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  1. Played with a B and Y squad (called Dutch's Defenders) and went 3-0. Used dutch with ion and r2d2, a blue squad with jammer and hlc, and a dagger with jammer and hlc. In the assault on imdaar I ran a ps 1 tie defender with a stealth. 2 obsidian tie fighters, and the whisper phantom, with advanced cloak, sensor jammer, and veteran instincts. Played vs a z95 with assault missiles. Two red squads, and an e wing with stuff. It was a slaughter. The phantom blew everything up and I didn't lose a ship. Only took 1 shield on the phantom and one on the defender.
  2. Any stores hosting game nights or group meetups on the island or in the city? What about tournaments?
  3. So in other words, according to the strictest interpretation of the rules, I am correct. The Danse Macabre ending card allows the person on the crown of command to send the reaper to ANY character in ANY region, and if another player receives the 'There has been a mistake" result, they cannot send the reaper back to the person on the crown of command, as they are restricted by normal rules and are not specifically instructed to send the reaper to any character in any region. Insofar as your personal opinion on the matter, I partially disagree. Obviously according to the normal rules, if a person could roll a '1' and send the reaper into the inner region, it would damage game balance. The person in the inner region or on the crown of command has already proven himself, and to be targeted or damaged by the reaper makes it too easy for a person in a much weaker position to influence the more adfvanced character. However, when applied to the Danse Macabre, it is essential to follow the text of the card, otherwise the ending will often result in a stalemate. Example: BOB reaches the crown of command with a strength of 50. He sends the reaper out over the course of a few turns, and kills all the characters but AMY who manages to make it into the dragon tower. AMY has a strength of 6 and a bunch of dragon scales. Even if AMY can make it to the crown of command, she will not be able to defeat BOB in PVP, so she advances through the dragon tower, then retreats, then advances, then retreats. By the time she is close to reaching the crown her strength is now 75. BOB needs to retreat now too! Otherwise he'll lose. So he retreats and runs circles in the dragon tower. This situation only occurs if the Danse Macabre is not able to be performed as specifically written on the card. Instead of the card poking at other players every turn in similar fashion to the command spell or the crown and sceptre ending, once two players enter the dragon tower region, the game is a DRAW unless players happen to get unlucky and die to bad draws in the tower, or if one of the players is a spell caster and he infinitely cycles his spells until he kills by spell. Clearly in this example, creating any sort of 'house rule' to disallow the normal specifically stated function of danse macabre, breaks the game, and defeats the point of the ending.
  4. the Grim Reaper should absolutely be allowed to land on players in the inner region during the dance macabre ending the player who is on the crown of command has to sit there and wait until either people are dead or someone else reaches the crown. If its the dragon tower ending and you reach the crown and another player is in the dragon tower the player on the crown automatically loses if you can't send the Reaper to the player in the tower because the player in the tower can level forever until their strength is higher than the person on the crown. following the golden rule as you described warlock the card and its text takes precedence and allows the Reaper to go to the inner region even though normal rules would dictate that it cannot go there.
  5. My opinion: The information in the FAQ applies to the normal rules of the game. Danse Macabre specifically states that you MUST send the reaper to ANY character in ANY region. The inner region IS a region. A character on the Crown of Command would encounter the ending card and follow the text of the card specifically, which is a special card and endign cards MAY, CAN, and DO violate the normal rules of the game with their special effects. THe character on the crown could then send the reaper to any character in any region, including the inner region, as specifically stated on the card. However when a character in the inner region receives the 'there has been a mistake result' he cannot send the reaper back to the crown of command or a character in the inner region, because at this point he is abiding by the normal rules of the game and not following the special text on the ending card, while a character on the crown of command encountering the ending card on his turn would be.
