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  1. Nice post, BK. Agree with you about basically everything. Whether it is indeed dying off slowly or whether they're considering a reboot, I'm fine with it either way. And that's coming from the perspective of someone who has purchased everything since the beginning. Our group has been gradually making our way through the material and having a GREAT time doing it (with the exception of a few quests that have been extremely difficult), we're about 2/3s through all of the printed material. The game has become bogged down in options and the struggle to keep creep in check is evident. Still an awesome game, still super fun, and there have been some really great innovations in the later material--but I miss the simplicity and charm of some of the earlier quests. I think FFG has learned a lot in the last couple years, and if a reboot is in the works, sign me up! If not, I'll enjoy the next couple months of material I have left and will be glad to retire it until I'm ready to replay everything!
  2. I know I'm late to the party and the OP already checked out, but... A second core is 100% not mandatory. This game is GREAT and there is a lot of build/replay available in just a single core set, assuming that 1-2 players are building out of it and you're not building into the same specialties. Played through the original scenarios twice with just a single core, and it was fine. I'm lucky that my group also doesn't care too much about "optimal" builds, we're more of a "use the starting deck guidelines, fill in anything missing with stuff that looks fun" group, and it's been perfectly fine. I would recommend a single core with zero reservations to anyone in the same situation. If you're the type that needs redundancy of the "best" cards, if you support more than 2 players, if you can afford it--sure, get a second core, you won't regret it. Watching simple questions devolve into arguments like the last couple pages of this topic sucks.
  3. Really like the idea of Han for a fun list, took a look at some of the builds above and I like it even more. Here's the build I'm currently working with, looking for advice please: -Han Solo (92) Kanan Jarus (14) Lando Calrissian (5) Millennium Falcon (6) -AP-5 (30) naked -Ten Numb (50) Elusive (3) Should Elusive be Fire Control System instead? Is it better to drop the Millennium Falcon title, take both Elusive & Fire Control System on Ten Numb, then add something else? I really like the title, as it makes Han more survivable, but don't have enough games under my belt to judge. I love B Wings, which is why I went with Ten Numb, but it also seems to synergize with AP-5 in a pinch. I also like ships with fat bottoms, since I'm not the best pilot/player. Thanks!
  4. Purchased two and opened them last night. I was lukewarm about the color scheme based on photos & renderings I saw on the web...but wow, these are really beautiful figs. Glad I made the purchase. Felt the same way about the TIE Reaper...wasn't thrilled about the design, but was instantly gratified once I opened it and put the fig on its base on a nice playmat. Looks awesome. The articulating foils on the X Wing models are kind of meh...but I felt the same way about the TIE Striker. Cool that they have an in-game effect, but I'd happily pass on it if it made the models sturdier or cheaper. Despite the errors, I'm thrilled to finally have some 2.0 materials in hand and very much looking forward to getting everything on the table.
  5. Sounds pretty epic! I'd also be interested in hearing what deck you were using. I'm about halfway through all of the released material, we're currently working our way through saga in the middle of Treason of Saruman. Had a few moments like the ones you had, wish I would have recorded them. I play in a group of three players, and we've been taking a break for a few months from LotR...the beatdowns started to outweigh the epic moments. Your story makes we want to take another run at the last quest, maybe this weekend! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Just beat it last night with Ashcan Pete, Jenny Barnes & Akachi. We weren't too greedy--ended up with 6 XP--but managed to escape without any trauma, which was nice. I really liked the balance between greed & time on this one...maybe we could have stalled and cleared out another room or two, but why? The game can turn brutal with just one bad turn, we decided to quit while we were ahead. All of the characters were pretty beat up, but it felt good to add a solid win to our record. We also start each new campaign with the starter decks--no customization until you earn XP--so it felt doubly good to come out clean & on top. The prologue was awesome, really sucked us in.
  7. Thanks! There were three of us playing, Jenny Barnes, Daisy and Skids. It was a close thing, and it wasn't without consequence. Jenny Barnes had to abandon the search for her sister, as the weakness spawned in the lab right after we explored it and left for the faculty offices. We had already gathered a few clues from the dormitory while debating the decision to race past the beast and backtrack, so we only had a couple to clear off after our search turned out to be a bust. I don't think we failed a single test the last two turns. One more doom, and the university students would have been done for. It was tense.
