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  1. It will never end. Entropy cannot be reversed. Everyone will look at someone saying "this is a lie, it is not true, it is a lie" and conclude "He must believe it is true and hate how good and true it is!" because the lie is so much more important than the truth it obliterates everything in its path. The damage is already irreversible. All is lost.
  2. It's about whether it is permissible to dislike or be wary of FFG changing Doji Hoturi to Doji Hotaru, and what patterns one might notice that would make one wary of it.
  3. How it starts is by exactly and specifically the thing you are doing right now. Someone does something and waves around the Totemic Power Of Women as justification. "Totemic Power of Women" is not the only attribute this action has, or even the most salient. When people object to or even attempt to notice the attributes this action has other than "Totemic Power Of Women", they are told "You must just not like women! You must hate and be afraid of women! The only reason to notice any attribute of this action other than the Totemic Power Of Women is that you hate and are afraid of women!" So exactly this thing you did. Exactly. You have performed the prototypical example of the thing you are trying to claim doesn't exist. Because this lie is so rewarding to tell and so fun to tell and so much more important than the truth, it reaches fixation in the community. Anyone who is not telling the lie about how unpopular nerds must hate and fear women becomes a target for the lie about how unpopular nerds hate and fear women, and thus deserve punishment and deserve to be driven away. The lie is so overwhelmingly powerful that the people telling the lie are incapable of even imagining as a hypothetical scenario that someone does not believe the lie and so, exactly like you have done here exactly in every way, constantly respond to people saying "This lie is a lie and is not true!" with "You must be saying the lie is true about you and you do hate and fear women!" The lie, because it is so much more important than the truth, utterly overwhelms the possibility of not telling the lie. The community transforms from a group of mostly-unpopular people who like a thing and talk about a thing, to a group of mostly-popular people who repeat the lie about how unpopular people hate and fear women. It drives out the unpopular nerds based on the lies they tell about them, turning the community into a thing that punishes the unpopular for not yet killing themselves. Once the lie has reached fixation, all is lost, there can be no turning back, the high-entropy state is irreversible. Female Thor was awful for reasons that had nothing to do with her gender, but every single person who noticed this had "You must just hate and fear women!" screamed in their faces until they went away, and then they were held up to the public as figures of shame. Paul Fieg's Ghostbusters was awful for reasons that had nothing to do with the genders of the cast, but every single person who noticed this had "You must just hate and fear women!" screamed in their faces until they went away, and then they were held up to the public as figures of shame. The Force Awakens was worthless for reasons that had nothing to do with the genders or race of the cast, but a very large proportion of the people who noticed this had "You must just hate and fear women and/or black people!" screamed in their faces until they went away, and then they were held up to the public as figures of shame. The most popular form of viral marketing at the moment is to target unpopular people and wave the Totemic Power Of Women in their direction, find a troll on Twitter saying something they don't believe because it makes you upset, and then scream to the world "Look at how bad and terrible and women-hating unpopular nerds are! We should all shame and punish them by seeing this movie / reading this comic / playing this game!" And it's never going to stop. You're going to read all of this, which outlines in detail why "they just hate and fear women" is a lie told by liars that has no truth in it and is just told to enable their abuse of those with less social power, and you're going to say "So what you're saying is you just hate and fear women." They will not stop, and they will not be stopped. Entropy is irreversible. All is lost.
  4. Except does it? "Be more accepting to women" is a phrase like "family values", in that the meaning of the words used is something universally unobjectionable, but it's used extensively by malicious liars who just want to hurt other people and be morally praised for doing it. Actions demanded for the Totemic Power of Women rarely, if ever, have a single thing to do with making something welcoming to women, much like actions demanded to Support Family Values seldom had anything to do with actual family values. They are demands made for the sake of making demands, by people who know they are socially powerful enough to force others to give in to their demands. I don't think Doji Hotaru is a problem or something to be worried about, but this attitude that every action carried out in the name of that goal is good is basically forbidding people from noticing the astonishing regularity with which high-profile attempts to "change something to make it more accepting to women" map to "make it more acceptable to socially-powerful white upper-middle-class Woke people who have no intention of actually supporting it by spending money; make it impossible for unpopular nerds to interact with it and turn its community into a group that punishes unpopular nerds for not yet killing themselves." Like I said, I don't think that is the case here. But that doesn't mean the only reason to oppose or be wary of it is because someone is Bad And Contemptible and Doesn't Like Women Enough. Counterpoint: Blizzard Entertainment, Games Workshop, 50-75% of L5R's story, Marvel Comics, the DC Cinematic Universe, Ridley Scott's 'Alien' Follow-ups, Star Wars, and in general the majority of all franchises that have ever existed.
