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    Greenben got a reaction from Frode789 in Dedicated pieces for House Arryn?   
    TO FFG:

    I would personally, and as many game fans undoubtly, have paid more to have with the POD expansion sets of card the extra tokens to have a reallistic house Arryn etc.

    I believe, that you have made a mistake not taking that aspect into account, providing you already have a POD service. Why not at least expanding it to the tokens and screen protector?

    I would BUY them for sure!
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    Greenben reacted to Geldris in Dedicated pieces for House Arryn?   
    Alternately, if I were to start some kind of petition to show FFG there was a big enough fanbase to market such a product, how many people would be willing to sign it?  Ideally it would include the following Arryn components:
    Siege Engines
    Power Tokens (+1 to Mark the Eyrie as Arryn)
    Victory marker
    supply barrel
    influence track icons
    player screen
    Eyrie home area defense marker
    If enough people were interested in buying such a product I don't see why FFG wouldn't make a collectors' item out of it like the arkham horror minatures, right?
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    Greenben reacted to dzimm19 in How to get House Arryn Pieces - 3D printer   
    I found someone to print my pieces out for me. Ryan from makexyz responded very quickly to my messages and had the pieces shipped within two days of when I placed my order. A link to his page is here:
    Hope this helps!
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