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  1. Id rather see a smaller scale capitol ship game, which then incorporates X-Wing as sort of a zoom in map for the fighter battle. So you have your cap ships blasting away, and if you want to show the fighters battling either have simplified rules for fighters, or just use this game with it, if you have the space and inclination. My two cents.
  2. The Empire definitely needs a V shaped vessel, and that fits the bill nicely.
  3. Model cement melts styrene, so its your best bet. The glue you chose is almost elmers white glue, so it wont hold up over time. Super glue like zap a gap fills as it bonds but it doesn't seal the break, it makes a joint between the pieces. Model cement is the way to go for durability
  4. I still have so many of those miniatures... I think two complete Cases of Imperial stormtroopers alone. Oh and 3 of the AT-AT's.
  5. The French spell it "Wookay", the English," Wookey", Americans, "Wookiee", Canadians have "Wookeh' " and the internet, as long as you know what the point is, its close enough. Why so serious?
  6. Congrats on the win though.
  7. Paint a little engine glow and don't sweat it. Rebel ships were always in disrepair.
  8. Lend him crappier ships, and pilots... See if its luck then.
  9. If I get one does someone else get the other?
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