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  1. Hey all, I'm planning to have my players land on a capital ship (through a docking bay) held by a pirate organization. I wanted it to be smaller by comparison to an ISD, but just large enough to have its own docking bay (no need to use an external clamp,etc.). Any suggestions as to the smallest cap ship a pirate organization can use that has a docking bay? Its going to be damaged by an ISD, who is going to send over an attack force to attempt to take the ship while the PCs are on it... It should be large enough to not be able to be tractor beamed into the ISD so that it makes sense for the ISD to use this boarding method. Thanks in advance for any comments!
  2. Lagspike, thanks for this detailed idea! I love the idea of Dero getting a one up on them since they've had it a little easier thus far. This framework has given some great direction- I greatly appreciate it!
  3. Thanks for the response! I have picked it up, but still trying to figure out if its the right fit/can be adapted properly. I'll see if I can do that....maybe the venlana character can be rewritten as the Dero character I have. Definitely would prefer that actually as i'm getting a little burned out near the end here and could use a good premade adventure like that to use. Edit: Well read it over again, doesn't seem like its going to work out for mapping over, but thanks for the idea!
  4. I need some help from other GMs with a good finish to my campaign- Here's a (very) quick summary of where i'm at and what has occured: The PCs work for Black Sun and ran them through the Escape from Mos Shutta. Teemo was secretly selling blackmail information to the Empire, which the Empire really wants. The PCs killed Teemo and found out that Teemo's source of info was a pirate group in the outer rim, made up from some ex-black sun. The Black Sun wants the PCs to recover/destroy any outstanding blackmail info the pirate group has and kill their leader. The Empire also has recovered enough info from their dealings with Teemo before he was killed to lead them to the pirate group. So now i'm planning to finish things off with some sort of race to see if the PCs can kill the pirate leader and secure the data before the Empire can get to it first... The PCs have secretly been working for the pirate group over the last couple of sessions to gain their trust so they get the next breadcrumb to the location of data/pirate leader etc. However, the person they have been working for (call him Dero) is ex-black sun who wants to turn the data over to the empire in order to get revenge on the black sun, so they have to be careful of him as well... I'm having a bit of writers block as to how to finishing things off in 3-5 sessions. Any suggestions as to how to have an exciting finish/good story?
  5. Wow all, thanks for the reponses!
  6. Hey all, I am looking for a criminal group/syndicate/org that is rivals/hates the Hutts but not Zann Consortium, Rebellion, Empire, or Black Sun for ongoing story reasons... In my story so far a shadow group has been financing a Teemo-led take over of Tatooine in exchange for information that will harm the Black Sun. In reality the shadow group is the rival organization looking to get their revenge on the Hutts by starting an internal war among them. Any suggestions based on canon/legends lore?
