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  1. Dr. Morbius

    Promos ?

    Anyone selling the Boba or Luke (alternate foto) cards? Cheers, Dr. Morbius, TI-50475, 501st Legion, German Garrison
  2. Use Rhymer, Jonus and a Scimitar Bomber. Give Rhymer two Advanced torpedos (he can use them Range 1 AND 2 with his ability). Pair that with marksmanship and you have 5 dice (6 in range 1) to counter...as the Falcon will want to stay close use proton bombs on all three Bombers. Add 1 concussion missile on Jonus and you come out at 97 points. I used this squad to demolish a Lando and Biggs squad.
  3. Looks like Tycho Celchu and Arvel Crynid are the A-Wing aces…
  4. Crunchysam42 said: Now, who is guessing that Baron Fel will be in the interceptor? I must have the good Baron. R2 D2, you are insane. I will hunt you down and destroy you. The preview images of the Tie Intercepter clearly show Baron Soontir Fel as the skill 9 pilot…
  5. signed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. To partially answer Point 3: The "Talon Roll" as we used to know it from the SWCCG is a possible action for all the TIEs…only it's called "Barrel Roll" in this game…
  7. Those kits should really include a game-mat. Apart from that I could see them including some special upgrade cards (weapons, Astromechs) or Pilot Skills (e.g. "A few maneuvers", "I have you now!", "Friendly fire", etc.). New pilots for existing ships would of course be nice, too: Jek Porkins, Davish "Pops" Krail, Tiree, Theron Nett, etc. for the Rebels
  8. New Zombie said: ejacobs said: Same with Jango and Boba and stock versions. no jango. he doesn't have the head for this game, it being firmly set in the original trilogy. Extremely happy about this!!! Classic trilogy exclusiveness rules!!!
  9. Can't wait for B-Wing and Tie Bombers. Lambda Shuttles would be cool, too. Maybe Z-95 Headhunters, Tie Defenders, Misthunter, IG-2000, Hound's Tooth,… But NOT interested in ground vehicles. If I wanted this I would have played the SWMG. This is a rumour hailing from video games. Starships attacking ground targets. Do you think the rebels would have fought the AT-ATs with Snowspeeders when X-Wings were suitable for battles in the atmosphere?
  10. Thanks guys, I'll go and check it out
  11. Hi guys, with Obsidian Squadron being the Ties who chased the Falcon at his departure from Cloud City, I thought a map that would allow us to battle in the clouds above Cloud City would be swell… So here's my Cloud City map (137 cm x 91 cm): www.dropbox.com/s/i6njd4fxazz1dl5/Cloud-City-map.jpg I wouldn't mind if someone shared their map with me in exchange. After all we're all fans of the same thing If anyone has a nice Death Star Surface map…hook me up Kind regards, Dr. M
  12. Very much appreciated indeed….even here on the other side of the pond (Germany)…Thumbs up!
  13. Dr. Morbius

    Wave 2

    In Star Wars the squads tend to consist of 1 leader with two wingmen, therefore I buy 3 of every ship (of course just 1 of the Falcon and the Slave I): 3 Tie Interceptor 3 A-Wings 1 Falcon 1 Slave I
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