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  1. Then there's Ezra Bridger... Whose got more right to the nobody than Rey but for her force download ability... Makes me wonder what if she's the result of an experiment by Darth Vader to clone Padme explaining why she's resembles her so much and perhaps her force abilities if its a side effect of Darth Vader's efforts to bring back the woman he loved?
  2. So he's force sensitive with the Move Force Power? Colonist career maybe?
  3. copperbell

    Quick one shot story idea

    They've learned about a surviving Separatist cell, but in the process of trying to contact them draws the Empire's attention who taking no chances bdz the planet leaving it in ruins similar to Taris.😨 Officially the Rebel Alliance is blamed and whoever investigates has to break through an Imperial blockade to find out the truth then break back out just to survive long enough to reveal the truth...
  4. copperbell

    Anthem Genesys

    Is this possible given what little has been revealed so far?
  5. copperbell

    Quick one shot story idea

    They've been framed for a terrorist attack on Chandrilla. The homeworld of an important rebel leader it's important to find out what really happened as the Empire are using the event to restore the damage caused by Tarkin blowing up Alderaan. Most of the team were killed by the traitor who is hunting the only survivor as they can identify them not because the Empire cares but the locals hunting them are more likely to listen given he shot up a few local LEOs as well as bars and businesses pursuing them that even the local bounty hunters are actually trying to protect the survivor. The Empire is Holoviding this to the hilt your PCs just arrived and think it's too late but finding their targets base blown to bits they learn of the firefight heading towards an abandoned clonetrooper base which wouldn't mean anything to the locals and Empire because it's been turned into a shadow port. Successful streetwise will realise they might be looking for a way off the planet. Depending on their actions they might discover about the rebels killed in the bomb blast that's been blamed on the Alliance of course the Empire lied about it. Can you rescue the fleeing rebel or will they believe the traitors lies?
  6. copperbell

    Tie Avenger/Tie Advanced.

    Were they included in the Dawn of Rebellion book?
  7. copperbell

    Struggling with a character concept

    Could always have your Mandalorian friend turns up to support your claim that the ship was paid off so you owe them for that and also developed an occasional enemy in that minor criminal who actually holds a grudge with your new mentor but you're the easier target? What ship does the main character use and what ship did your character's father use?
  8. Maybe the book will explain WHY they were surprised by Enfys Nest's revelation? I actually wondered if Han's mentor actually killed her mother, but was unaware of this so they assumed Enfys was actually her mother?
  9. So any chance of a Solo Beginner box set based around either Enfys Nest or the freed prisoners on Kessel?
  10. copperbell


    The crew of a small freighter are brought in and imprisoned in the next set of cells out of sight of your PCs so they see them led in but aren't seen by them. Shortly after one of them bamboozled the Imperial Interrogator and escapes freeing the others before sneaking their way off the ship. The first your players know of this is when the alarm goes off announcing they have not just got back to their ship, disabled the Victory class Star Destroyers tractor beams and turned the fighter launch bay into a crude rail cannon causing all the launched TIEs to either career into anything in their way or leave them disabled in space. They know this because their cells unlock and the guards are too busy trying to help put out all the fires caused by the sabotage! By the way this is what happened in my first WEG Star Wars game so yes it happened!😉
  11. copperbell

    The Iron Blockade

    Given the Heroes of Neverwinter mobile ended up as Neverwinter on PC and consoles I was hoping this would too!
  12. copperbell

    The Iron Blockade

    A sourcebook on Star Wars Uprising?! Oh lord YES PLEASE!😊
  13. So with news about this new series I thought it would be interesting to ask what you hope they'll reveal once a trailer is released? Also since this is an RPG thread how you would handle this premise?
  14. copperbell

    Just a thought...

    Sorry, still trying to find an explanation for the ST!
  15. copperbell

    Looking for Fan-Made Adventures

    Try the resources section. They've even converted an old West end games Star Wars scenario!