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  1. player1683311

    Best order of play?

    Also important to note that the greater the card pool, and in some cases the newer the cards, the earlier quests become easier and easier. It isn't a constant increase in difficulty, for instance the first 2 cycles I think are very very easy with a full card pool, then things get progressively more difficult. That is over simplifying but you get the idea
  2. player1683311

    Best order of play?

    I agree with Bullroarer took, with one caveat. B allows you to do your campaign last so you have the most cards to pick your prime deck from. Also, it can be fiddly remembering things so it is nice to go through in one push. Either way go in order, the older quests are fun, but once you play newer quests they dont stand up as well. So going through in order allows you to get the most from the game. Then if you are a hardcore fan you can go through everything again in nightmare mode
  3. player1683311

    Storm on Cobas Haven.

    I haven't played it in a while. I found the best solution was a dwarf swarm deck with Dain. You have plenty of hands to run your ship, Erebor battle masters for combat, and questers. I used the tower to reduce archery, and I always used narylenya (spelling, the ship that reduces cost of allies). Usually I use erestor swarming decks for sailing but the ones I built didn't have enough combat for this quest. Whatever you do you need lots of allies. Getting the warships is awesome, although not always necessary. One reason this quest is so great is that you have to change your strategy as different things can happen. Good luck
  4. In the end of Lotr Frodo really steps back and really only speaks up to keep the hobbits from killing. Mostly he follows Gandalf's instructions, the fellowship, Gollum, only at times speaking with major authority or making major decisions. I'm not saying he doesnt show great courage, and perseverance, he does, and that's why spirit is his best match I think. I can see an argument for it. But I feel Frodo is a bad match for leadership. Personal preference. The other 3 definitely I think could be leadership, mostly from their actions after the ring is destroyed. I feel the only other sphere he fits would be Lore. Grandspleen I think the secrecy part of your card is genius.
  5. Dalestephenson had started a cool roster of characters (see his thread) and that spun into a different discussion that I felt should move to a different heading. The logic in a shire cycle being next is sound. When I considered the fact that the 2 heroes in a shire deluxe could be another Sam and another Frodo I started getting very excited. Frodo is an amazing hero but goes against the hobbit archetype so a new version would be awesome. Sam is amazing, but there are so many auto include spirit and lore cards, that it becomes a fight between sam and tactics, where tactics always wins because I wanted to try Cotton or new Bilbo. That brings up another point that tactics has the least auto include hobbit cards and 3 very excellent heroes. Dale is so strong because you can put any attachment or ally you want in the deck for one, so any good dale ally or item attachment goes in, and because of bonkers card draw. Hobbits really want access to lore and spirit, although a number of great cards exist in leadership. Wouldn't it be interesting if there was another hobbit archetype developed? I doubt that would happen since each faction has their own synergies and not usually multiple, although Gondor can go the lore trap route or the leadership soldier route.... And as mentioned in the other thread a thain of the shire card would be awesome
  6. player1683311

    Roster of characters

    I love the idea of the shire being the next setting but there are so many amazing hobbit cards that it feels tough to fit them all in one deck. It would probably stress me out to get a whole cycles worth on top of what we have. There are so many auto includes I have trouble cutting down to a reasonable deck. I do agree and have also observed that most of the small amount of non unique allies for hobbits are not strong. We could see a thain title attachment
  7. player1683311

    Roster of characters

    This is a great idea! Very thorough
  8. https://www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/a-huge-lord-of-the-rings-exhibit-opens-this-month-/1100-6464422/ As the title says. NYC.
  9. The only trouble with this, is that they made a similar style of the game mat as this, which I purchased. To me, as a personal preference, I found the cards Blended too much with the background. I prefer a more severe color contrast for ease of play
  10. player1683311


    Not sure about familiar lands. Mirkwood hunter, south away, and Haldan digging with elfstone all incentivise you to pile more attachments on a single location. This event costs one, and it demands lots of locations with attachments. This card is a hard pass for my haldan deck.
  11. Some thoughts. In our tabletop hobby everything is about new games. We are in a culture of gaming where most buy a game and maybe play it once before moving on. That more than anything will drive a new product over reprinting an old product. Many FFG games reuse art, like all the Arkham products. It makes sense. I have noticed other FFG lines have complaints of low stock although our game is definitely worse off than others. I for one am excited about the game, at least to check out the reviews when they roll in and hope they are positive! Although not in every game I do think the app is pretty cool very helpful for smoother gameplay and coop is good for solo play. I can totally understand why frustration over the reprint schedule could taint feelings about a new game with the same theme.
  12. Hiya! Quick question, if Quickbeam commits to the quest and successfully completes the location with woodmen's clearing does that mean he helped cut down the trees there?
  13. player1683311


    Wow I just checked cool stuff which is a large dependable online retailer, and they have 4 packs and 3 pre orders, that is 7 items out of 123, the rest being out of stock. That's pretty bad.
  14. player1683311

    Fire in the Night released!

    With Thurindir I start with gather information. If I don't have a road goes on forever I will use it to fetch scout ahead. Then I like send for aid and prepare for battle a lot. If I have time or need I play double back, and I like storm comes which smooths out thalion and my tri sphere resources. Tactics sucks at questing and I never think to pop in their side quests (despite the battle ones)
  15. player1683311

    Fire in the Night released!

    You cant use that type of deck against a quest that hits hard right off the bat. But to even things out that archetype works great against any quest without traditional quest cards like mogul vale or assault on osgiliath. I've used my side quest deck with a lot of success against a variety of quests. I proxied Thalion and he did not disappoint