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  1. "I want to be invincible with no way around it." Sorry. As the GM, my priority one is making sure a player doesn't get away with this sort of cheese.
  2. At the point that a PC party has enough XP for a character to have hit Force Rating 4, the ability for the Influence power to deal a large amount of Strain is far from the most problematic balance concern a GM has to worry about.
  3. Speaking only for myself, if that’s the half that has Zonama Sekot, Csilla, and Rakata Prime, then maybe that’s the half that is best left alone. But YMMV. To be fair, Zonama Sekot doesn't wind up in the Unknown Regions until the Legacy Era, well after the Yuuzhan Vong war. Prior to that it's way up outside the north edge of the galaxy, in grid M1.
  4. The attributes that were chosen to match with the different lightsaber forms fit fairly well, in my opinion, with how those forms are presented and described in Star Wars lore. Are they ideal for min-maxing concerns? No, not really, but I find it hard to believe that was anything but by design.
  5. The entire point of Minion groups is to make it easier bookkeeping, and it sounds on this end like you're trying to make it more complicated than it needs or is supposed to be. A Minion is dropped whenever it takes Wounds that exceed its Wound Threshold; in this example, taking six Wounds drops a Minion with a wound threshold of 5. A group of three such Minions have a collective Wound Threshold of 15, and they lose a Minion whenever they take damage that exceeds 5 (so, in this example, at 6, 11, and 16, upon which the Minion group is defeated). The reason that you pool the Wound Threshold together is for bookkeeping's sake, since Soak is only applied once per hit (itself a bookkeeping consideration).
  6. Not quite. The first minion drops at net damage (damage minus soak) 6. The second drops at net damage 11. And the third drops at net damage 16. So... is this correct: (Assuming 3 Mins with 5 wounds each). 1st shot, does 7 Damage (After Soak). Kills one minion, inflicts 1 wound on the rest. 2nd Shot does 4 Damage (After Soak), this does not kill a minion, but applies 4 more wounds. 3rd Shot does 9 Damage (After Soak), this kills two minions. the first point of damage takes the total above the second minions share, and the remaining is enough to take out the third. ? Incorrect. A second minion would be dropped after the second shot; after Soak, you've dealt 11 total Wounds, which is enough to drop two minions with a WT of 5.
  7. I'm curious about this as well. I've found nothing in the rulebook about it. Have any of the developers addressed it anywhere? Well, in most cases, doing something that would fulfill one Duty likely wouldn't fulfill the other, so their overall Duty score is probably still advancing at the same rate; they just have other options open to them.
  8. You're reading into this way too much. Quite simply, the effect of the ECM suite is that it allows you to count your ship's Silhouette as being 1 lower than it actually is. That is the base effect. You don't need to worry about range bands on sensor ranges of ships. You just consider the ship's Silhouette as being 1 point lower. The descriptive text is just fluff explaining how that works.
  9. There are no rules for ranges beyond 'Extreme' in this game, and I'm not sure how any engagement could ever take place at a range longer than that, anyway. (Also I have no idea what HOB stands for.)
  10. Korriban does appear in the Clone Wars cartoon under the name "Moraband" (apparently George Lucas asked them to change the name for the show despite "Korriban" having been around in the EU for twenty years at that point).
  11. That's why I'd limit this Talent to those trees that ONLY had Dedication (no Force Rating) or ONLY had ONE Force Rating Talent (no Dedication). In other words it wouldn't apply to Niman Disciple or Seer, etc. At that point, you've really changed the cost-benefit analysis of picking up the trees that only have one or the other, which were set that way on purpose for a reason. Personally, I think the idea is kind of cheesy and geared toward cherry-picking and min-maxing, but if it works for your game and your players, don't let me tell you have to have your fun. (And I swear that last sentence isn't sarcastic, honest!)
  12. If you don't already have a GM screen, it's certainly useful for that, especially for the tables and charts (I keep mine off to the side when I'm GMing). There's some good advice for GMing a Knight Level campaign in the kit as well, along with expanded rules for lightsaber creation on top of what's already in the core rulebook that you might get some mileage out of as well.