  7. I recently started a EotE campaign with my long time gaming group and decided to start with the beginner box as we're all new to the system. I ran our group through Escape from Mos Shutta with some changes. I started them in the prison cells within Teemo's palace where they had to escape. In addition, they received assistance from a slave girl, Deisha, within the palace who distracted the guards and opened the cells. In the city afterwards, the players spoke with this slave girl who arranged their escape so they could in turn help her escape Mos Shutta on the Krayt Fang and take her back to her family on Ryloth. From there all proceeded mostly as expected with the exception that the players killed Overseer Brynn and only distracted Trex (some good plot elements for later hopefully). Here's the initial twist to the idea: The slave girl is actually an under cover agent within the palace working alone, who marked the PCs so she could use them to get on the Krayt Fang and obtain some information/cargo Trex was smuggling for Teemo in addition to his normal illicit items. At first she was perhaps going to be from the veiled sorority in Mask of the Pirate Queen, so I could save that for down the road. However, I made our obligation roll and it hit on one of our bounty hunter PCs who is under contract to the Black Sun. I'm thinking now she should be an agent in the palace for the Black Sun keeping tabs on Teemo's actions. There's cargo on the Krayt Fang she wanted access to and started this in motion. This will lead to her eventually revealing herself and all of the PCs being offered jobs within the Black Sun. I was going to run Long Arm of the Hutt, but now i'm considering taking only bits and pieces of the published info. My idea for where to go with it is Teemo is looking to take over much of the Hutt Cartel over time and make some big moves on Tatooine. He is stockpiling weapons and combat droids on Ryloth at the Ryll mines, which is sort of a cover for Teemo. Teemo needs to keep the details of this under wraps, not only to hide it from his rivals, but because these weapons and droids are being provided by the Empire (part of the reason the Empire helped Teemo in Mos Shutta). Teemo in turn is providing smuggling information to the Empire provided by his own moles/agents throughout the galaxy- cargo whereabouts, smuggler ship IDs/locations, etc. something which would cause much of the underworld to have a big problem with him. The Empire likes this for a couple of reasons: 1) they are getting valuable smuggling info which they believe may help lead them to the whereabouts of Rebels and 2) they are staging a coup where when Teemo does much of their own job for them and if he succeeds, becomes a puppet of the Empire. If he doesn't cooperate, he can always be wiped out later. This is much better for them than an all out fight with much of the underworld/Hutts as they are spread pretty thin in the Outer Rim especially after the recent destruction of the first Death Star. The cargo on the Krayt fang includes some of this smuggler/blackmail information on datacards in a locked container. The Black Sun has been in suspicion of Teemo for a while, hence the agent in the palace, who wants to get access to some of this information before it leaves Mos Shutta. The Black Sun believes Teemo's actions may be responsible for a number of cargos getting caught and many indirect compromises in their activities across the galaxy. They also want to know what Teemo knows before making any bigger moves and how deep this goes. This is where the PCs come in. Maybe the Black Sun agent/slave girl tips off her own superior on Ryloth who offers them a job to penetrate the Ryll mines, which actually a compound for Teemo (and potentially even Imperial agents) where more leaked/blackmail information can be found - something along the lines of Zahn's Scoundrels novel for those who have read it. Eventually the Black Sun want the PCs to take out Teemo, or help him, who knows...maybe they kill Teemo and the Black Sun want to use it as an 'in' for the PCs to work as double agents in Bargos the Hutt's (to maybe play Debts to Pay)...or maybe the PCs betray the Black Sun, keep the info for themselves and sell it on the black market...lots of opportunity for them. The Empire will be on their tail as they already killed an Imperial officer and they are messing with their plans. I did pick up Mask of the Pirate Queen and eventually will tie that in and run it down the line as it seems like a cool adventure for the makeup of my group. Any thoughts or feedback to this campaign idea? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. My EOTE group threw me for a loop and went with a Bounty Hunter & Technician focused group during our rollup last night. Usually we are social heavy, so i've been planning to use materials such as Jewel of Yavin which are more heist/smuggler material in my mind. I'm thinking of focusing the players as 'A bounty hunter team with specialists'. Any suggestions as to what prepublished materials focus around bounties to get some ideas? Any other fanmade or hook ideas? I thought I saw MotPQ was a bounty, so that might be a good start- and space combat to boot since we have a pilot/mechanic. I'm going to run Escape from Mos Shutta as a rule system primer next week, then have some time off to redesign the campaign a bit over the holidays...
  9. Thanks so much for all the comments! Thus far i've eliminated: - 7 due to a warp beast attack - 2 due to a failed fear test where they ran for their lives 15 left to assist the PCs while they fight 3 dark eldar scouts and see how deadly these xenos can be
  10. I have a group of PCs that are about to invade a large ship where they might encounter xenos, cultists, psykers or some combination of all 3, as part of a grand finale of sorts. Due to the situation up until now they have about 2 dozen special forces coming with them as support. The idea is they will make their way to the bridge to face off against a campaign nemesis. In order to not bog down combat throughout the session(s), can anyone recommend a graceful way to get the player-allied NPCs to exit? I'm not sure if its best to just kill them all off randomly or if that would seem way too heavy handed?
