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  1. A couple of questions that have arisen in my current game. Does a PC add his strength bonus to the damage of the attachment when it hits? Can the same attachment be used with a Charge action, it says it can be used if you spend a half action or a reaction to make a standard attack, because a charge action is a full action, i don't think it can be used as the attacking weapon in a charge, can anyone clarify? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help
  2. There is a reference to a space marine chapter in one of the planet write ups, it gives no name just a vague reference to the livery they wear and the fact that every generation or so they take a select few young warriors to join them. I don't have my books at hand so I can't remember which planet it is.
  3. Wow!! A nice piece of work. I'd certainly use this with my players
  4. The Guardsman's primer has a section on going above your superiors head, they don't like it, the officer in question is informed and the guardsman is given a beating by said officer, the munitorium don't like the rankers circumventing the chain of command.
  5. I'm sure it mentions somewhere that critical hits that result in death are not covered by the pain suppressor, or you can tell him to stop being a **** and burn his fate point.
  6. Hmm, I should perhaps try to arrange from them to have an NPC or two on board with them. They could find their old Sergeant or even 2Lt. who was captured after the ork landing, and then left behind when the PCs and company escaped from a Dominate base (yes they were tricked by the false Inquisitor and captured). After playing with them tonight though I realise they can pull off some amazing combats sometimes. We played the Killswitch scenario where the squad is sent to recover Ordinatus intel and take out an enemy tech priest. They managed to sneak up to the place, pick the lock on the bunker, take out the first Servitor, then took out 10 servitors at once before they even had a chance to act except for the last one, whom they managed to dodge the self-destruct blast. When they opened the door to the library Mech-Deakon Klax let lose an overwatch with bolt pistol and a shot from the plasma mechandrite, wounding the Heavy and suppressing him and the Operator. However, the Weapon Specialist charged the Klax with a Hunting Lance (yes the explosive one that Roughriders use), knocking him down and stunning him for several rounds due to the Concussive effect. Then the Weapon Operator used his Plasma Gun on maximal and completely annhiliated the "renegade" tech priest. To cut the combat short I assumed that the default setting for his servitors was to self-destruct if he died, so they did (while in melee with said Weapon Specialist, but he managed to dodge away instead of dying. The combat against the Stormtroopers started with a dialogue, but when the players refused to let them into the bunker to check up on the Mech-Deakon, they decided to try to take the bunker by force. Bad move. The Stormtroopers had no chance and got gunned down by the Heavy and his Heavy Stubber, or taken out in melee by the Weapon specialist and his twin chainswords. The Operator stayed in the bunker below and checked up on comms etc and was not even needed. So the PCs had the great defensive advantage of the bunker, but they were still able to take down 5 Stormtroopers at an alarming speed, taking no damage. So yeah... maybe they will pull it off without too much trouble, but I assume they will do some collateral damage to the control panels inside the Ordinatus first. I am also very exited about the Commisar Salieri meeting (I'm still gonna pull off the Samuel L. Jackson routine), but I assume the group will claim that they were working for the Inquisition and show off the three cases they got (from random rolls on random gear table) and the Assassin gear they got. Saleri might even believe them if they roll well enough, I think the Inquisition stuff should give a +20 bonus at least in their argument that they were driven by the will of the Emperor. Although they probably suspect something is fishy, and have noticed Fordham's weird behavior and the fact that they were shooting at Imperal units. well don't forget the commissar's pet pysker and her mind scan power, she can tell they weren't working for the inquisition so that argument can be shot down in flames (and get a comrade or two executed for lying to him)
  7. if it wasn't for the psker in the unit with his power of domination they would have come out second best in the fight inside the ordinatus. He managed to dominate three lootas and they turned their weapons onto the rest of the Orks. The group consisted of an Operator, Heavy Gunner/Sentry, Psker and npc Medic.
  8. .....When your heavy gunner has to use a las cannon to make sure the ork stays dead. When it seems far easier to destroy an ork vehicle than it does it's occupants When the entire group realises that they are fighting proper orks and not those pesky D&D powderpuffs
  9. A bit like the old British Bren Gun Carrier from WW2
  10. James Coburn's Cross of Iron is one Of my favorite war films.
  11. As far as I understood renown was earned as a member of the Deathwatch not as a member of their parent chapter. Anyone heading for the Deathwatch is already a renowned member of their own chapter, chosen to represent them. I could never understand why the Tyranid war veteran should get an extra lot of renown that bleeds over into the Deathwatch
  12. I simply add what ever the rate of fire is to the successes, so if its ROF 3 for example those three successes become 6. it seemed to work ok when I had a formation of traitor guardsmen face off against my pcs, no one complained it was over the top. I was able to spread hits around the group quite nicely.
  13. I just started adding the rate of fire as bonus levels of success, it seemed the easiest way till I see an official rule
  14. Loving this game, even though we usually lose The card with "The Storm" event states that "each investigator discards clues equal to the number of RUMOR mythos cards in play." My question is where do these clues come from? The investigators stock (if any), those on the map or a mixture of both? We played it that investigators lost their own clues (2 each because we had 2 rumors in play), but that meant one player didn't discard any, it didn't seem right to me that there wasn't a penalty for him not discarding anything.
  15. Adventures, just give me more of them. I don't have the time to write my own so I'm quite happy to buy a good scenario. Everything else is just an added expenditure.
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