  13. For what it's worth, the HWK-290 is also in "Far Horizons," the Colonist sourcebook, but if you're already getting Force and Destiny that's not as big a deal. The Ghost is a VCX-100 light freighter, which thus far has not been statted out officially in any of the books. but I think it's Episode 46 of the Order 66 Podcast where they spitball together some home-brew stats.
  14. There are no other instances in the game that I can think of where die results come up and trigger an effect in addition to being spendable elsewhere. I think folks are grasping at straws here, trying to make a talent stronger than it already is (which, as Dono points out, in concert with other talents, it becomes potentially quite powerful indeed).
  15. The F&D Core Rulebook has some interesting examples of Force-related relics and mystical items. I might start there and see if anything strikes your fancy, possibly as something that could be re-skinned into something appropriate for your group and what you think they'd be interested in.
  16. Yeah, but that's the part that surprised me was that a lot of the 11 errata changes didn't seem to be in there. I distinctly recall an update to Heal/Harm, a buff to a change to Hawk-Bat Swoop, and a change to parry and it looks just like the Beta. Now maybe I'm mis-remembering, I'll check my PDF of the Beta Updates to see what changes made it in but it still seems weird to me. That said, I think the CRB is totally worth it so don't let me deter Beta owners from buying the new version! Between for all the clarifications, beautiful new FFG art, immensely enlightening fluff and super useful side-bars that weren't in the Beta it's more than worth the price tag! Heal/Harm was changed pretty significantly from the Beta, even after the Beta Updates. The cost went from 20 to 10 to 15 XP for the base power, and two whole upgrades (one Magnitude and one Ranged) were removed from the tree entirely. So yes, there were definite post-Beta changes; it's not the case that they simply 'forgot' to add the Beta updates to the final book or anything.
  17. From this thread, answered by Sam Stewart: Also, defense granted from weapon qualities DOES stack with defense granted from armor, but not with itself.
  18. Lightsabers are incredibly powerful, and they are meant to be. They also aren't meant to be starting weapons outside of Knight Level play. Honestly, though, a starting character with Knight Level resources can easily get a weapon that's far nastier than a base lightsaber, in terms of both raw damage output in addition to the Critical rating. At that power level, that's just part of the game--for both the PCs and their adversaries.
  19. Huh... Isn't that what the Force talents looked like in the EotE Beta? I seem to remember that particular coloring from earlier. Interesting little error there. I think what happened is that the background for Improved Terrify got corrected from Red to Blue (it's Red in the Beta), but the graphic design person failed to change the starburst icon as well, probably because it's on a different layer or something.
  20. In the description of the Discipline skill in the Skills chapter, it states that Discipline is the skill used to use the Force to throw objects at people (it's in the second bullet point). As for why it's not in the writeup for the Move power itself, I'm going to guess it was simply an editing oversight.
  21. Guy on the Reddit thread with the book early said there's the same number of Lightsaber attachments and rules for Knight Level play are all in the Core (he doesn't have the GM Kit to give info on that). So the GM Kit definitely is some sort of expansion on everything. For Knight Level, it'll likely be tips on how to scale experience and credits to certain points. I own both and can confirm. The base rules are all in the CRB; the stuff in the GM Kit just for GMing advice on how to adjudicate things and the like.
  22. Don't do it. 120,000 credits is a lot of money in this system. The low starting funds at character creation is by design; you'd be completely breaking the balance curve by allowing something like this.
  23. "I'm going to remove the core element of the system's character creation, and then furthermore make it orders of magnitude cheaper to advance in power level. I'm sure this won't unbalance things at all."
  24. For what it's worth, the rules for languages (such as they are) are included in a sidebar in the Species section of Character Creation.
  25. If a single die roll is able to derail an entire adventure, then that's bad GMing at work. By all means, a failed Astrogation roll can result in complications to the ship, or a time delay for a time-sensitive journey, but by no means should a single check ever throw the entire session into disarray, unless it's somehow in service to a larger, more epic story the GM happens to have in mind.
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