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  1. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Wouldn't it be better to restrict that to clones who undergo clonetrooper training? So you could have rogue Kaminoans using their clonetech to clone mercs and possibly aging separatist soldiers to combat their former creations and the Empire they now serve? Could easily use any race just that they're clones and maybe don't even know that?! Back after AotC I ran a game where a cargo of Clonetroopers were reprogrammed to work for a Separatist I had this vision where the PCs would think these rogue Clonetroopers were brainwashed when in fact they were reprogrammed and told the truth choosing to willingly help their rescuer who knew better than to trust Dooku and his lackeys eventually surviving rots and going underground to rebuild much like the First Order did except they picked up Leia's call for help and arrived shortly after the end of tlj for some serious payback! Clonetroopers Vs the First Order... Sigh... I definitely need to pick up this book!😥 Three places advertising this book all out of stock!
  2. Dawn of Rebellion

    Someone's got a copy they posted on Facebook something about Force Adherent, Imperial Cadet, etc little else does this sound accurate to you?
  3. Could this be converted to GCW easily?

    What if that wrecked ship dates back to the KOTOR era perhaps relating to Revan, the Star Forge and perhaps a prototype of that automated space station?
  4. Been hankering for a Clone Wars era AoR game and been wondering can I alter existing releases for that era instead of the OT? Would you find this interesting? I'm thinking along the lines that shortly after the start of the Clone Wars the Republic would attempt to establish forward bases in preparation and these spark off additional world's joining the Separatist cause. So use the Beginner game to establish a Separatist unit securing a secret and illegal listening post this leads to the reveal the Republic are targeting an old base where multiple factions are meeting to decide upon the latest diplomatic overtures from the Republic only the Republic are using this event to decapitate the leadership for these groups even though they're supposed to be negotiating. Does that sound viable maybe with access to the Dawn of Rebellion book?
  5. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Young Senatorial? Someone working for the Republic Senate but also linked to the Rebel Alliance? Still remember that scene in Rogue One where they were meeting discussing the revelation of Jedha's destruction. That might be your second AoR career? I wonder about the possible second FoD one? Inquisitor related maybe? Unlikely but nice to read what you've been discussing though!
  6. Lord just imagining someone just finished watching TFA to discover the OT and PT before Rogue One is pointed out! Just as they think they're ready for TLJ they then learn about Star Wars Rebels and the Ewok movies.. Can't help wondering how they fare today! So they seem to be advertising everything but this book did I miss anything?
  7. And hopefully JJ will have Luke pop up on the Falcon in his underwear because Yoda & co had enough of him staying alone on Ach-Tu revealing they have a rather unusual sense of humour! Yes I know Rian said it was mistake but he left it in so JJ kindly Gandalf the White him back ok?😉
  8. Dealing with Snoke *TLJ SPOILERS AHOY*

    Wouldn't that be a plot point? Either it's a fake out or intended to improve the intended villain. In a game it's really up to the GM, it is possible they lucked out on a critical hit though!
  9. I have yet to watch this movie and it's getting to the stage of why bother but as to that alteration to Phasma you mentioned? Oh yes that would be great!😉
  10. Regarding that Battlefront 2 bit
  11. 1) Luke throws lightsaber away, Rey jumps to recover it. Chewie pops up asking why Luke did that given Rey comes from a desert world and probably doesn't know how to swim! Luke realising his mistake jumps in after her thereby resolving his arc of being closed off from the force learning Leia needs his help with her son the renegade apprentice who wiped out his academy after Luke discovered he'd gone dark. 2) The whole track them through hyperspace is a ruse to hide the fact Snoke's New Republic allies tagged all the ships supplied to Leia's Resistance. Holdo was sent by the Senate to bring Leia so they could officially dissolve her Resistance group, had Snoke waited he could have won completely but instead the FO were pursuing her not Leia. 3) Holdo was therefore right to suspect a spy was present the plan to infiltrate the Supremacy to delete the files they have on the Resistance was set up to capture Finn so Snoke the Vader fan could imitate his "hero" drawing Rey out of hiding before she completed her training or persuaded Luke to return with her. Finn was sent along as an adviser to the team Holdo sends, Poe contacts Max who arranged a friend to contact them rather than rely on just a Republic contact. 4) Rey was raised by a Jedi survivor but had no idea about it explaining her prodigious skills. Kylo was trained by his mother NOT Luke unlike her he perused the books gave her leading to him being contacted and taught by Snoke. Neither Snoke nor Leia taught Kylo how to wield nor craft his own lightsaber that's why it was a mess and why Finn managed to hit him and Rey beat him. What am I doing?! The film's out it can't be changed I need to let it go! Seriously Splad another reminder of that meme please if you don't mind!😥
  12. I thought once they wasn't able to escape they were more interested with dealing with Luke & Rey so if they did rejoin the Resistance Fleet then they could risk jumping in reinforcements to wipe them out. As it was I assumed Hux was obeying Snoke's orders didn't stop him blowing up any ship that fell into range until he received new orders such as information DJ passed on.
  13. So what next?

    How about investigating the site of Luke Skywalker's Academy perhaps on Yavin IV? Throw in exploring the old rebel base, finding Iden's crashed TIE and maybe run into a Knight of Ren trying to use them to locate Luke in case they overlooked something?
  14. Just seen clips of this on YouTube. The Luke confronting the First Order and Kylo looks awesome even if no audio to avoid copyright. Nothing improves the Carrie Fisher in space sequence unfortunately. The death of Snoke and his guard was a much better fight than I expected, now looking forward to finally watch this properly hopefully the movie won't be anywhere near that bad! Keep up the chat I'm hoping you might address what you hope this means for episode 9 and beyond!