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  1. Don't species with multiple limbs normally get an extra free maneuver?
  2. I had some success last night with: Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Separatist Drone - 26 Separatist Drone - (22) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Sith Infiltrator - •Darth Maul - 95 •Darth Maul - Sith Assassin (65) •General Grievous (3) •Chancellor Palpatine (14) Hate (3) •Kraken (10) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Separatist Drone - 26 Separatist Drone - (22) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Separatist Drone - 26 Separatist Drone - (22) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Separatist Drone - 26 Separatist Drone - (22) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Total: 199/200 The drones hit surprisingly hard with the stored calculate from kraken i with the energy shell charges, they drop like flies though meaning Maul has to do a lot of work, but if your opponent decides to focus on Maul the drones can reload and have another go. Note though that one droid can't reload and use another droids calculate to fire the energy shells, so reloading takes some planning. Also not sure about palpatine on Maul, the extra force is nice but 14 points for handing out a stress token is a bit steep. I didn't use his calculate once.
  3. There's 4th planet games in Wrexham that has quite a big x-wing crowd when tournaments are on. I'm not sure what the regular games nights are like for it. There's also a few gaming clubs around that have x-wing players. One is flintshire gaming club that meet at argoed sports and social club on Monday nights. There's a few of us there that play x-wing quite competitively. There's also deeside defenders in airbus broughton who meet on thursdays, I think there's a couple of x-wingers there. Chester gaming club at Stanley palace might have some X-wing players. I think they meet on Tuesdays but I wouldn't quote me on that.
  4. Doesn't Kanan already do this with all white maneuvers and no penalty? Or are you thinking more generic?
  5. Well done chief, you we're looking a bit ropey on the saturday, glad you stuck it out!
  6. I always thought it was the hyperdrive on the star destroyers which made them fast. If something gets away, they plot the same course in the nav-computer and beat the target to their destination with their superior hyperdrive and catch them at the other end.
  7. He can use the target lock the same turn so he can use the target lock in the attack he gets it.
  8. I cracked Dengar out in our little group on release and it came up in a couple of games where Dengar was destroyed but his attacker was in Dengars arc. We figured that since he was destroyed he didn't get his attack. I'm already in love with the Jumpmaster and Dengar, but if it turns out he does get his attack even if he would be destroyed that would just make him so much better!
  9. Congrats dude, I was one of the crowd who left after the swiss rounds, it's nice to find out what happened in the cut
  10. If the attack hits, you get a focus. In your example your attack hit as there were un-cancelled attack dice from Whisper. Edit: ninja'd
  11. I'm no TO but I don't think the alternate art cards count as proxying cards? They a reward for taking part in the organised play community. I'd be gutted if I couldn't use my hard won alternate art cards (all of the one I have, not really won as it was the door prize...) in tournaments and other official events.
  12. Is it? I'm pretty sure the event is on the 4-5th of June which is Saturday and Sunday. According to the UK Games Expo page the hangar bay event is for those who do not make it to round 2 on the Sunday:
  13. Is han a necessity? His ability is a bit kavk luster compared to chewies I feel. Out of the two I'd go with the second list though.
  14. We've a store championship coming up in a month and I'm torn between two lists. A high risk, high reward imperial list at 99 points: Darth Vader (35) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Veteran Instincts (1), Engine Upgrade (4), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Maarek Stele (29) TIE Advanced (27), TIE/x1 (0), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Soontir Fel (35) TIE Interceptor (27), Royal Guard TIE (0), Push the Limit (3), Stealth Device (3), Autothrusters (2) Or a list of my favourite ships at 100 points (plus a Z-95): Kavil (32) Y-Wing (24), Autoblaster Turret (2), Unhinged Astromech (1), Veteran Instincts (1), Engine Upgrade (4) N'Dru Suhlak (26) Z-95 Headhunter (17), Homing Missiles (5), Push the Limit (3) Boba Fett (42) Firespray-31 (39), Push the Limit (3), Inertial Dampeners (1) I've run the imperial list a few times and been able to out fly some opponents, in one game I finished without loosing any shields or hull, but I've played other games where a mistake or two (or a couple of bad rolls) has led to it's complete and utter destruction. The scum list I've flown only a couple of times. I like the idea of Kavil with EU, VI and the autoblaster turret, but his shooting can be lacking if I use the engine boost for better positioning. Does any one have any tips on flying the Imperial list? Or suggest improvements to either list to get the most out of them? I'm torn between the two and need more practice, just not sure which list to concentrate on more....
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