  11. Had a lore question while running Edge of Darkness…. The Acolytes have killed some body snatchers while staking out Lily Arbest's place. They wanted to report in to the Inquisition to notify them of their discovery, but the trains are in Lockdown by the enforcers since they didn't report in. Their next idea they had was seeing if they could contact them by way of land-line voice comm… Do Hive worlds have any sort of telephone/line communication system? I sort of played it off as the Corscarla division is cut off from communications due to its run down state, but was just curious if the technology is available and common in 40k (perhaps mid/upper hive where tech is actually maintained by priests, etc….)
  12. Thanks for the vote of confidence! We've had our first session and all is going well with Edge of Darkness. It really is a fantastic seed campaign for GMs new to DH. One question I had: would it be plausible for the Logicians to hire Dark Eldar as mercenaries (not regular Eldar as noted in the original post)? It may fit better for what I am going for…
  13. All, I'm part of gaming group in Houston that is about to start our first DH campaign. I'm completely new to the setting, and only one or two of us have experience besides that. However, so far i'm really liking the universe and all the potential for 40k (DH, RT, BW, etc.) as a staple of the group. I'm going to start out with Edge of Darkness to get our feet wet (and me used to the systems). Then i'll branch out the story… We usually play 10-20 sessions, so this will be a long campaign. Please feel free to comment: Background Five years ago, Eldar Hunters uncovered a space hulk that had reappeared from the warp in a remote corner of the Calixis Sector. They proceeded to board the vessel, but were soon after discovered by the Logicians who had a small contingent on a nearby system. Rather than break down into a conflict over the ship, the Logicians hired them as mercenaries who would share in the spoils by acting as co-protectors of the new found prize. The ship is a remnant of the Dark Age of Technology- infused with confusing warp technology and weapons. Unfortunately the caretakers of the ship used warp-infused neural devices to interface with the ‘living’ ship and control its systems and access to its secrets, not unlike technology used for the Golden Throne. Who knows what Xeno and ancient human tech they could uncover if they succeeded in obtaining control? (Of course, the Acolytes don’t know any of this until the info naturally unfolds in the story) CH 1 - Edge of Darkness The neural devices used on the ship are the same as the one found with Saul Arbest. The Chiurgeon has been tasked with trying to graft this device to non-psyker test subjects. The logicians already have lost a number of their own trying to meld with these devices, and powerful psykers willing to interface with the device outside their ranks are hard to obtain, not to mention the devices appear to rely on infusion with some dark power of the warp which the Logicians have little access to on their own. As the acolytes arrive and face the Chiurgeon, Sybas Moran determines the only way they can proceed is by making a deal with a cult of Chaos to imbue the devices with warp powers and/or call upon their dark psykers for assistance. CH 2 - After the events of edge of darkness, the acolytes will be tasked with tracking down the Logicians and discovering their plan. Moran and the Logicians have been gathering up any dark relics they can find. Perhaps even buying up items at heretical auctions the acolytes must track (something in line with the ‘House of Dust and Ash’). The Logicians want to make a deal with a dark cult (perhaps Brotherhood of the Horned Darkness). In exchange for a dark rituals to ‘charge’ the neural devices, the Logicians will provide the Brotherhood with a tithe of dark, heretical items. In the end however, the acolytes will discover that the Brotherhood has betrayed the Logicians and intend to take the ship for themselves and use the dark warp weaponry to unleash hell upon the Calixis sector. CH 3 - The Acolytes must pursue the Brotherhood to the ship and find a way to wrestle it from the forces of Chaos (something in line with ‘Shades of Twilight’). Whether they procure the assistance of the Adeptus Astares or broker a deal with Logicians by exposing the Brotherhood’s true plans, it is up to them. Perhaps they will even cross paths with the Eldar mercenaries at some point and offer them a better deal. If they do gain the ship, they can turn it over to the Imperial Navy or perhaps (if they are bold enough) find a way to power the ship with a newly warp-infused neural device and claim it for themselves (possibly continued in Rogue Trader). That's about it- sorry for the wall of text…. We have an Assassin (combat-oriented), Psyker (interested in Malleus), Tech-priest (interested in Xenos), and Scum (fellowship-based). I threw in the Eldar so that there's a little Xenos, Hereticus, Malleus all around so that all the characters can make interesting choices and to give a good overall feel for the different areas of DH. Thanks in advance for any comments! If you see any issues, please let me know…
