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  1. The mention of Thorin Oakenshield, I had always wondered if we would get another version, your post reminded me that we only got him as part of the hobbit box and that he isn't alive in the time of our game
  2. Like the other 2 responses, it seems likely from many clues we will see another cycle when this one wraps, beyond that it is anyone's guess. If that holds true it could take another 2 years and another deluxe and 9 more adventure packs at the current rate, maybe longer. But it is anyone's guess
  3. Collateral damage could known you out in one go. Local trouble is another treachery in there that raises your threat (condition attachment)
  4. Of course I only speak from personal experience, and I should have noted that I feel they are very easy with the entire card pool. Progression is completely different than going through in other ways Everyone had different experiences though, that was just my 2 cents!
  5. I should also note I have not tried Siege or Attack, the last 2 gencon brutal quests
  6. Are you playing progression Style? Playing this quest with modern decks, they're like fine wine, they are just fun and can represent a challenge. Like wine, in the way they've aged If you play these progression style, or when they came out, they are absolutely brutal. If you are playing progression style and it found them easy, then I commend you on your play! But for me, into ithilien and Siege of caire andros are two of the most difficult quests I've ever played. Progression Style, ruins of belegost, dunland trap, to catch an orc, Battle of carn Dum, raid on the gray Havens, and the druedain forest are the only other quests to give me so much trouble, after a quick look through It is interesting to see, given the length and breadth of the game oh, what different people find difficult, with different people find not difficult, what people prefer, and what people don't like, in terms of quests. Everyone is unique in their tastes, and what they find challenging
  7. I would agree, there was a jump in dwarrodelf. It makes the first 2 cycles way too easy now, also I'm general since then there is a more gentle upward curve in difficulty. It is one of the reasons why playing progression style is best (without considering the current reprint dilemma)
  8. Nope, I'm just sharing with people who share my interests!
  9. It is the top game on the hotness on BGG, so I'm sure FFG will make some great sales and I'm sure it will make a lot of fans happy (including me hopefully!)
  10. I think it said Q2, so April, May, or June. FFG rarely gets more specific than that
  11. I think it was listed as preorder even when it had been released I thought this post meant it was available without the digital game so my heart sank when I saw it still was the bundle Thanks for the info though!
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