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  1. Leavon has the responsibility to deliver us things that we pay him for. Beyond that, he doesn't owe us anything. Unless you've paid him in advance, he has the right to work on whatever he wants. I hope Leavon does finish the terrain pieces, and I really hope he decides to work on the miniatures as well. However, I'll understand if he doesn't, and I won't complain, because I know he hasn't promised anything to us, and he doesn't owe us anything beyond what we pay him for. If you think that Leavon owes you something, and you have the right to demand he works on specific things, then you don't understand the way the world works. Stop arguing whenever someone comments about the miniatures. They're just as entitled to miniatures as you are to the terrain pieces. If you can actually find miniatures that match the digital edition characters, please show us, because no one else has been able to find any.
  2. Dude, stop trying to control what Leavon works on. He can work on terrain pieces if he wants to, or miniatures, or even nothing at all if he decides he doesn't want to keep doing this. Stop acting so entitled. And maybe you can find minis that are similar to the digital edition ones, but exact matches don't exist, any more than exact matches exist for the terrain pieces.
  3. I'd say so, they 'may' phrasing is important in Talisman
  4. The compass icon is nice, but I personally think that the one in the first mockup works better at that scale. And yeah, the one I suggested is way to close to the Nether Realms one.
  5. http://game-icons.net/lorc/originals/wind-hole.html Something like this maybe?
  6. Hey Leavon, sorry if I came across as saying that it's an either or thing - I'd love you to do both, and totally get why you can't do the characters right now. I just took objection to magicrealm telling you not to work on the miniatures and then insulting me when I had a different opinion. Keep at it, I'm loving seeing all the updates!
  7. Strongly disagree with this. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, while the terrain pieces are an awesome addition to the game, miniatures for the Mephisto characters/DE exclusives would be on a completely different level - they would complete the game in a way the terrain pieces just don't. While there are tons of other companies that make minis, talisman doesn't use generic minis for any of its characters - they're all custom models, and it's not possible to find matching minis for any of the Mephisto/DE characters. The terrain pieces are cool, but the minis would be unbelievably awesome. how old are you ? 7 or 8 ? Internet is full of mini companies, not to find a Mephisto model shows incapability to use Internet, sorry to say that. icequeen, firelord, holy spring, etc can be recruited from other Talisman character models, so easy it is. absolutely no need for heroes and monsters. that would be a waste oif time and work, which should be spended on the Accessoires instead. btw Mephisto is an Event Card which would not touch the board. what do you want with that ? but thanks, you are a representive example of those world-of-warcraft-Pollers Leavon would fall into and loose his Quality immediately. Don't be an ass. I was talking about the Mephisto CHARACTERS - that is, the characters initially released in the German gaming magazine Mephisto, which have since been added to the digital edition (exorcist, courtesan, etc.). Yes, you can find models that are somewhat similar for a lot of them, but not a perfect match, unlike with the actual talisman minis. And believe it or not, other people have opinions too - yes, you've made it quite clear that you would rather he worked on the terrain pieces, but that doesn't make it some kind of objective truth. Plenty of people earlier on in this very thread were extremely excited about the idea of having minis for the Mephisto/DE exclusive characters, it's not just me.
  8. Ah. That explains a lot. Yeah, in my original post I was addressing how to handle playing a game with every expansion and no house rules. I see now that in your earlier post you said you thought this isn't possible, but it definitely is - the tips that I've given all help with speeding up the game and fitting it into a day. And yeah, I can see how with your house rules the start might not be as slow or deadly, but my comments were dealing with the actual rules of the game, not a modified version. Of course, if you play using modified rules then your experience will be different, but that's something you should mention, rather than just disagreeing with me when I'm talking about the intended way to play the game.
  9. Strongly disagree with this. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, while the terrain pieces are an awesome addition to the game, miniatures for the Mephisto characters/DE exclusives would be on a completely different level - they would complete the game in a way the terrain pieces just don't. While there are tons of other companies that make minis, talisman doesn't use generic minis for any of its characters - they're all custom models, and it's not possible to find matching minis for any of the Mephisto/DE characters. The terrain pieces are cool, but the minis would be unbelievably awesome.
