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  1. I tried my version list with VI and the Twin Ion Engines Mk II and can confirm that the Defenders didn't have a lot of success, the attacks against higher PS pilots were Arc Dodged and when they didn't avoid their arc not many hits landed since most rolls were unmodified. Also they took heavy damage even from range 3 and exploded pretty fast. I will try your suggestion it seems really intriguing, not really sold on Ops Spec but I will give it a try! Thanks a lot!
  2. Hey, I'm pretty new to the game and was trying to come up with a list all by my self. Since defenders are so popular (or hated, lol) I had an idea from the Thrawn X- Wing Channel to use them with a cheap cannon (tractor beam in this case) and attack twice, he used it with Ruthlessness but I think in my case it would do more damage to me than my opponent. The idea is to focus fire on a ship, get its agility low enough to have a easier time with the next shots and maybe get it out of position so it does not fire back (sitting it on a rock) or getting out of its arc. Then comes in Colzet, he flies at range 1 (or you tractor beam a ship close to him, thats why Ruthlessness may be harmful to me) and pops an automatic crit with ATC and flips a damage card face up at the end of combat by spending his unused target lock. I still have doubts about the Elite slots for the defenders, since 5 points for 2 of them are not many, Double predator is out of question, maybe i could switch to Accuracy Corrector since I already flip a damage face UP and get a point back, or go with double Trick Shot and spend 3 points for 3 Twin Ion Engines Mk II so i get green banks on all 3 ships (and the defenders need it). Any suggestions? I could consider running another ship instead of the TIE Advanced, maybe a simple TIE or an FO one could save me a few points. Cheers! Countess Ryad — TIE Defender 34 Tractor Beam 1 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 35 Colonel Vessery — TIE Defender 35 Tractor Beam 1 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 36 Lieutenant Colzet — TIE Advanced 23 Advanced Targeting Computer 1 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 24 Total PTS: 95
  3. Wow! Thanks a lot! exactly what I was looking for!
  4. Thanks, still better than nothing! cheers! Love the series btw! You guys are awesome!
  5. Good evening! If the sad bunch I roleplay with agrees we will give Dark Heresy a go, we are not new to the lore of wh40k, to say the least we are quite a bunch of big wh nerds (minis and rpgs) so I was hoping to grab a hold of some spaceship map to make the intro more believable. So the plot is: the PCs are travelling on a transport which some sneaky cultists that are hidden among the passengers plan to highjack/sabotage. They get locked off the rest of the ship with the cultists (maybe i'll throw in some mutant meanie with a stick in there too) and have to fight their way in the cargo hold or plasma generator room to stop the cultists from blowing up the ship, sacrificing the other passengers, blasting open air airlock or whatever sounds better. They save the day and the inquisition "conscripts" them, hurray! Yes, blatantly stolen from "The All Guardsmen Party", what awesome reading btw! (sadly I couldn't find a specific map of the ship they were using) I pretty much have an idea of what to throw at them..I just lack the ship layout knowledge. Ok 40k is a vast universe and you can get away with almost anything but I need some kind of "inspiration". There is no map of a wh40k ship on the interwebs, or I couldn't find one (spent a morning looking for it!), I actually thought about stealing from the SWTOR (the mmorpg) dungeon or Alien 4 (the film), how did you guys get an idea of how to layout a ship? TLDR: Where do I find a generic spaceship map/layout? Thanks!
  6. A lil bit late maybe for a suggestion..but what about Edge of Darkness?..its pretty nice for an intro into the world of dark heresy and you can throw in some customization if you feel you need to change something or want to add more to it. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/dark-heresy/pdf/edge-of-darkness-(web).pdf HF M
  7. Awesome, great ideas, ok, Ill discuss things with my players and we will decide what we will do.
  8. Yeah, thats a nice idea, but the players wanted to keep their characters, at least 3 of them did, so I was ok with having a little rewind and giving them back their wounds and the scum burned fate points (still a little doubt on that) but I say they keep the corruption points gained, have to see that through. You think I should have them reroll new characters or I should allow them to keep the ones they have? The Scum is really fond of his character, because he ended up rolling a look-alike to Wesley Snipes in the Demolition Man film
  9. So, yesterday I ran a second session of a disastrous Edge of Darkness (EoD or Edge from now on) adventure. My party is composed of a Forge World Assassin, Imperial World Scum, Hive World Psyker and a Schola Progenium Arbiter. Sorry for the wall of text, if you are not in the mood for reading all skip to the end there is the main issue I have right now thanks! SPOILERS AHEAD!! The previous session they were briefed and sent off to coscarla division undercover as mercs to investigate on the death of Saul Arbest, I drop the not so slight hint not to trust anyone and to keep a low profile and off they go starting off by going to talk to the sister, not before having some incredible fumbles with some vapour rats they stumbled on (no injuries taken on their side thou, but combat last waaay longer than it should have) back to habstack 7-17 they of course act like douches and she just tells them that he used to drink at the workers house (no mention to his friend or her conversation with the chief of police) but she adds that she will leave because she is scared (they didn't press her further on that). With those poor results they head to the drinking place and no one is really willing to talk so they order something to drink, only two actually drink the stuff and get tipsy (fatigue point) the other two casually throw the drinks on the ground, the arbiter tries to bribe the bartender with a few coins, the bartender doesn't answer to nicely and the arbiter gets mad and plans on doing nasty stuff to him once the bar closes, they try to get some info off of the patrons but none talks to them, so they head off and the Scum on the way out drops a "bring my best regards