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  1. Just had a question on Brother Maxos's ability. I've been playing this card as always having its effect as usable, even when exhausted since it doesn't state to exhaust him to use the effect. However, I played a game the other day and had an opponent state that I couldn't use that ability while he was exhausted, that I'd have to wait until after he refreshed. Is that correct? Thanks for any clarification.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies guys. Resolved the question.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Was just wondering if that makes it so that it's possible via those 2 scored HoK's to do 1 net damage each on the same run since the agenda says to use the ability only once per run.
  4. Question that came up while I was playing, can you activate two house of knives' abilities on the same run? Pretty sure I can, but we were looking for the answer and can't find one.
  5. Thanks for the info, like playing the Star Wars LCG too, but, I believe he was looking for Netrunner deck lists.
  6. Nerdmeister said: Only one faction that counts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP6iTjhlOvs nough said HACK THE PLANET!!!
  7. Saturnine said: Only if you always score your agendas as fast as possible. Especially if you have some player(s) you play against regularly, you need to play agendas like traps from time to time. You might lose an agenda some of the time when you do that, but you've managed to make it harder for the runner to guess what is what, which will be good in every future game. Totally agree with this, and that's how I play them, to pretty good effect. A well played trap is devasting, and I'd say I personally have a blast with them.
  8. Aye, congrats Jeremy, was fun to watch you two play, good match on both sides.
  9. I've also had this issue before painting minis, and as previously suggested, I had good luck with just going back over it with flat clear enamel. Hopefully everything's good and your problem's solved.
  10. I'm having good results with Shipment for Kaguya in my NBN deck so far, but the advanceable ice and traps I have in there add to it's utility.
  11. Thanks for the answer on the first, and cool, so the answer is yes to the corp being able to rez like I thought after reading it the first time (went back to double check again). Thanks for your time.
  12. Just got done with another round of playing against my cousin, and we had two questions. Firstly, if a corp has two PAD campaigns out, does he get 1 or 2 credits at the beginning of each turn? And also, if a corp has a red herring upgrade installed but not rez'd in the root of his remote server, and the runner runs on that server, can the corp activate the red herring during the run? Or did it have to be activated during the corp's turn? Thanks for any answers you all can provide.
  13. Just another quick question for you fellas and ladies. If you have Wyldside in play, are you forced as the runner to draw two cards and a click every turn, or can you choose not to use the effect and keep your four clicks? Thanks for any clarity you can give.
  14. That's what I figured, thanks for the fast reply.
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