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  1. Unless it's something they could get away with in a prison, otherwise the rest is safely stored away where they can pick it up after escaping or being released from prison. Does that sound better to you?
  2. copperbell

    Why no Rogue One Beginner Game?

    Doesn't have to be that way. Imagine being part of the sortie on Scarif, but unlike the others they manage to escape the Death Star blast. However in the aftermath with Vader chasing the Tantive IV, Tarkin busy with his new toy and YOU are currently thought all killed, but the Imperial forces clearing up the mess are going to realise you aren't dead and the only means to escape involve infiltrating the imperials, stealing a suitable ship and escaping the system before the Empire can react...
  3. I was wondering if this was being discussed and whether this is the right forum to do so!
  4. It's the size of a Holocron, your only warning was when it was activated it immediately expanded knocking you off your feet as it released the clearly furious predator from whatever pocket dimension it was being held in stasis within. You figure it might have been a Sith artefact since Jedi aren't usually that nasty!😉
  5. copperbell

    Cassian Andor Live Action Show

    I guess I'm the only one who wants them to reveal they're Phil Coulson him and Jyn with a series set after the battle of Scariff? If Phasma can survive to be wasted as a character in tlj then they can reveal that beach scene was a dream and they actually passed out in that lift which descended deep underground within that hardened Imperial Facility. Yes the uppermost transmitter towers was clipped by a low powered Death Star blast but if you're going for a Guns of Navarone then why not go all the way with a Force Ten from Navarone sequel? Search your feelings you know this to be true a subversion that's actually good!
  6. copperbell

    Avoiding Villain cliches

    Make him important in another way. Perhaps he was a former rebel presumed killed after he was betrayed and left to die in Imperial hands? The Empire misidentified him and he used the opportunity to disappear and rebuild his life using his new identity to get revenge for the betrayal? Now imagine he isn't a traitor and the real spy is using him as the fall guy completely unaware who this Imperial Agent actually is? So you have the potential to redeem him as well as one heck of an espionage thriller IF your players like that kind of game?
  7. copperbell

    Adventure Module Suggestions

    No beginner set or GM screen?
  8. copperbell

    Adventure Module Suggestions

    More importantly what do you fancy running? An Imperial campaign starting in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin ala BF2? In reaction to the Imperial annexation of Chandrilla following Mon Mothma's announcement in Rebels? A colony of Geonosians attempting to evade Imperial detection? A crashed shuttle of younglings whose clone trooper guardians learning about Order 66 (but not activated as they wasn't contacted) starts preparing them for their eventual return to society and the fact the Jedi are effectively dead or actively hunted... Which AoR adventure do you have, but not run?
  9. copperbell

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    There was another thread along these lines where they suggested a new cover for AoR with an Imperial variation. There was even an Imperial version of Duty options I believe?
  10. copperbell

    Military Punishment

    What order did he give that was disobeyed? Was there actual reason for shooting the npc? I assume he killed him and it was witnessed? Might have your group reassigned offworld if they don't agree with their decision! Depends on how much they need his help or your groups remember Rogue One?
  11. It's set about 7 years after ANH or the end of ROTJ? Could be applied to neither as the New Republic doesn't come across as that competent so maybe they deliberately limit their influence to worlds of interest to them, but Mon Mothma is currently leading the NR isn't she?
  12. Ever considered it's an inherited suit of armour they've grown up with forced to adapt to and fortunately they're androgynous enough to pull it off? But yes it probably is a bloke, but **** it would be great if they could pull off such a charade!
  13. Okay let's say you're running a game and one of your players come up with a character resembling this new show, what ship would you allow them remember you're the GM so what restrictions would you apply? Secondly you're creating this character what would you come up with assuming it's a starting character and NOT a Knight level character? Lastly as this is assumed to not be a solo party who would you cast consist of? Oh and nemesises naturally! PS: Should I have posted this in its own thread?
  14. copperbell

    Plot advice, 1st episode advice needed

    Have you tried porting over the Force & Destiny Beginner Set?
  15. copperbell

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    Is that one on the left a variation of the female pilots ship from the teaser?