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  1. The game should include two black dice, if you purchased your copy with less than that in the box you might consider contacting FFG/Asmodee. They have fantastic customer service and will most likely send you a replacement. FFG does not currently offer these dice separately for sale.
  2. I always chock it up to ''component limitations'' similar to how argent power tokens and demon minis are treated. If you are already chucking two black dice then its a waste to use a card that adds one since there are no more black dice to be used. I feel like it keeps the game fair and makes players use their cards that add dice more strategically. I never bother with scoring and re-rolling for rolls involving more dice than included in the box. It just seems easier to say that a roll containing all the dice is the strongest roll your gonna get in the game. Perhaps this will be addressed in an expansion.... Cmon FFG, we really want those other demons and a death match scenario... Who wouldn't gobble up an expansion with a massive spider mastermind mini and extra tiles to use it?
  3. Just my opinion and observation but here's my take. ( I did not read all the replies on this thread so I apologize if someone already gave a more acceptable explanation) The Empire is a massive military force and control parts of the Galaxy through brute force and intimidation. The Empire seems pretty content with simply approaching a world, defeating its military and overthrowing or re-organizing their Government so that it remains either too loyal, too afraid or simply too weak to fight back. The Empire then occupies the sector while its resources, either natural or materiel are consumed by the Empire. With so many systems under Imperial military occupation, I don't imagine that the Emperor has the manpower or interest in providing a civilian police force for every sector under Imperial occupation or subjugation. That said, its reasonable to assume that the police force for any given world would be comprised of its native inhabitants or remnants of its original local Government. Corellian Police for example, are just regular Corellian people, not Imperial military but supervised by Imperial officers and liasons. Coruscants police are likely more closely linked to the Imperial Navy but probably just because its the Empires core world. I doubt tattooine has any effective Government at all since its such a hot spot for criminals and gangsters so its hard to imagine Cops wandering around. the hutts probably prefer mercenaries, private security and such for dealing with civilian law enforcement. I think about it like this, if the Empire decided to control Earth, they would move in, annihilate our military, control and subjugate our governments and people and simply maintain a strong Military presence until they consumed achieved whatever military strategic placement they imagined or consumed whatever resource they desired and were content to leave. the manpower and training to employ a non military police force in addition to the resources required to subjugate the world would be too high a cost and once they defeat any threats and controlled the various indigenous Governments, it would be easy enough to just have the local police continue their duties under the Imperial law now enforced by their own governments.
  4. mfluder

    Force Friday

    I, for one, am on the ''bummed'' bandwagon. I do not play Destiny (The game just looks targeted to a younger age group, though I mean that in no way to be derogatory towards its players of any age, it just hasn't appealed to me in a manner in which I feel a desire to play it.) and I was quite hoping for something even as small as a single (New) small expansion, perhaps the new interceptor or even a Rogue One t-65 with the much anticipated title card for the ship that started it all. The ''Force Friday'' weekend is still ongoing though so, fingers crossed... Either way I feel sorry for the local game stores in my area and others who didn't receive their Force Friday products until the end of the business day while Target was somehow able to sell them at midnight last night. A little strange considering FFGs recent efforts to strengthen the ability for small brick and mortar game stores to make a profit with their product by limiting Amazons ability to price gouge.
  5. Totally! the Heroes of the Resistance actually comes with some pretty good stuff. the REY pilot with Finn crew alone is great. Its also got a T-70 in there with a higher pilot skill Poe Dameron as well. There are squad building apps out there that will let you plug only the ships in your ''collection'' so you can see exactly what you can put together with just the ships you own (or plan to own) and also makes available exactly which upgrades and how many of them come with each expansion.
  6. The rules, learn to play, and FAQ are free to download if you need further explanation. there are also tons of great articles and video blogs regarding the basics of play out there, as well as the tutorial videos FFG released at the launch of this game. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing/#/support-section
  7. mfluder

    Poe, PTL BB8

    Just to clarify as I have read arguments for and against the ''Dameron Dash'' Is this a legal move/order of operations using Poe with push the limit and BB8? Poe reveals a green maneuver - performs a free barrel roll action - receives a stress to PTL and boost or target lock - executes his green maneuver clearing the stress - performs focus action. I'm sure its old news to many so thank you in advance for your patience.
  8. mfluder

    What to fly?

    A guy I play regularly flies Soontir, Valen and Quickdraw and he is **** hard to beat. Multiple attacks, piles of tokens.. its hell. As for rebels, some of the new stuff smokes previous stuff in my opinion.. I have been doing quite well with Rey, with Finn and Recon specialist. paired with Ello asty...
  9. A single dice set comes with a lot.. Until you need to roll an agility check of 4 dice.. Or until you need to upgrade that die pool with 3 proficiency die. Really from that perspective you only need two sets as players should never be rolling more than 6 green dice anyways. The problem is that the sets only come with one red challenge die so upgrading difficulties or dealing with opposed checks becomes tricky with only one set.. Granted there are rules for upgrading and downgrading more dice than you have or you could simply re-roll but that's no fun lol. we want fist-fulls of dice flying The only reason I don't say 4 sets is because if you are throwing 4 red die at a player you either are aiming for their failure or they are seasoned characters who's players likely have their own dice. and you can never have too many boost and setback dice though I think after a certain number the math of a roll gets out of hand with regards to probability.
  10. mfluder

    yoda crew card

    Oh wow thats way easier than photoshop.... Thanks!
  11. mfluder

    yoda crew card

    Those look great! what template do you use, some of your details look a bit cleaner than mine
  12. mfluder

    yoda crew card

    ideas for a yoda crew card, Ill re upload the images again i need the space
  13. theres gotta be some kind of synergy with an upgrade card that we just arent seeing. Its a pretty ship, hopefully it proves useful against a rey/finn combo where 5 attack dice at R1 would very easily one shot a striker in round two before it ever gets to fire...
  14. No clue, I dont like having to choose between lightweight frame and stealth device.. I want both dammit!
  15. You'll love it I'm sure, the EotE beginner is what got me hooked, and you'll find the forums to be a treasure trove of knowledge if you run into snags.. There is a youtuber by the name of Runeslinger. I highly recommend his Star Wars RPG vids. He does a masterful job of explaining things and covers nearly every topic you can think of.. just find his videos and start from the beginning. Space travel can be as exciting or mundane as you make it. In the fortunate event that everything on board the ship is working and the crew are healthy and happy then you may not narrate that flight at all. However, that's rarely the case in star wars.. on board a ship like an old YT1300 theres bound to be heaps to do for all the players and if there isn't... a sudden crash of the life support systems would spring those characters to action for sure, or perhaps that nav beacon actually turned out to be a hijackers disguised ship.. Lets the dice help tell the story and even as the GM you may be surprised from time to time. As far as how many sets.. In my opinion three are needed. I have somehow ended up with 7 lol, and I still havent grabbed the AoR beginner game so itll soon be 8. There is an official Dice roller for this by FFG and its great (I tend to prefer physical dice myself but its nice to have when I am brainstorming someplace and wanna test the results of a would be action) and its only 5 bucks I think. best of luck and welcome!
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