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  1. To just jump in. I agree also with Durham, it really starts messing with people when you can move ships like a champ. Im also still in the collecting mode, so I have been playing three rebels, vs. 4 empire. (darth vader + 4 named) and I play about 84 points. I think…lol, been drinking. But if you have a limited # or models, so that you can NOT get to 100 pts; your best bet is to just add up your empire team as fat as you can. then make that your limit for the rebel opponent. because its easier to get to high points values with the rebel ships try to get the highest skill you can for pilots, but with swarm tactics you can take a lesser ship, save the points, and get more upgrades. though this doesnt help you during move phase…I like high values myself. Yes on the last point. Play more!, but really try to think about your opponent. He/She can see the same board as you, so they are going to make their move based on what they think you might do and vice versa. Dont pick moves that will just ram you into your opponents FUTURE placement if you can help it. remember if you pilot skill is low, moving first say, as a TIE fighter, is tough, because the barrel roll is hard to choose when your opponent is going to be in some future location. etc….it becomes very subtle. IF you have ion cannons, fire arcs become less of a factor too. when your trying to complete combos, like garven dries or horton salm business, it hurts a lot to lose the action phase.
  2. Radiskull totally ninja warriored this post! lol. but NFL does the coin flip so I dont see why thats not a good way to go., and anyway, like all games, I want to play the tourney rules!. otherwise it seems a little…I dunno lame. Tournament rules a great because they have already de facto'd FAQ'd the thing out a little…many of the conflicts are decided upon. and if you ever go to a sanctioned event or game night, most people will be on board with the format.
  3. It seems to me that the FAQ's and rules are trying to maintain a sense of fluffy reality, so the ability to "spend a token on nothing" or "release Target lock" is consistent with that imagined reality. If you're an Xwing pilot, why cant you release target lock?, then abort the shot. or spend a moment focusing, then choosing not to shoot, or just focusing for no reason whatsoever… and YES you do need to barrel roll to fight off a target lock…because thats consistent with a more RL like experience. gaming the rules is cool and all. I like to play a rigid rule game, but when it becomes vague, it helps me to think of "what would Luke do" type thing. using a little fluff helps make the game more flavorful for me.
  4. you could go with pilot skill higher picks first. then if there is a tie. it goes to the higher point cost character, then if that's a tie use the automatic "empire wins initiative rule." but if the card is taken up, then I play that there is no available supply of missiles to equip you with. I mean lets face it, when Darth Wants something, I think he gets first choice. IF you buy multiple core sets, this last one starts to become a non-issue.
  5. NPR had a whole program on this. It was pretty good, answered a lot of questions about the buy and stuff. But one thing that did happen was that Lucas was heavily derided for being weak creatively now. They talked a lot about the next trilogies, and the time lines. you could get the podcast of it. Im sure.
  6. What about the "legue rules" I would be interested in what that is. is that pub knowledge yet?
  7. but remember can still take a "free action" per the new FAQ's
  8. And Han was getting peppered all the time. it was the shields and hull points doin it for him in the movies, every space battle, mos eisley, hoth,…even at cloud city hes getting zapped. :-D
  9. Yeah, like a rebuff of the attack of the death star at Yavin. Denied! would be cool.
  10. Right! and dont forget to take marksmanship too. I like it best for imperial, this turns up the heat like hell on luke. with target lock or barrel rolls and evades Vader Rules
  11. Once slave 1 and the others come out, I bet there will be a shift. but right now I like the balance. I like the crazy swarm comin at you. good and exciting. Vader adds another level to it.
  12. I printed this out so I could play test it tonight. thanks.
  13. In My Opinion, You want to 180 turn as little as possible with the Ywing. try to pass the TIEs by at a slight angle so you dont just crash into eachother, while Koiorgan turning any xwings you might have as you pass by from another angle. With the Y wing use target lock, and evade tokens to stay alive while spamming Ion control. I realize you didnt have x's on your six, but most of the time one does. ANd because your Y wing is slow, the xwings can 180, do a green move and catch up with you (again only works with slight angle to eachother at the beginning of the dogfight). if the follow the Ywing and you're targeted, the xwings come from behind to protect you with guns and bombs!. and if the TIEs stay on the x wings they get shot by the x wings turning around, AND the slow Y wing hanging around..spamming the little red Ion Cannon button like crazy in the cockpit yelling "FIRE **** YOU PLEASE OF CRAP SHIP! FIRE" lol.
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