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  1. I played a bunch during the first two cycles, then had a kid and sold off all my stuff. Regret it all the time, was constantly hunting around eBay thinking about repurchase. Took forever to get back into hobbies, so now (almost four years later!) I am absolutely thrilled for the reboot! Going to start with new cores and probably the deluxe boxes (they're never rotating, right?), not going to worry about picking up stuff from the older cycles unless there's something I absolutely need. Very glad they made the decision to revive this game!
  2. This card does nothing about Hida Kisada punching you in the face and breaking your provinces. I'm not worried about it at all. It should be easier to play around than Voice or Forged Edict, and those haven't exactly broken the game either.
  3. Fantastic article, Joe! Too many of my opponents drop 3 or 4 cost characters with a single fate, this article is really good at balancing when this is appropriate (most times, it isn't) and when it's not. Plus, as a fellow Crab player, anything that tries to convince opponents to invest even MORE fate in big characters makes me really happy. Nothing better than hitting them with a surprise Way of the Crab in the fate phase action window. Hida Tomonatsu isn't the worst card in the world. There are many, many situations in which I prefer her over Vengeful Berserker, for example. I play primarily dishonor, having the option to defend political is excellent. I'm constantly on the fence about Shameful Display vs. Pilgrimage, and she's a great target for Shameful. I've faced down a lot of ugly, two-fate Niten Masters or Adepts, Lion's Pride Brawlers and Doji Challengers--if you can catch them with some fate or attachments, her ability is actually rather solid. Situational, sure--I'm not going to argue that she's an all-star, but as a 1-2x of in your dynasty deck, you could do a lot worse. Look forward to more of your stuff!
  4. Keeping track of honor has never been an issue for me. The only times I even really care are when I'm close to a dishonor victory/loss, or maybe if someone was running towards an honor victory, but that second scenario hasn't come up for me yet. Much more complicated has been keeping track of which actions have already been used in the mid-game, when board states can get a little cluttered and complicated--especially when you consider that some event cards have 'max per turn' limitations that hit the discard pile afterwards. Without any intention of cheating, I've been caught trying to get off more than one Way of the Crab in a round, or to try and play Banzai twice in the same conflict. Also spend a lot of time recalculating skills, especially in big/important conflicts. Order of operations makes recounting complicated sometimes, then there are effects like Crab stronghold and that annoying Scorpion guy that increases/decreases stats, attachments, events. It can be a lot. Don't think a notebook would help with either, just need to get more familiar with the game.
  5. Make sure you're playing redeploy weapons (like Rey's Lightsaber, mentioned above) on Kanan, I find that he'll usually get targeted first (especially if you're running eKanan instead of eObi). Get your value out of Kanan, sure, but don't lose it all when Kanan dies! I'm not a huge fan of cards like Bestow, but if you're not going to run Rey's Lightsaber (but you should, it's awesome) it can help keep some of your other weapons in play when Kanan explodes. I run eObi/Rey and I really like Caution. The shields matter against most decks, and you can always Guardian out or mitigate a Vibroknife die if used against you. I also really like Close Quarters Assault--you're rolling out lots of sticks, so it's easy to hit 3-4 cards and that can really crush someone's plans. Sometimes, even getting that last card (Second Chance, Buyout, another thing for FN to throw at you) out of the hand can make a huge difference. Deflect is another good option--it's not always relevant, but when it is, it's really good. Keeping budget-consciousness in mind, I think the rest of your choices are pretty good.
  6. Only played two games so far, both Crab vs. Crane, and each took about 1.5 hours. Didn't play either through to completion, we scooped when it became pretty evident who the winner was. Read the rules beforehand, but man is this game fiddly. Extra fate for second player on setup, extra fate for passing first during dynasty phase, extra fate for Seeker/Keeper role when running rings (on top of the ring effects themselves), duplicate rules for fate, remembering to count Imperial Favor even though the card is right in front of you, add first then double, action windows--it's just a lot. None of it is very hard on its own, and I'm sure a lot of this will become second nature after 10 games, but these first couple games were a grind. Some of the card wording is really nuanced, and doesn't work the way you think it should. I think mastering this game will be really rewarding, it's just a steep curve. I hope it's not a barrier to too many new players. Fun fact--there's no action window during a duel. Missed that the first game. Crab won both games. Hida Kisada is a beast.
  7. Destiny players seem like a really solid community with a nice mix of ages and backgrounds, which is nice. Looking forward to getting involved! Hope the rest of my luck is as good as yours, K-2SO!
  8. When I get into games, I tend to go big. I've never even played a game of Destiny, but I've watched a ton of videos, I've searched recent tournament results, I've scoped out the scene at my FLGS and I've been looking for prices online for legendary cards. I love the concept, and I think it's a nice break from CCGs and LCGs I've played in the past. From what I've seen of this game, I'm hopeful that it's something my wife will be excited about playing with me. She loves board games, likes MTG, hated Netrunner--she's pretty good about trying new things, but the harder it is to play, the less likely she is to be into it. It breaks my heart, for example, that I don't think she'll ever play the new Legend of the Five Rings LCG. I'm also hoping it's a game my daughter will be into in a year or two, when she's better able to understand games. In any case, I picked up two booster boxes each of Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion from two different vendors. SOR came first, so I cracked open a box. Very first pack of Destiny I ever opened, and a blue die with one of the Fetts tumbles out. Force Speed. That's a really exciting way to start a new hobby! I don't think I'm going to open any more packs today, going to leave work today on that high note!
  9. I'm a collector and a player in the Chicago area, but we're a rare breed. The FFG handling of Dust Warfare was excellent, it was a much deeper wargame than Dust Tactics Battlefield after Battlefront took over the license. It's great to see the community-supported effort to keep Dust Warfare current.
  10. I don't have much experience with the Firespray, so I'll let others speak to that. The illicit slots and Scum and salvaged astromechs do allow for a different style of play for the Z-95s and scum Y Wings. I think your issue if you go the route you've laid out isn't necessarily the ships or pilots you'll have access to, but the lack of several important upgrades that are only offered in other expansions. Your prospects for wins will really depend on how good of a pilot you are and just how competitively your friends play. The top tier lists in the current meta will be a real challenge, but if you're not playing against those, your chances for close games and occasional wins are reasonable, I'd say.