  5. Fingers crossed, man, "fix all the broken things in the foundation of the setting" was the primary reason I wanted a reboot, and playing it super-close to the original makes me leery. The original run of L5R's story had a lot of problems, and a significant portion of them -- not all of them, but a significant portion -- were because the way the setting had been constructed, with the Second Day of Thunder as the end and no real thought to how things would work after that, made those problems inevitable. If the game ended on the Second Day of Thunder, then the Dragon would be remembered for having a well-planned role in the story, instead of the exact opposite.
  6. "Dark Sword Of Bitter Lies" has a place in Rokugan. That place is in the Mantis Clan. Though at least with that, it came from player involvement in the story, so it was an organic growth of something that didn't match the overall plan, instead of a part of the plan that didn't make sense.
  7. It is nice to see my creation (Hummingbird Clan) still being passed around. I also did the Scarab (I was legit confused for a moment and thought someone else's version was in there), but that's not listed in the credits.
  8. The Harriers, like their cousins the Scorpion ninja, were the kind of thing that always struck me as pointlessly divisive because the setting made them pointlessly divisive, and then everyone acted like the pointlessly divisive parts were integral to their existence instead of totally stapled on. Like, do the Harriers need to be "scuzzy ninja"? Why not just... they're good at recon and focused on making it too costly to advance into Crane territory rather than defeating invading armies, and they're secretive because of the covert nature of their missions? That's basically the whole premise of the Harriers, we don't need to add "and they're super dishonorable and have to be kept totally secret because everyone should hate them even though, aside from gunpowder which is incredibly inconsistently portrayed, we never really show why they should be so detested!"
  9. Because the Destroyer War did what you suggest, and was terrible for doing so. And I really, really, really doubt that the Story Team has the self-control to keep the Shadowlands as something that only the Crab ever fight. That well is just too tempting not to draw from; there's a reason multiple Story Teams under AEG kept doing it and it's not "because bad, insulting things are true of them". So instead of saying "We don't NEED to worry about how to make this work because we're totally immune to temptation and will never change our minds", figure out how to make it work because you know that you are eventually going to go there.
  10. But the Shadowlands themselves can't be in their usual story role. Because the Shadowlands don't have honor and don't participate in courtliness, which are both now fundamental to how the game works. So either you come up with a way to have "Shadowlands, but still has honor and participates in courtliness" -- which is going to be some take on the Spider clan -- or you have a faction that makes major parts of the game stop functioning when you play as or against them, or you have the Destroyer War problem where "the antagonist can't really be modeled in the rules of the game we have" was 'solved' by not having the antagonist be playable. The first option is WAY better than the other two. Unless you put in the work to make it work. Which you have to do anyway. It's a reboot now, and the slate is (relatively speaking) clear. It's much easier to make a believable story where the Spider are accepted as a Clan without all the baggage and cruft accumulated over years and years of "everyone all teams up to fight the Shadowlands every single time" making that central to everyone's identity. "Emperor says we gotta treat the Spider as a clan" is already a point in favor, when that doesn't represent a huge reversal of the Empire's stance. Especially when that treatment is "Clan that we are at war with instead of a non-Clan entity that we are at war with", as that allows you to hit the "Spider being a Clan is a recognition of the fact that both sides of this conflict are going to play by agreed-upon rules." Given the option between "someone controls Jigoku and is trying to kill us with it in a way bound by rules, in exchange for us agreeing to follow rules with them as well" or "nobody is in control of Jigoku, it doesn't follow rules, and it never stops puking out oni" then of course the first option is superior. Making the Spider painfully, brutally honest then allows them to have non-hostile interactions with others because dealing with them does not require the other party to be a dupe and appear stupid. When it is known they lay out everything about the deal in advance, it is then plausible for characters to say "I made this deal with the enemy because I was able to look over all the conditions, all