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  1. Those refinements get this idea pretty darn close to what I had in mind. I could see giving a few random options for each daemon type (chaos afterall, and precedent from daemon weapon rules) but this seems reasonable and thematic. As far as being out of scope, I'm certain that Dark Heresy specifically covers binding greater daemons in its rules for Daemon weapon creation. They are treated just the same as lesser daemons albeit with a significantly higher willpower. Thanks for the constructive input - my little radicals are going to have a blast. If I end up expanding this idea further I'll post the updates here.
  2. Well, that was constructive. This is 40k after all so I expect things to be a bit ridiculous at times. Personally, it doesn't seem out of scope of the game as multiple books in the 40k rpg line give rules for binding greater daemons into personal weapons such as swords all the way up to full on daemon engines. I fail to see how this is any more "childish" then the rest of the setting. Perhaps the bonuses and drawbacks both need to be made more extreme, but I don't see a problem with the basic concept - something occupying the space in between a daemon weapon, ship, and engine.
  3. I appreciate the suggestions so far. The Choirboy idea in particular is fun and flavorful. I was thinking of going in a different direction though. Here's a rough outline of what I had in mind. Feedback is appreciated! Daemon Weapon Creation for Ships Must first learn the true name of a greater daemon (forbidden lore) must then alter an existing component to be a suitable vessel (forbidden lore, tech-use) Must prepare the ship for installation (forbidden lore, tech-use) Must bind greater daemon to the weapon (forbidden lore, daemonic mastery) - take into consideration special conditions for type If failure, then possession, uncontrolled greater daemon, etc If Successful, determine ability based on weapon type and daemon type Also, adjust power requirements to 2 (to maintain techno-arcane wards) increase space by 1 for lances and macrobatteries, 2 for torpedo tubes, broadsides, and lance batteries, and 4 for nova cannons to account for the room these additional wards require. macrobattery must repeat the binding once per str, no ammunition required after binding lance none (for battery repeat binding one additional time) torpedo tube must be loaded initially with chosen ammo, increase difficulty by +10, no ammunition required after binding nova cannon increase difficulty by +20, no ammunition required after binding (for landing bay, treat each fighter/bomber as a daemon engine per black crusade rules) BENEFIT Khorne: Increase damage by 2 OR decrease crit rating by 1 Nurgle: if this weapon suffers a critical hit, roll d10. On a roll of 4 or greater ignore the critical hit. OR each hit that pierces armor causes 1d5 crew damage Slaanesh: +15 to BS skill, for torpedoes, instead increase speed by 4. Tzeentch: each degree of success on the attack ignores one shield or 4 points of armour. OR each critical hit has a 50% chance of also starting a fire DRAWBACKS Permanently decrease Morale by 10 If the component is ever destroyed the bound daemon appears and wreaks havoc upon the ship Daemon mastery test required to fire weapon - risk of possession by firing character.
  4. Modifying stars of inequity isn't a bad idea. I'll probably go less abstract though. I could see either loosing the demon (which the PC's would then have to go fight) or possessing the operator of the weapon. I envisioned a poor sap strapped to a chair that is part of the possessed weapon who controls it based on orders he's receiving from the bridge. Ala psykers in the Imperial guard, he'd be closely supervised and put down rapidly if he showed signs of loosing control. This would minimize the integration issues you mentioned before. I'm envisioning sort of a hybrid daemon engine/weapon. Regarding the power needed to produce torpedoes: I always thought of daemonic weapons pulling off some sort of temporal warp cloning shenanigans to create temporary copies of the ammunition that was in the weapon when they were bound. I doubt there's cannon fluff one way or another on this but it is what makes the most sense to me.
  5. Actually the threat of a daemon getting loose sounds like a good possible balancing factor. Of course it could largely be offset by a tenebrous maze. I figure daemon bolters are fine and that is a similar case of fancy ammunition being replicated - just at a different scale. I think the player's main reasons for wanting to attempt this are: a) b/c it is good old fashioned radical fun b) it trades the supply issue for torpedo tubes into risk management for the souls of their crew and heresy. This group is big on minimizing supply issues. (for example, only using laser based macro-batteries so they don't have to worry about getting shells)
  6. One of my players wants to bind a daemon to a new torpedo tube the group recently salvaged and then install it on their ship. Fluff wise, this seems reasonable so I'm hesitant to disallow it regardless of obvious potential "balance" issues. That said, I don't think it should be easy or risk free. Basically I'm thinking about using the rules for daemon weapon creation and just modifying the effects as appropriate to adapt to the different scale of weaponry. A crew member will be designated as the wielder/operator of the component and will have to make the relevant daemon mastery tests and suffer the consequences of failure. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make this work rule-wise and fluff-wise. I'm not so concerned about arbitrary balance but I would like to up the consequences and difficulty a bit. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks, that example was very helpful
  8. I was looking over the armour upgrade rules and am a little unclear as to how it works. It seems in general when buying a complex item you take the most rare item and apply a -10 modifier on the acquisition roll for each upgrade or add-on. Then in Black Crusade I saw that each armour upgrade applies a -5 modifier to the roll. To make things even more complicated - take a look at the "Lathe Wrought" option. It is near unique and says to treat the armour as best. Does this mean upgrade the armour to best and then apply the lathe wrought abilities or is the best quality included in the price of lathe wrought? Say we want to make a suite of lathe-wrought carapace armour with impact gel inserts. The lathe wrought is the most rare so we start with that: near unique. Then we apply a -30 mod to the acquisition roll to take care of best quality requirement. Then we increase the difficulty by 10 for base suite of armour and a further 5 or 10 (depending on which rules) for each additional upgrade, up to a max of 3 upgrades. So a full modded suite of lathewrought armour that would have a base of "very rare" would be "near unique - 60" Does this sound at all right? I think what would be really helpful would be an example of how to apply lathe wrought and another additional upgrade to a suite of power armour. Anyone feel like helping me out?
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