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  1. Hi, I believe Arryn homeland is considered to include a port, however it is not on the map as the base game was launched long time before, with no reeason to have a port there in the original set up. You do not need to have a port to muster ships. Ships are mustered from any castle/stronghold that is connected to a sea aera. Ships can then either be launched into: - a port you own, - an empty sea, - a sea you have ships in. This is all in the rule book. It needs several readings and test practice to get all the aspects including special rules that are not always stated from game cards such as "game of thrones" (cf. Trade with the free cities, p.25) etc.
  2. TO FFG: I would personally, and as many game fans undoubtly, have paid more to have with the POD expansion sets of card the extra tokens to have a reallistic house Arryn etc. I believe, that you have made a mistake not taking that aspect into account, providing you already have a POD service. Why not at least expanding it to the tokens and screen protector? I would BUY them for sure!
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