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  1. They really should consider a quick start based on one of their demo's. Just leave a note mentioning it's a taster of what to expect noting the full rules will be both better and well worth picking up! More interested in that podcast to be honest!
  2. Anyone wondered about that new article they've released about Rogue One? I was wondering how many took a look wondering if it was about a new Beginner Set? If they were planning to announce one which movie or era would you rather be the inspiration for it?
  3. What are the chances the First Order might step in?
  4. I recall the vendor of the place was an angel who couldn't stop him doing that! It wasn't that bad, but then I've yet to read the source comics or the TV series but I did watch the Batman version of JL Dark so I'll hope the new Constantine animated series may help me "see the light" as to why the movie is hated so much!
  5. Given they eventually built Starkiller Base I see no problem with this!😉
  6. So it lands atop of it? What was the name of those fan films dealing with the Empire? You know the ones narrated by Optimus Prime?!😉😮
  7. You could literally imagine all of Acquisitions Incorporateds adventures being set in star wars if you assume Jim Dark(sith)magic is the one who owned their original ship before he crashed on Not Faerun (and why Omin learned to pilot ships and giant Mecha) where it led to a dramatic encounter with Omin's sisters who run a rival smuggling group before falling foul of Omin and an Imperial mercenary unit called Force Grey!😉 Oh and the Kylo Ren they refer to is Aoefel which is where all those comments about acid pits is referring to!
  8. This should be interesting... hope it's not a one shot though! Whose running it for them and are they familiar with acid pits?😉 Edit: Gabe
  9. The d20 version of star wars starship creation (not Saga!) was quite fun to use! I wonder if this will be anywhere near as good?
  10. End of season one of Star Wars The Clone Wars, Cad Bane held the Senate hostage to free the Hutt that helped Dooku kidnap Jabba's nephew. So is the initial event a diversion or intended to cover up another crime? How does it involve your players? Maybe they blow the vault and try to take the building out to hide what they stole but your PCs survived the explosion and are desperately trying to prove their innocence by chasing the surviving terrorists who are being picked off by a group of bountyhunters in the employ of an Imperial Director... What godawful secret are they trying to find? Maybe another Sith Superweapon? That enough?
  11. Wait he's running a Smuggler is his crew going to consist of the Dathomir Nightsister version of the Trash Witch, a Darth Maul lookalike and a Chopper inspired HK Assassin Droid?😉
  12. I'm hoping we discover that Porg is intent on rescuing Rey!😉 We see the Porg distract Snoke and as his guard close in wondering what the problem Chewie arrives forcing them to surround Snoke as Chewie grabs Rey and the Porg and flees! Yes unlikely but you did ask what I thought about the trailer, right?😉
  13. Even when it would help their franchise as a whole? I admit I can't see them doing something that sensible especially how they dealt with Rogue One but at least that seemed to be ok. Have they said anything about the New Republic yet?
  14. Is the big reveal that Luke was left traumatised by whatever happened? Really, really like the Porg! Back after watching TFA I figured Rey was Ezra's daughter and he left her in Kanan's care whilst he tried to help Zare rescue his son Finn from the First Order. Of course I assumed Kanan eventually died but taught Rey to become self sufficient and completely unaware there was anything remarkable about her save for her belief her father was returning for her. Now of course it's clear they have no idea what they're doing, hopefully TLJ WILL prove me wrong but I actually liked the trailer for TFA better simply because it felt like a legitimate improvement. Well the movie didn't fail that badly, hopefully this will be a marked improvement on that! Well enough of my bleak outlook have they revealed why Finn isn't top of the First Order wanted list? Maybe the First Order aren't the head honcho out there after all?