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  1. In the old canon the e-wing was a replacement for the struggling x-wing in the star fighter arms race. Yes they made retrofits like current aircraft bu with all item of tech eventually the frame runs out of carry capacity. With the original expanded literature the e-wing was attempt at a new weapon platform mainly to carry a bigger main gun. It was limited production mainly for the limited supply of the type of gas used for the weapon to fire. With the Mouse's new movies they have sidestepped the ship in favor of x-wing clone for recognition purposes. It would fit in to the classic era but more as a limited on off or mission specific platform. Like the gunner platform b-wings.
  2. I can't unsee Boba clicking his heels, will have to green stuff jet exhausts.
  3. Did anyone save a blank rooster sheet from Adepticon? Look like the X-wing ones with tweaks for Legion?
  4. Leave tarp off of back or paint tarp as the identifier.
  5. cert13

    Rebels last hurah.

    With the mighty mouse announcing this will be the last season of the cartoon, does this mean we are in store for the heroes set/wave? We get to see the x- wing return to all its glory of the mighty a- wing (and the interceptor) get the turret evasion they need to compete? Where is my Thrawn card. I think we will get a tie in other than the ghost but what it will be is the question.
  6. cert13

    Slave One in play.

    So the question is will we see anything that can save Slave One in competitive play or will we more likely see a Slave Two version come out first? Or will we have to wait on the Han Solo movie for the updates? Maybe a younger more risk taking Boba/Han versions?
  7. Utah guys was there any 4 TLT lists about?
  8. cert13

    Heroes YT-1300

    I hear if you paint em blue they will make your dice roll better.
  9. The new Falcon/x-wing is due to ship at end of the month SO(this is a big SOOOO) seems kinda off that it is coming out all by itself...
  10. So by what has been said regarding the ID, maybe we should just check lists at the beginning of the next Regionals and the top 16 lists who most resemble the past winners are the top 16? This honored few should then play single elimination to the winners?
  11. And why have set number rounds for X amount of players to play Y amount of rounds to make a cut if the rules set allows the manipulation of the standings? Edit: for angry spelling
  12. As someone who was there I am ashamed to have gone to this event. The top 8 was a joke and this needs to addressed by FFG Organized play before the next Regional. It was a good event up till the last round, no issues just one repairing due to drops after the lunch break. When members of the top 8 are making fun of lower seeds cause they blocked them from advancing they have broken the spirit of competitive play. The language that was used towards the lower seed player was disparaging and uncalled for since they didn't even play out the final round. When even the TO's are embarrassed when announcing the standings for the top 16, giving the 9th seed the TO dice set, it makes me not want to be a part of organized play.
  13. So does any one else feel this movie is an attempt to make up for killing the EU? More of an apology to hard core fans or just trying to popularize the current movie hype?
  14. cert13

    Shield coins?

    Now for this event I feel that it is no longer a fly casual level area. This is getting into the big boys and their toys area of gaming; i.e. you have the event entry and the tourney fee you are above casual play. Now the smacking down at 8 different store level events seems a little harsh. It starts to get into a mind game level which I love as long as they can receive as well as give.
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