  10. I genuinely don't understand how this is possible. When you say you finish, you do mean reach the crown of command and resolve whatever ending you're using, right? I don't see how it would be possible to do that in 7-8 if playing with 10 people and every expansion. Can you explain how you can reach the end so quickly with such an absurd number of players? It's not all that hard to avoid him if you're playing with all expansions, as you're always close to another region. The start of the game typically involves building up your stats and getting useful items and followers, and none of those things are super dependent on which region you're in, so it doesn't really slow the game down at all. This is just to keep you alive through the start of the game, where many of the enemies in the harbinger deck will completely destroy you. But with Talisman's system for building your stats, it's significantly harder to do so at the start of the game, and significantly easier to do so later on. At the beginning of the game, your character is fairly weak and can easily be killed through just a few too many strong enemies and bad luck, and it takes longer to level up because you're not able to fight particularly strong monsters. This is just inherent to Talisman - the more powerful you are, the easier it is to survive, and the easier it is to increase your stats, whereas at the start of the game, the harder it is to survive, and the longer it takes to build you stats. It's not something to do with how we play - we don't deliberately start out the game slowly, it's just how it's designed. Of course I have. But those cards are few and far between, and even they aren't all that likely to kill you - the basilisk only has a 1/6 chance of killing you, peasant mob only kills you if you're a lycanthrope, swamp siren only kills you if you repeatedly lose to a craft 3 enemy - not so much an issue later on in the game - etc. If you manage your lives well, are aware of the effects that can kill you, and take precautionary measures where you can, it's not that hard to survive once you become fairly powerful. It's not unheard of for a character to die late game in our sessions, just uncommon. Not everyone needs to know the rules by heart to play talisman, of course. It's an extremely easy game to play as a beginner, given the simplicity of the battle and movement systems. That said, I'm talking about finishing a game in 6-7 hours - again, I don't understand how you could finish a 10 person game in 8 hours if the players aren't very familiar with the game. People who aren't very familiar with the game will take longer on their turns as they're not exactly sure what they're doing, and will take more time deciding what to do because they don't really have a proper game plan. In my experience, new players slow the game down significantly. Can you explain what you mean by play style? We play fairly time efficient games ourselves, where players are pretty good at handling all of the fiddly mechanics and always have clear goals in mind, so turns are quite short and progress is fairly rapid. With that said, I don't understand how you could possibly finish a 10 person game in 8 hours, with all expansions in play and no house rules.
  11. I can play my version with more than 4 people. In fact, I played with 7 players a few times and we were able to finish the game in under 6 hours. But as you said, you're not playing the game as it was designed, you're playing a heavily house ruled version. Of course, you can play with as many players as you like if you modify the game enough, but I'm giving tips on how to play the game unmodified, with all the expansions included.
  12. I know I'm in the minority here, but I disagree with a lot of what has been said, as me and my group usually play with every expansion. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter; Never play with more than 4 people. Playing with that many people massively increases the playtime, to the extent that games are almost never finished. Play it safe at the start of any game. Try to avoid the harbinger, go into regions he isn't in, don't draw too many dragon cards, etc. Talisman has a reverse difficulty curve so the start of the game is fairly deadly and slow paced but the longer the game goes on the easier it is to survive and more fast-paced it becomes. If you can survive the first hour or so, in my experience you won't usually die for the rest of the game unless another player hunts you down or you have a string of astonishingly bad luck. With all the boards added, the game becomes very spread out. PvP is still a thing, but nowhere near to the extent that it is in the base game, where the region is comparatively tiny. Don't expect to be fighting other players that often - most player interaction comes in the form of spell casting, the reaper, and card effects. For this reason, spell casters become (in my opinion) a better choice the more boards are added. As has been said, assigning each of the fiddle mechanics to one person or doing them all yourself is generally the way to go. This makes everything far more efficient, and reduces playtime significantly. Everyone needs to be very familiar to the game and rules. For this reason, adding the expansions in gradually so people can get used to them from game to game could be a good idea. The more people are used to the game, the more they will know what they want to be doing, where they want to be going, ect. The more people know what they're doing, the faster the game becomes. Also, actually try to win, and encourage other people to do the same. In a lot of our earlier games, my group and I would just wander around aimlessly for hours, building our stats to a ludicrous degree before pretty much auto-defeating the lord of darkness and teleporting straight to the crown of command. However, the inner region can actually be approached surprisingly early, and if one player tries it and succeeds, or almost succeeds, more players will be inclined to do so and the play time will be significantly cut down. In terms of reducing game time, the other key is honestly to practice, and have patient players. My friend group and I used to have two day games that we still wouldn't finish, even with only the dragon, highland, dungeon, and the first few small box expansions. Now, we can finish a game in 6 or 7 hours, even with all the expansions. Talisman isn't an easy game to fit into a day, nor is it a short game no matter how good you are at playing it. It can, however, be done, and be a more enjoyable game for it.
  13. I've gone over the realm back a bit with Jon - here's the result: In other news, I'm still working on the art for the missing forge cards, and the card templates. Should hopefully have something to show you guys in a week or so.
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