Personally, as a rule of thumb, a balance character will have all the slider numbers in one columm add up to fifteen, with one extra point allowed for every point below ten the combined San/Stam stats add up to. With Radiou's stats, it comes up to 16 with a 10 for San/Stam. I supspect lowering the will stat by one would go a long way to fixing this.
  8. Don't mean to be a downer, but Bokrug seems to be a bit overpowered, especially if you are aiming for a victory via gate closing/sealing. Whilst the worshipper ability helps towards blessings, the curse does not, and I can't help but think that it's very unlikely you'll get rid of the curse before he awakens. In addition to this, his final battle makes it unessercarily difficult for larger groups of investigators to beat. It might be more fair and interesting for the first player to have to pass a skill check to avoid being devoured, with his combat rating only coming down when someone is devoured. May I suggest [10 - current combat rating] for such a check? Nevertheless, a imaginative expansion, though it wouldn't hurt to add extra parts for functionality with Kingsport and Innsmouth.
  9. Oh, I see: The wiki makes it look like there is only one gate marker to Ryleh, where as in reality there is two that have the exact same design. I'm a victim of misinformation caused by bad wiki editing. My bad! Speaking of the wiki and it's slip-ups, It doesn't seem to list any enounters for the First National Grocery that come from the Miskantonic expansion. Did they really forget to add cards for this location, or has the wiki messed up again?
  10. Dunno about a AH sequel, but a expansion that takes place in Salem or Maine would be interesting.
  11. But without gates from The Lurker expansion, it would be impossible to fail, right? If so, there is clearly something wrong with the card in it's original form. A better fail condition is if Amanda is found in a aquatic location whilst a gate to Ryleh is open during the upkeep phase. It would balance out her victory bonus, which makes her the best character to fight Cthulhu in the game.
  12. Amanda Shape's personal story claims that if there are two open gates leading to Ryleh, she fails. But from what I can make out, the only way this could happen was if you combined the normal gate markers with the markers from The Lurker expansion, which came out after Innsmouth, the origin of the personal story cards. Is there something I am missing, or is it impossible to fail this with using gate markers from The Lurker expansion? If so, the designers need to fix this, because this is the most blatantly broken part of Arkham Horror I've ever seen.
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