to Saul Arbest, b1tc*e$". Outside the bar the arbiter suggests that they should wait for the bartender and beat the crap out of him (yeah he is a hot head), so they split and divide into two groups and wait at two different ends on the square where the workers house is, hours go by, chem lights go off and its night cycle, of course I do my rolling and after 2 or 3 hours 5 Body Snatchers ambush the Scum and Assassin, in three rounds they manadge to get the Scum unconcious and the Assassin to just a few wounds remaining, so he runs off leaving the Scum fainted behind, (in the manwhile the arbiter and Psyker were running from the other part of the square to aid them, they warned them via vox) so when they get there they find the Scum fainted in a pile of trash with 3 critical wounds to the chest and a fate point burned but the snatchers are gone. That was the previous section, a nice mess, I ran Shattered Hope with them before this and I gave them 300xp for completing that, so they are all about rank 2, with a hundred thrones burned in poor equipment choices. The last session begins from them picking up the Scum and heading off to hide in the Arbests hab-stack, the psyker tosses a Healing power on the wounded with poor results ( I warned them that using sorcery and the immaeterum powers to heal their arses is not a thing to do so light hearted ) and 3 of them sleep off while one stays guard, of course they get ambushed again, only two this time, that manadge to get the psyker by surprise and drop him off to 1 wound (actually the scum had a part in that, he shot in the melee combat and gave him 7 damage) the arbiter goes to the rescue and gets dropped off to 5 critical damage to the head, but the assassin gets a couple of shots in and blows a hole in one of the snatchers chest, the last one is dropped after a few rounds of combat. To recap the situation: Psyker 1 Wound Arbiter 5 Critical Damage to the Head Assassin 4 Wounds Scum 2 Critical Damage to the Chest Now only the Scum has the bright idea to examine the corpses and gather a sample (they didn't take pictures thou). So they barricade the door and try to sleep off, the next morning they look for a doctor, and they find a lousy one that asks 55 thrones to mend off some of their wounds, the arbiter borrows the money from the psyker and then after he gets only 1 critical damage healed, pissed off the pulls an autogun and shoots the doctor dead and carves his corpse with his knife (-.-) he immediately recieved 10 corruption points and a nice demon will get to visit him in his sleep, the other lads got 1 corruption point too (should like a 1d5 be more adequate?) no one (**** rolls) heard the autogun burst so the cops are not coming, so they ransack the doctor's place get a few thrones (their thrones back too) a medikit too and head off to find another doctor. They get direction to the Alms house, where they were told that should be some kind of…"doctor" but they get turned down at the entrance, there is only a queue for the food handout, so they decide to leave the subsection and come back once healed, althou they find the exits shut and guarded by the enforcer, that suggests they should head to the station to ask for further info, they head there and demand to speak to the chief, the man at the desk is reclutant at first but then the smart ass arbiter says that he has some info about last night's shooting, he gets him self arrested because he acted like a **** and then the rest of the party give up their weapons and wait to get questioned, one by one they leave the room to be patted down and handcuffed and put in a cell. After a few hours, (night time) Moran comes to question them one by one, firstly they try to avoid saying to much bu a few of them give up the details of their encounter with the snatchers and eventually the Psyker spill the beans and admits to them being Inquisition operatives and so they never leave that place alive again.. It was a bit disappointing because EoD is a great adventure and they had some poor decision and terrible luck with the rolls, they asked if they could play it again but now they know about the "enforcers" not being the real deal (they don't have a clue about the Alms house thou). I could change the adventure a bit to have the enforcers be just normal lads but the warden still a crooked puppet that tries to help Moran, what do you think? any suggestions? Think its doable? Any hints would be awesome. Thanks for your time
  10. Another little doubt about damage, sorry if its OT, when someone shoots in full or semi auto, each degree of success grants damage equal to the weapon's damage right? IE: an Autogun would do 1d10+3 for each "bullet"?
  11. I'll just borrow your thread for a related question, so if my BS is 30 and I need to confirm a righteous fury, I need to roll a 30 or less right, but what if I have bonuses like the Aim Action, pointblank/close range bonus and a semi/auto burst bonus? Do I still have to beat the 30? or the bonuses apply to confirm the hit too?
  12. I'll just borrow your thread for a related question, so if my BS is 30 and I need to confirm a righteous fury, I need to roll a 30 or less right, but what if I have bonuses like the Aim Action, pointblank/close range bonus and a semi/auto burst bonus? Do I still have to beat the 30? or the bonuses apply to confirm the hit too?
  13. Ok, great, wasn't so sure about that part, thanks a lot you enlightened me
  14. Thanks, great tool, well I guess its mostly up to me, but I had no clue if how much time they should spend on a ship, so, is warp travel common, or is normal travel still mostly used?
  15. Hey there newbie GM here, I've been reading and studying most of the books so we could start some of the premade adventures (I'm lazy so I find hard designing my own stories/maps/ect.), just yesterday the crew cleared the Shatters, yeah I know everybody says that adventure is horrible (and compared to Edge of Darkness it really is bad, very bad) that adventure but I just wanted a quick introduction to the game and a combat trial for my PCs. So, cut to the point they sorted that mess up and now they are on their way to Scintilla for the Edge of Darkness adventure, problem is, how long does it take them to get there? Ok, they get a lift from a mineral transport ship that was heading there, but how much does it take to Scintilla from Sepheris Secundus, and how much time in general does space travel take, any way to figure that out? Thanks!
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