  6. Because he disagrees with you? Two people in different threads now say he cannot enter. i dont care what anyone else says, the entire situation is blatantly clear by following the rules you follow the rules of the game and the ending card you do what it tells you to do by simply doing what the end game card says and following the normal rules that is my entire position any other position is a made up twisting of logic Their is no execeptioin for an ending card that they knew existed prior to the FAQ. theres no need to errata the ending card, because it is very, very clear it says you MUST send it to ANYONE ANYWHERE that doesnt leave any room for doubt If they specifically allowed DANSE to do it they should have specified it in the official FAQ>. The card existed this is not a new issue. It was around when they printed it and they specifically called out the reaper. Since they did not specifically address the card it stands that the rules are still enforced. the rules say werewolves cant take lives when we encounter battle royale do we follow normal rules or do specifically what the card says But this is an FAQ or errata if you prefer. I agree the warewolf is in need of eratta. bleh its not in need of errata you simply FOLLOW the end game card which is non vague and tells you exactly what to do to resolve the end of the game why would you NOT follow the text on the ending card TO THE LETTER the faq addresses normal game rules no it was printed after danse to address game rule which it does nowhere in the faq does it errata the ending card It address the reaper specifically and does not provide an exception for the ending. correct so since there is NO errata on the ending no the ending is taken at face value which says you MUST send the reaper to anyone, anywhere FAQ's are made to address pressing issue. I would call this a pressing issue. In which it says that the reaper cannot enter inner region. Simple. If it was intended to it should have then clarified Danse. Which it had the opportune moment to do so. the reaper cannot enter the inner region or go to the crown of command that is correct We will not agree however when on the crown of command, you encounter a magical special card called THE END GAME CARD and the end game card says, you MUST therefore, you do it. The FAQ is after the ending card. Its like magic obviously, because the ending card was released after the grim reaper was added if the faq came out BEFORE the ending card then the grim reaper wouldnt exist No notice how the faq doesnt address danse macabre Danse was a seperate ending thats because it doesnt need to I KNOW its bonus that was released around the time of reaper yes thats correct The FAQ was realesd months later i understand what you're saying even years later it doesnt matter I understand what you are saying and disagree the ending card tells you exactly what to do so you do it So does the FAQ tells you what you cannot do. the faq applies to normal game rules no it applies to cards too the faq applies to all rules of the game it even outlines several card in the faq however on the end game card it tells you specifically, you MUST send it to anyone anywhere there is nothing in the faq that says otherwise so obviously you follow the text MUST, and ANYWHERE is pretty self evident This is circular and will not result in a changing of opinion. because it is both of our opinions on how the rules interact. ---------------So what do you, the viewrs at home think
  7. Bigger issue with last nights game. Reaper may not teleport to the inner region (Offical FAQ). So Courtney would have won as she could have just spent all day in the tower exping. its the same thing as the battle royale end game card would trump it, so the reaper would take precedence. FAQ was published after reaper and the ending was made. doesnt matter the rules clearly state what happens with the werewolf but the ending card says what you do, period, and that trumps it so why should it be any different when a different ending contradicts a different rules mechanic Problem is an FAQ is meant to clarify. and it clearly address the situation. link it http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=29&esem=4 its in the FAQ download ending card says "must send the reaper to visit any character in any region it clearly states any region. the ending card, like in the other ruling, would trump any rules violation so normally the fq applies, and if you roll a 1 and grim reaper bounces around on the 5, its not going where it can't go but the ending says must, and any. why would you not do what the ending says. Because it has been erattaed no it hasn't i don't see an errata to the 'danse macabre' ending anywhere Maybe worth a post on forum. But obviously I agreed that it makes sense for him to be able to go there given the ending. realistically what it should mean is that if you are in the outer region and i sent the reaper to you and you roll a 5 the reaper cannot be sent back to me because the reaper can't enter the middle region but a character on the crown of command is encountering the ending so while on the CoC the text says, you MUST, so the reaper would get sent out to anyone, even someone in the inner region but if that person rolls a 5, he wouldnt be able to send it back to the CoC No inner region is inner region cant have cake and eat