  14. Wow, this is all really helpful feedback. Thanks! I like the idea noted above of treating the Ordo as 'departments' that all the players can sort of dabble in. Perhaps i'll keep them in Ordo Hereticus (or just that their inquistor has ties to that network) and then they can dabble in the others. Maybe cross paths with another group of acolytes in the Ordo Malleus and have a conflict or potential support depending on how they play it. Sounds like you are all saying it may be a good idea to operate with a 'less ties/attachment to a specific Ordo' attitude the better (at least for a new DH group). I was just looking for a unique way to judge what they were most interested in as a group to make it more enjoyable (rooting out heresy vs. hunting down daemons vs. protecting from xenos). Either way, i'll start with EoD as a learning primer for all and after those few sessions, use it as a lead into the larger story of tracking down who the bigger fish is here behind EoD adversaries, whether than be daemon, xenos, or cult. I thought I would enjoy just trying out one of the larger 'trilogy' packs of adventures, but after reading through them a bit, i'm finding i'm not liking how I might naturally tie them into EoD, and in general maybe I prefer filling in my own blanks as to what the overarching story is (even if it is a bit more work). Seems like reading more of the adversaries presented in the other source books (DotDG, etc.) might be the best way to figure out ch 2 and 3 of my campaign (if EoD is Ch 1). I was thinking Ch 2 would be figuring out who's behind Ch.1 and then facing off in a space hulk in Ch 3 (might use Shades of Twilight as a template for something if I can tie it all together). I'd like to give them all a good 'feel' for the universe by being broad and showing them the many facets, but i'm afraid it also will be too overwhelming. If anyone has any good recommendations for adversaries from the source books, please let me know.
  15. Hello to all experienced DH GMs, I'm new to GMing DH and 40k in general and was hoping for a little advice with my campaign… Our group has played a number of games over the years- WoD, CoC, D&D, Star Wars, etc. so we're pretty experienced with P&P. Most are new to 40k, including myself. Since we're new to the rules and setting, I was thinking of starting out with 'Edge of Darkness' as my story base to get our feet wet with the system and provide some GM guidance as I get used to it as well… From there I would branch out into my own story- we usually run campaigns that are 13-17 sessions, and Edge of Darkness sounds like it would take up 3-5 or so. I have been reading DotDG and Radicals Handbook for some story/adversarial ideas to take it from there. I plan to just change the end of Edge as necessary to point to the proper adversary/next chapter focus. Some questions: 1) I'm having a tough time deciding what Ordo to make the group. There's just so many options that I can see them having fun with (although I know they are looking forward to some good ol' interrogation). What do you think if I did something like make their initial Inquistor a servant of all the Ordo's and then they could choose as a group, an Ordo/Inquistor to be assigned to. I'd give them multiple leads at the end of Edge- maybe an alien artifact (Xenos), a lead to a cult (or the EoD ending as written) (Hereticus), or some dark tome (Malleus). Do you think this is a good idea in support of the game context or should I just talk to them ahead of time and let them decide? 2) Anyone see any issues with using EoD as a primer and then branching out from there to a Xenos/Hereticus/Malleus campaign? I'd also like to see what classes they are interested in playing and their backstory info so I can make my part of the story more dynamic. 3) Any other tips based on the above? Thanks in advance…
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