  8. Played the Extracurricular Activities scenario of the Dunwich Legacy the other night, had a good time. We actually tackled this second in the scenario order, having completed The House Always Wins first. That was a great scenario as well, loved it. During Extracurricular Activities, however, we ran into some problems at the end. First, finding Jazz took forever. When shuffled in, he was the LAST card in the encounter deck. Things definitely started to heat up before we finally found him. Once we found him, we ended up at the dormitories first, having explored everything else except the lab and the faculty offices. We desperately wanted to rescue Dr. Francis Morgan, so we decided to risk searching the rest of the locations as the monster was smashing its way towards the dormitories. We managed to get past it and backtrack to the labs--I thought for sure we'd find him there, but nope. Calculating doom against the distance from the beast to the dorms, we rushed into the faculty offices only to be stunned to find them empty. I thought for sure I had screwed up in setting up the game. We reread the passed acts and agendas, double-checked revealed locations, and I even went through the rest of the cards set aside from the scenario to make sure I didn't miss anything (we didn't want to read the resolutions yet). I thought for sure something was wrong, as there was no real indication that it wasn't possible to find him. In the end, we got back to the dormitories (after getting pummeled) just in time to get the remaining clues and bug out before getting slaughtered, but man was it close! Even after we finished, I checked messageboards to see if I had just missed something. Turns out there was no way to find him (considering the order in which we played the scenarios). That's fine, I just wish it was made clearer during play! We all thought I had messed up, and it was late enough in the evening that we just wanted to finish out the scenario. Anyone else have a similar experience? Really love this game, by the way. Having played a TON of Lord of the Rings LCG, I really wish that it had a similar resolution mechanic to Arkham Horror LCG. We replayed some of those scenarios (Into Ithilien was the WORST) so many times it would make us put the game aside for weeks after finally winning.
  9. Glad to see the discussion continues! As the instigator of the discussion, I'll say that I've tried a couple things, and just wanted to share my results. Rout is Rout. It's not a bad solution, but because of the Haughty Magistrate's balanced stats it threatens during both conflicts. Much better if you Rout after the Phoenix player activates their stronghold to pump. It's a flexible solution that also does work against other match-ups, it's just rarely a card that I want to see. It might be worth running a single copy in addition to other potential solutions. Cloud the Mind is a fantastic card and a fantastic solution, assuming you can actually draw it with a Shugenja on board. As others have pointed out, that usually means just Steadfast Witchhunter for Crab. I run 3x Iuchi Wayfinder as well, so I've been able to reliably pull off Cloud the Mind running two copies of it. While it does rely on the Shugenja to be able to play it, once you're able to it solves all manner of problems, not just Haughty Magistrate. I feel this is the best solution, but also the hardest to pull off given the current card pool. Pit Trap. Ugh. It has to be attacking, which means you're still going to lose a province to the Magistrate & his friends, but it works just fine after that. Why why why does it cost 3, though? It's an okay solution at best. Perhaps the best defense is a good offense, in this case. I like the suggestion of just going ballistic if Haughty Magistrate hits the board, hopefully you're in a position to trade provinces or even come out ahead in the exchange until Magistrate leaves the board. If I take anything from this discussion, it's that the Magistrates in general--while not being game-breaking individually, even the Haughty Magistrate--just aren't good card design.
  10. I sub Unicorn and run 3x Iuchi Wayfinder, so I feel like Cloud the Mind might be a better-rounded approach to dealing with Haughty Magistrate--and as a bonus, it deals with other characters that are problematic just as well. Rout just isn't the right solution for me. It doesn't prevent them from just swinging in with it again on a second conflict, and if the Magistrate is tooled up it might be difficult to Rout them. I'm going to test 2x Cloud the Mind for a while, and see if I have problems getting it off. I run an aggressive Crab build now (I feel that aggro as outpaced the dishonor strategy, at least for the time being) and actually bid >1 now, so seeing Iuchi Wayfinder should hopefully not be a problem.
  11. Rout is a good solution, but not one I'm thrilled about running. Forgot about that card! Mirumoto's Fury doesn't help, since it only bows--same with Court Games/For Shame, and if Crab is running For Shame, something is already wrong. Going aggressive is the strategy I took, but when facing down a Haughty Magistrate with 3 fate on it, I couldn't keep pace. It walked right into my stronghold with a bunch of friends and wrecked me. I'm sure there will be more "target character gains X" glory kind of cards, but that's also a poor solution for a deck like Crab to run.
  12. As a Crab player, this card is pretty broken. Not "sky is falling" broken, but extremely difficult--if not impossible, for Crab--to play around. It might as well have the ability "break target province". The only way I can think of to deal with it are removal effects, of which very few are actually targeted removal effects, which makes it very frustrating to play against. There are many good cards in this game with very powerful abilities--we have Steadfast Witch Hunter and Hida Kisada, for example--but even at their worst they can be anticipated, played around. When this card shows up, especially with fate on it, be ready for a rough ride, because there's not really much you can do to prevent it leading a host of Phoenix characters into your provinces. Anyone else play against it, and have constructive advice on dealing with it?
  13. I played a bunch during the first two cycles, then had a kid and sold off all my stuff. Regret it all the time, was constantly hunting around eBay thinking about repurchase. Took forever to get back into hobbies, so now (almost four years later!) I am absolutely thrilled for the reboot! Going to start with new cores and probably the deluxe boxes (they're never rotating, right?), not going to worry about picking up stuff from the older cycles unless there's something I absolutely need. Very glad they made the decision to revive this game!
  14. This card does nothing about Hida Kisada punching you in the face and breaking your provinces. I'm not worried about it at all. It should be easier to play around than Voice or Forged Edict, and those haven't exactly broken the game either.
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