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  1. WoTC did it, so FFG can do it too. we just need bigger maps and more points, lets call it the future "skirmish epic level play". But FFG is too busy right now selling the overcosted Armada. so maybe next year?
  2. Probably 3 and 3. 2 troopers and probably 3 raiders
  3. im on the same boat then you guys. at the moment have nothing concrete to add, just tinkering with the idea.
  4. SPEEDER BIKES for imperial and rebel commandos Rancor and kryat dragons thats a nice start. then, new troopers rebel em storm, missel launchers, snipers, e web blasters etc etc
  5. no no no leave Belgium alone, brazil is here please kill half our population.
  6. wow, dude.. All ships in thins game are from the movies, the books, the comics or video games. Its a really well balanced game and you dont need to buy the new toys to play and still get a chance at winning. and dice is only the decisive factor if you dont now math. so please, go play "OGRE" or "Supremacy", just dont say the mechanic is broken just because you dont know how to to play the game.
  7. And the models are all the same mold of heroclix tactics.
  8. Get away from STAW, to many ships, to many Crazy expensive OP Prizes, and the game balance.....well, buy the borg buy the op prizes, play and win. its a nice game at its core, lots of missions, crews and tecnology but wizkids killed it to fast for me to enjoy it. go for Star Trek Fleet captains a much better game.
  9. more pilot cards, and a official mission book, we have no need for more ships.
  10. Somebody told me that a YYZ Rush can blow your oponent mind.
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