it too http://livingcardgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=129&efcid=1&efidt=229902 warlock on fantasy flight disagrees "I would stick to the Danse Macabre text. It says that only the Character on the Crown of Command cand send the Reaper to other Characters in any Region. The game shall come to an end and the Character that should be advantaged is the one on the Crown space, not his opponents. Other Characters can lose Lives but the only result they fear is the 1 or 2 on the die. But still they have Fate to prevent death, so the Character on the Crown may have a hard time winning the game. If he also had to face the Reaper coming back to him it is going to be even harder. It might be better to wait for someone else to reach the Crown, and in the meantime to build a good Fate reserve and later send the Reaper back to him! I am pretty sure the Character on the Crown can not be the target of the "There has been a mistake" result." i agree with what he said Even with the Danse Macabre, the Reaper can not go to the Inner region. The Golden rule will not work now. Somewhat clarified by John Goodenough in a mail the character on the crown of command, like all other endings, should be at an advantage to the others. but byeond that, by normal rules the reaper can't enter the inner region, so the only way to contradict that is by trumping it with the end card text. danse says send it to any character any region, so once the character on the coc sends it out Jon Goodenough is the game desiner it wouldn't be able to come back Cant get much higher than him nobody posted what he said, and it was allegedly claimed in a private email based on previous rulings with the battle royale that is much higher than some forum posters the text of the ending card trumps The person who said he got the email is also a highly respected member of the community. 'somewhat clarified' doesnt answer anything It would take than more than other forum posters previous game ruling indicates that the ending card text would be followed in the same fashion as battle royale Battle royale is vauge and the answer is that the ending card trumps normal rules This has a specific rule that says you canot not do that. and yet the ending card says "if a character is on the crown of command and no other characters are present, he must send the grim reaper to visit any character in any region" that's about as non vague as you can get. MUST and ANY a character who rolls 'there has been a mistake result' is not being instructed by an ending card to go to 'must or any' and so they would have to abide by normal rules a reaper can never be moved to the innter region, even with the there has been a mistake result Its in FAQ. Battle Royal does not break any rules and is vauge in how it is to be executed yes, and danse macabre is NOT vague so by normal rules, any player who rolls a 5 CANNOT send the reaper to the middle but it has a rule conflict with a higher rule source while a charater on the CoC follows the text on the ending card no it doesnt FAQ and high forum poster says no with guidance from game desiner "A: The Reaper can never be moved into the Inner Region even with the "There has been a mistake" result." THATS what goodenough said so when someone rolls a 5 he cant send the reaper back to the crown of command however when AT the crown of command, and encountering the ending card No the card says MUST send the reaper to ANY region Crown of command is not a new region of course it violates normal rules no it is violating FAQ updated rules its designed to along with normal yes because it is an ENDING CARD with SPECIAL RULES that says you MUST send the reaper to ANY character in ANY region But FAQ was released after ending yes, to address QUESTIONS it is eratta QUESTION can you send the reaper to the inner region with a 5 result. Answer NO YOU CANNOT so putting those two together means on the CoC you send the reaper out and whoever gets it CANNOT send it back with the 5 but bot to someone in the inner region yes because the card says MUST and ANY it just cant be bounced back to anyone in the inner or CoC because the bounce back is normal rules but can not trumps those CoC is end card Of course it can its the ending card it tells you specifically exactly what you have to do but FAQ clarifies ending card no it doesnt show me where it says DANSE MACABRE in the faq you wont be able to, because it doesnt SHow me where it says that DANSE MACABRE is specifically able to send it to someone in the inner region. As in it says "DANCSE MACABRE can send the reaper to any region including the inner region" I can play that game too on the card where does it call out the inner region it just says any ANY = INNER Nope you're retarded it says ANY region It does not say it can voilate the rules. it says specifically what to do on the card itself MUST send the reaper to visit ANY character in ANY region OUTER region, MIDDLE region, INNER region ANY region Well Velhart who is highly regarded says that you cant send it to inner. So Fourms say no. YOU CANT send the reaper to the inner region in normal game mechanics that's in the rules and is NOT disputed The thread is talking about Danse you linked me it I am well aware, I read them all The reaper cannot be sent into the inner region by normal rules mechanics so you disagree with the