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  1. Thanks for your reply. I was unaware that mini adventures exist in the Novelas...i have the digital versions through kindle.....did I miss the adventures because I bought digital?
  2. Hello, I love the Genesys system and the Android novels/Novelas and the World of Android book but was turned off by the Shadow of the Beanstalks severe lack of cyberware and Gear. Does anyone know if FFG will release a Android book on gear/cyberware? I don't want to buy star wars books and reskin them or convert them to Android. Also any chance we will see a adventure book? Seriously I feel the gear book is a must and really makes the difference for me on weather I would run this game or skip it. For the love of god FFG please release a gear/cyberware book. Again LOVE the setting and the mechanics just sadly disappointed in the lack of cyberware in a Cyberpunk game.
  3. Thanks guys! Sorry it took so long for me to reply, I thought I had already done so. I am taking your advise and running PoTD next. Thanks again.
  4. gmanjkd

    Relic or Talisman

    Hello all. If this discussion has been posted in the past i apologize for starting it again. I am interested in either Relic or Talisman. I have never played either, so i don't have preconcieved ideas. My research suggests that they are very similar but different. I understand that I am probably going to get responses that are perhaps waited toward Relic as i am posting on the Relic forum but I have to start somewhere. For those of you who have played both Relic and Talisman, which do you like better and why? Thanks for all of you advise. Gary
  5. Hmm, I am sure that I am the minority on this page, but while I have enjoyed my time with 3e and all of the friendly people on this forum, I have arrived at a place of strong dislike for 3e. After running the game for a little over a year, with the last 3 months being a weekly game I have found the cards to be just toooooo much. To put this in context I own every expansion including all of the pods, along with 2 core box sets. I hope the game lives forever and those who enjoy it can continue to get great high quality expansions for many years to come. The game really is great but is no longer for me. Individually I love the cards and components but as a whole it drives me a bit crazy. The products are of super high quality, art is amazing, I love the adventures, the dice are great. The game is NOT portable, requires lots of prep time, lots of organization, and cannot be played just hanging on a couch. Ultimately this is why I am throwing in the towel. Best regards to everyone and a special thanks to everyone who has ever answered one of my posts. Your ideas have been greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gary
  6. Hello, I'm going to run either run TTT or POTD next. Which requires more prep work? Is there anything in TTT that would spoil or break POTD if I run TTT first? Thanks Gary
  7. Speaking of recommended creature actions where can I download "fan-produced suggested Actions for each monster?" thanks all
  8. I agree with Emirikol. If I could do it over again, I would run for a groupe of 3-4 pcs and purchase the following. Core Box Adventurers toolkit, winds of magic signs of faith omens of war lure of power black fire pass adventures. i would NOT buy: GMs toolkit, IMHO it was trash any of the 3 guides, they are (nice) but not at all necessary any of the vaults, these duplicate the Core Box the creature vault has value but IMHO it just becomes cumbersome with all of the other cards. just my 2 cents. Hope this helps. Gary
  9. Just got the Grey Wiz Pod in the mail. 8 out of the 15 spells are NOT combat, mostly dealing with Obfuscation, disguise etc. Even the combat spells have a very Subtle feel to them. Over all it has a great feel, and unlike many of the other PODs has much more variety than just more combat seplls. I really dig it and want to play a Grey wizard now! Hope this helps Gary
  10. My group really liked the gathering storm. Its good, not great. It took my group 7, 4 hour sessions to finish but I admit i was rushing the players through it a bit and the adventure could have easily lasted 8-10, 4 hour sessions. A few great things about the Gathering storm is that it will expose the players to many standards of the Warhammer world. For example, you get intrigue, multiple story lines, Beastmen, creepy farm peasents, undead, A necromancer, goblins, a goblin shaman, squigs, a Troll, and a two faced trader wizard. Its actually pretty good, just not what i would call amazing. The Horror at Hugaldahl from the Signs of Faith expansion was AMAZING!!! I LOVED this adventure! Took us 4, 4 hour sessions of which I did NOT rush my players. I have read the Witches Song and LOVE it as well and plan to begin running it in two weeks. We are finishing up The Winds of Change from the Winds of Magic expansion and its ok, not great…..could be my fault as the GM, as Im not great at sandbox adventures….yet. Over all, if you are not experienced, or are looking for a good adventure for the $$$, with a lot of variety, My vote would be The Gathering Storm. Our time with it was well spent. Hope this helps. Welcome back Gary
  11. Just ordered it, cant wait to see all the new spells!!
  12. gmanjkd said: Than you for all of your great work Graeme!! While I have not ran it yet I did read it cover to cover like a novel over the course of 3 days. I loved it and hope to see more adventures or better yet campagns from you for wfrp. Thabks again Gary This should have said thanks for all of your hard work, and that I read TEW cover to cover over 3 days, and would love to see more adventures like it from Graeme. DOH! This is why I shouldn't post when I am half asleep :-). In any case, I love your work Graeme and hope to see lots more. Thanks, Gary
  13. Than you for all of your great work Graeme!! While I have not ran it yet I did read it cover to cover like a novel over the course of 3 days. I loved it and hope to see more adventures or better yet campagns from you for wfrp. Thabks again Gary
  14. Average 2D to recover from permanent insanity. Great! Where did u find that?
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