of them are bounded and finite, and I'm confident I can use what I get to create more benefit to us than they can take away." And we can believe that character's assessment, and it can turn out to be accurate some of the time. Also, having Fu Leng-worshippers and oni-summoners permitted to sit down and sip tea with the Crane is hugely beneficial to the mood and theme of "samurai drama". Because on top of allowing the evil monsters to exist within the samurai drama context instead of separate from and undermining it, "these guys worship evil and summon monsters but we play nice with them because they Follow The Rules" hammers on that note of "doing the right thing and doing what society tells you to do are in direct opposition" which is core to the concept of "samurai drama". Which is why I really wish FFG had done that, instead of going with "very recognizably like the state of things at the start of the Clan War, but going in a different direction". There were some serious storytelling problems baked into the fundamental construction of the Empire, and more things that weren't per se "problems" but were sub-optimal. This was their one and only chance to build the entire setting in order to make it good at doing what it's going to be doing, and they don't appear to have taken it very far. I guess there can be more things that they can say "oh yeah, this event in the past / this way the Empire is structured is totally different than the AEG version, it just wasn't relevant to bring up until now", but we'll see how far they can take that. Should I, or someone, make a thread about how you would rebuild the Empire from the ground up?
  11. My problem with "Clan of second chances" is that it kind of locks them out of doing the thing that the story needs them to be doing. They do still need to perform the story role of the Shadowlands / the Shadowlands' duly appointed representative. My ideal Spider Clan is where "there are secrets Man was not meant to know that shatter the minds of the weak-willed" intersects with "everything that can be destroyed by the truth deserves to be." You know how the Scorpion think that Loyalty is the only part of Bushido that matters? For the Spider, it's Honesty. They are the foes of the Empire but are still a Clan as recognition that this conflict is one that will follow rules, and they still do things that serve the Empire in the meantime because, to them, it's the right thing to do. They have a deeply held sense of right and wrong that rarely ever intersects with the rest of Rokugan's, but sometimes intersects with OURS in places that Rokugan's doesn't. Let's give the whole "Kitsuki method" thing to them, and where everyone else is happy to let testimony decide cases in a way that minimizes disruption, here come the Spider magistrates dragging out ugly and unpleasant truths and coming up with results that aren't designed to make everything proceed smoothly. Yes, they do all that while summoning oni and bloodspeaking. They see no contradiction in these things. Well, no, my ideal Spider would have been a Clan from the beginning, in a version of Clans that were shaped by their history and the kinds of people who first followed their founding kami instead of a command to perform a given task, and instead of Taint it would be Impurity and it would be an inescapable part of existing as a mortal and the Spider would be made of the outcast and reviled people who were too close to Impurity and shunned for it, and in embracing and gaining power from it they actually don't lose anything of their identity. Also Shinjo leaves but doesn't take her entire Clan with her, the Empire shatters to pieces after the fall of Hantei and is reconquered into a whole by a Nobunaga figure in the Lion, the Phoenix and Dragon are folded into a single Clan, the Scorpion are more blatantly the yakuza, and the Mantis are more blatantly the Okinawans and Osakans and were their own functional independent group that negotiated entry into the Empire as equals by leveraging their economic power. But every time I try to type that whole thing up, it takes me multiple days of off-and-on writing and eventually my computer reboots to install an update and I lose everything. Would anyone care if I made a thread about that?
  12. It is entirely possible that they do something like that! And if they do something like that, what they are doing is "something like the Spider" and not "the original Shadowlands", which was summarized as Yogo Junzo's Army!
  13. Yes, the Susumu were part of how AEG tried to make the Spider work and solve the problem presented by playable Shadowlands, why are you acting like this is a counterpoint? The Susumu were not in Yogo Junzo's Army. The Susumu can't be in Yogo Junzo's Army. If you have the Susumu, what you are doing is "something like the Spider", and not "the original Shadowlands".
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