thread then no i agree with a number of people who understand the game and have the same opinion, like warlock you pick and choose who you lisen too in the thread THE ENTIRE SITUATION IS FAIRLY SELF EVIDENT THE CARD TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO YOU FOLLOW THE ENDING CARD NORMAL RULES STATE REAPER CANNOT GO INTO INNER REGION SO WHEN THE CHARACTER ON THE COC SENDS THE REAPER OUT IF THAT PERSON ROLLS A 5, THEY CANNOT SEND IT BACK BECAUSE THE RULES PREVENT THEM FROM DOING SO HOWEVER THE CHARACTER ON THE CROWN OF COMMAND FOLLOWS THE TEXT OF THE ENDING CARD I CAN TYPE IN ALL CAPS TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONVERSATION OVER, YOU ARE WRONG, AND THATS THE ANSWER THINK ABOUT IT LOGICALLY i OWN THE GAME IM SURE YOU'LL EVENTUALLY UNDERSTAND SO I AM RIGHT. that's a retarded argument BUT I CAN HAVE MY MIND CHANGE SO IS THIS ONE!!!! its simple 1: You follow the text on the ending card to the letter 2: You follow normal game rules. 3: If text on the ending violates normal game rules, it doesn't matter, because the ending card is telling you exactly what to do. so following 1, the reaper must be sent to anyone anywhere. doesnt matter if normal rules contradict it, the ending card says do it, you do it. this is much simmplier a person who rolls a 5 is not following the ending card, they're following normal game mechanics so they cannot send it back to the center, because they are not instructed by the ending that they MUST do it Can just make house rule. In that we played it right. Even though the FAQ does specifically say the reaper cannot enter the middle region as he is all ready there we didnt play it right because the reaper cannot be sent back to the crown of command on the there has been a mistake result right according to the FAQ the reapper cannot enter the middle correct FAQ > game card. the faq does not address the game card the faq covers normal rules it address the character known as the reaper yes which is what the game card is using. and completely and unequivocably covers every rule regarding the reaper however the end game card tells you SPECIFICALLY you MUST send it to ANY character in ANY region so the character on the CoC sends the reaper out If reaper can go to the inner region it can go to crown of command. and whoever receives it, if tey roll a 5, cannot send the reaper back to the person on the CoC because they are not allowed to by the rules and are not being instructed by the ending card because the only reason it cannot supposedly go to the inner region is because he is already there. Game ending breaks that piece. So every one can then do it. no because the only person encountering the crown of command card is the person ON the crown of command so the person ON the crown follows the instructions on the card a person not on the crown follows normal game rules The best you are going to get me to agree too is that when the ending is reveled it changes the reaper mechanic and allows him to enter inner region. ONLY for the person on the crown No Ending trumps normal game rules says its my turn and im on the crown of command I ENCOUNTER the ending card and follow the text abiding by the text, when it reaches the part, MUST send the REAPER to ANY CHARCTER it happens then when person B is ANYWHERE else and encountesr the reaper they encounter THE GRIM REAPER and rolling a 5, they cannot send it to someone in the inner region or the crown, as per the game rules outlined in the faq Reaper card does not say he cannot enter inner. It is only additional rules that adds that. correct. official rules clearly outlined in the faq we will agree to disagree. Either the reaper ending changes all game rules or it does not. that's an insane way of looking at it the person encountering the ending card, follows the text theres no reason to throw the rules out the window you just do what the card says CARD says MUST send the reaper to ANY character in ANY region YOU FOLLOW THE CARD it happens but once joe schmo encounters the reaper hes not following the specific non vague text on the ending card so he cant just magically break the rules of the game just because the rules were violated as a result of the instructions on the end game card previously encountered by the character on the crown of command just because person A is specifically instructed to do something doesn't mean everyone else can. They didn't encounter the cardo n the crown, they aren't obligated to MUST send it ANYWHERE, so there's no reason for them to be able to violate normal game rules Nother thread http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=129&efcid=1&efidt=350324 Too late in the night to do digging around the forums, but IIRC, the official answer is that Reaper can't get to the Inner Region in any way, shape or form, including Dance Macabre ending. 2:26pm i read it already that person is making **** up and misunderstanding the actual contents of the errata which states what we already knew which is that the grim reaper cannot enter the inner region or go to the crown of command therefore when anyone anywhere rolls the 5 result the reaper cannot be sent to the inner region or the crown, as per the rules but the person encountering the end game card on the crown of command, follows what the card says which is that he must send the reaper to anyone anywhere.
