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  1. The Black Man

    New SW Board Game Announced

    I enjoyed Solo, but I'm really excited to see Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams back in their respected roles. This looks so **** fun!
  2. The Black Man

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Are people seriously asking why did they make a game on discovering unknown locations, unique?
  3. The Black Man

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    Well, there was this book by Kemp called Lords of the Sith where this would be really fun to play. I won't say more than that but it fits with Palpatine and Vader "running around" together.
  4. The Black Man

    Extreme Action preview - Saw's Renegades in 2nd Edition

    No Two Tubes crew as well. Bah! Hope they will release the brothers somewhere in a future pack. ?
  5. The Black Man

    Will we get a Medic unit?

    I can see them doing this as a new unit rank, Medic Expansion. Along the lines of how Boba is the first Operative Expansion. So excited by the possibilites though.
  6. The Black Man

    X-Wing 2nd edition announced

    Ok, this is just fantastic and needed another hug. Love that they made it more slick and added a few upgrades to the game. I'm very excited to see X-Wing get this.
  7. The Black Man

    Best trick?

    This is a huge one. How thin you ask? My best way to get this correct is to think milk. The consistency of milk. I am also a huge fan of using a wet pallet. Keeps those paints longer while painting and it's excellent for blending.
  8. The Black Man

    Han and defense dice

    They even give him a Special Forces rank instead of the Commander rank on that Adepticon card, too. Very odd. Also, wonder what that new upgrade icon will be called.
  9. The Black Man

    We've been playing this game wrong this whole time....

    Oh yea? Well, I'm going to swap it with an Ewok once they release one. (Yes, they will! )
  10. The Black Man

    Going Commando with Han Solo and friends

    Could be just the painting but I will wait and see the model first. If it's bad, I might just do a head swap with the IA model, depending how the size looks. But, wait and see first.
  11. The Black Man

    Confession (Or how I realised how weak I really am...)

    It surrounds us and penetrates us. It separates our monies from our wallets . . .
  12. The Black Man

    Close Combat over a barricade?

    After looking over the rules reference I don't see anything that would allow Melee while being behind a Barricade. The bases need to be touching and that is not the case with being behind a Barricade. As long as you can find a way for the bases to actually touch each other, then they are not in Melee. That's how I would rule it.
  13. The Black Man

    Stop with "scum and villainy" faction

    I don't see them limiting themselves with just two factions. Way too many characters and organizations to cram in there. If this was called Star Wars Galactic Civil War, then yes. But it's called Legion, which means many.
  14. The Black Man

    Fortify Your Battlefield - New Article

    This is a great way to give us new battle cards, along with the objectives. Brilliant move, FFG. Cheers!
  15. The Black Man

    Rules reference finally!

    Grand Army! Yes!!!
  16. The Black Man

    Rebel Trooper Sculpts

    Doh! You are correct. Huge brain fart. That's what I get for not having coffee first, heh.
  17. The Black Man

    Rebel Trooper Sculpts

    Actually, there is a Commander Token you use to place on another model to note that they are the new promoted leader if indeed you do lose your unit leader.
  18. The Black Man

    Solo trailer. What did you think?

    I enjoyed Rogue One and this one looks fantastic to me as well. They just seem to feel more loose and free, not weighted down by such and such. All in all, I'm loving these new anthologies.
  19. The Black Man

    Dear FFG

    They **** well better. Nothing gets under an Imps skin more.
  20. The Black Man

    Rulebook please

    I really hope so. Use this time waiting for the product wisely. If they want to get this out for people to play during events, it would be really nice if things went smoothly. Let us help each other.
  21. The Black Man

    Leia and Fleet troopers

    I'll need to see these in person without any paint but to me, they are what I expected due to the heroic scale they are using for this game. Heroic scale can be off-putting when the figure isn't wearing bulked up armour, robes, etc. Also, the paint job on both are simple so that can add to it as well. Overall, I can't wait to get me mitts on 'em.
  22. The Black Man

    Painting in cold or humid environments

    I pretty much gave up using spray cans years ago for the exact reasons you gave. I use brushes and airbrush only and haven't missed spray cans one bit.
  23. The Black Man

    Possible spoiler for next rebel release

    Great find mate!