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  1. Just wanted to add thank you for the Superman theme tune, really enjoyed listening to it! For some reason it won't let me add stuff to previous messages once I spoiler them apparently unless I add an extra line before saving it doesn't allow that to be changed after!
  2. Will they dare make a Last Jedi Beginner set or focus on Battlefront 2 with Iden & co?
  3. So as far as I currently understand it...
  4. Any further details on whether this book will include ship construction rules?
  5. Example: Born on the frozen world of Vitegese, Nadia Stuart was left in the care of her Great Aunt after her parents divorced when she was 6. When her Great Aunt died the Court arranged for her to be in the care of a brother of one of her Great Aunt's lovers who dumped her with a vagabond friend of her late Great Aunt and unceremoniously spent her inheritance. The vagabond a Fagan type figure tried to do right by the child, but after being almost arrested after a raid she became more focused on the little academic avenues available to her managing to earn a place in the Vitegese Naval Academy. This was largely suspected due to her mother remarrying a member of the De Belle family and was mistakenly admitted although her mother had long forgotten about her daughter. She managed to earn her commission and promotion honestly, a rare feat for those in the Vitegese Navy when the De Belle sold their stake in the Vitegese Asteroid Belts to a mining concern in return for a place on the board restoring their flagging fortunes especially after the collapse of the Conduit. Nadia took command and prevented the situation from turning into a potential tragedy when the Vitegese revolted casting out the De Belle family. Nadia directly asked the Hub Navy for their assistance trying to curb an expected orbital bombardment due to the insistence of the new owners who sought to seal their control of the system. In exchange for 3 of the Vitegese Naval crews transferring into the Hub Navy the Hub Captain agreed to the Vitegese homeworld remaining free albeit still losing access to the asteroid belts that was the source of their wealth. Nadia continued her career in the Hub Navy until mustered out 8 years later due to political pressure placed by the De Belle's seeking to strip her of the protection her naval career provided her. She chose to take with her the Atlas Freighter she was refurbishing as part of a scheme to help deliver aid packages to her impoverished people but to do that she needs a crew she can trust. Anyway under Star Wars this looks at worst a choice between Smuggler or Trader from Edge and either the Commander or Engineer from Age of Rebellion. This however is Genesys can you tell me if this sort of character can work using the new core rules and does the setting rules work well with this?
  6. Is this possible? No Force or Psionics but until they release that Fully Operational book, which seems to have details on ship construction I honestly don't know how viable this is. However this is about Genesys itself! Those of you who have the Core Rules from what you've read or even played is this a possible setting for Genesys to be run with?
  7. Be alot easier to pick up given my local game shop currently has trouble finding a copy of the Starfinder magazine! If it's delayed any further I'll definitely ask about this instead but don't want to overdo it!
  8. What setting are you going to play in first? Was wondering that kind of initial reaction such as will it be largely review or include an actual play?
  9. Could establish a rival group similar enough they could be tricked into claiming they are them then bringing them down and handing them over for the reward? A mite nasty bug, but you know your players I don't!
  10. Fake an attack whilst they're posing as prospective buyers aided by one of the crimelord's lieutenants whose planning on replacing him with your players help?
  11. Could have them turn up for example being a prisoner in an Imperial prison or hospitalised and they learn they survived but aren't going anywhere whilst they're recovering. Or have him know something the PCs want to find out but because he's incapacitated he needs their help in return this giving your player's the chance to gain a new Ally and maybe occasional rival but likely to warn them of an impending peril thus making this worth it?
  12. I'd have the nemesis secretly establish an underground escape tunnel then use it after they arrive at the front door casually having a small transport crash atop his former base. They have a bit of time to realise he's fled the base before the transport arrives with his henchmen and minions fleeing the base once they realise what's going on. How would your players react to that?
  13. Could have the Imperials send a couple of TIEs after them whilst they focus on the much larger target. As long as they stay away from the Imperial ship it should just be a matter of either being lucky enough to shoot the TIEs down or trying to get the astrogation done so they can jump out before the TIEs overwhelm them? I'd just have the TIEs shoot them down they crash somewhere on the otherside of the planet where they're assumed to be dead. The crashlands involves setting off an avalanche that causes an explosion which the TIE Fighter pilots think is them then reveal that Separatist ship wasn't the only wreck on the planet so with some searching they should be able to scavenge the parts to fix their ship then reveal that thus allowing you to continue running this adventure if you want?