  8. LordZoma

    the inner tier

    So in other words, in order to win this game, all you need is 8 or 9 life.
  9. LordZoma

    the inner tier

    my question is this in the inner region do you advance even if you fail the skill test or do you have to pass the skill test in order to proceed? If you just need to fail or pass to move forward then winning the game is a simple as having 8 or 9 life and entering the inner area it makes more sense to have to pass the skill check otherwise you lose a life and stay still just like the inner region in talisman.
  10. Go to magic shop in city.Buy scroll for one gold.Alchemist magic object for three gold.Repeat until you have all the gold and two rings and two spell books.Completely legal by the rules.Limit of thirty gold normally, but with city revealed ending its infinite gold.Either way, just send the alchemist to magic shop and its heal all life, fate, spells, full gold, gain spell at start of turn, plus two craft and strength, and attack in psychic combat. Totally dominant! Our group's nerf to the Alchemist - ITEMS THAT ARE DISCARDED BY ALCHEMIST ABILITY DO NOT RETURN TO THE PURCHASE DECK UNTIL THE END OF THE TURN. This means the Alchemist can rush for the magic emporium, with his starting 5 gold purchase two scrolls, alchemise them to go from 5 --> 3 --> 9, then purchase two 2 gold items, to go from 9 --> 5 --> 11, then purchase a spell book. And the alchemist has a spell book and his starting 5 gold back.
  11. According to the rules I think that when you offload unwanted cargo at another culture to make room, that cargo returns to the supply area. Does anyone think it would be worth making it so that when you unload unwanted cargo, it puts it for sale at the same planet?
  12. Fantasy Flight outdid themselves with this fantastic re imagining of Merchant of Venus. I noticed that the Shuttle racial technology allows you to pick up and drop off passengers during your set speed movement. This is crucial since you can be at a system that has a passenger appear in it before you move. Normally you'd need to stay there to pick them up, but with the shuttle you can set speed, assign a die to the shuttle, pick up the passenger, and then move away. Similar situation with the level 3 pilot upgrade. If you discover your home culture with a level 2 pilot, you don't find them til first contact phase, so you can't upgrade to level 3. But you upgrade during your move phase, so at the start of your next turn you can set your speed, then upgrade your pilot, and fly away. Variable lasers and Variable shields always fail on a dice roll of 6 vs hazards on board spaces. I guess this means that using variables on pirates or special abilities means you can auto succeed?
  13. This challenge can be quite difficult, if you are not the centaur type race which has abilities to assist in telegating. Also there is a jump gate card which allows you to gate to a telegate. This challenge is difficult but not impossible. The ideal way to do it is to use a Hard Burn with a level 3 pilot increasing your speed or a throttle booster. If you're playing with intel the star maps will come in handy. It involves entering one telegate with a navigation die guaranteeing your teleport, then having enough movement to return to the other telegate.
  14. Phase 1 is ill winds card. Phase 2 is set sail. Say you land on the Volcano. Phase 3 is dump cargo/crew. Now you can dump your sludge and collect GP. Since you still have a Phase 4 action remaining, you can either attack a skyship or mine the clouds. You cannot collect minerals at the Volcano and you cannot trade at the volcano. So unless you're attacking someone, after collecting GP from dumped sludge, you can roll a die and collect that much Phlogiston.
  15. LordZoma


    Also,according to the FAQ, when you start you get your starting 20 GP in addition to insurance and charity, so that's a bit more of an edge right there.
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