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  1. Does ffg think about connecting their games?

    Some of these combination ideas have games happening concurrently inside one another... which is madness. An Armada game would take over two weeks to resolve if you played out every fighter combat exchange on an X-Wing table. By that point players are going to be fatigued from being in the same game for that long and only a moment of in-game time has passed. Some kind of campaign system allowing one game to handle one kind of isolated conflict was the way I would take it. Take Rebellion for instance. On a turn, character missions like Sabotage runs would be played out in IA or X-Wing. Fleet battles would happen in Armada. Like Armada, meet for a campaign session to plan what each side is doing and use the rest of the week to play out those individual battles.
  2. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    IA isn't that arena for "personal heroics?" Thanks LFL. We all know the reason Legion was made is to compete directly with 40K.
  3. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    Infantry wouldn't be the point, it would be armor. Field multiple AT-STs in custom unit colors, escorting AT-ATs, with air cover. Infantry is about as inconsequential as Starfighters are here in Armada. And just as small. When Legion was hinted I was REALLY ENTHUSED to paint up T-47 flights and AT-ST squadrons. I wanted to spend about $40 on an AT-AT, not $100+. Moreover, you can't field large amounts of armor in Legion because the focus is large amounts of Infantry... which we already have in IA! I anticipated Legion being what Armada is to X-Wing: a jump in scale so the biggest units of one game are the smallest in another. That isn't the case with Legion. The only appeal is maybe painting up my own stormtroopers and actually having fun terrain to play with. But it isn't the same as going nuts over how to customize and paint up mass ground armor.
  4. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    Maybe with literal dimensions Legion is slightly bigger but both subjects are infantry battle combat. Armada isn't simply X-Wing on epic mode, which would be the equivalent. I'm indecisive on Legion myself. It would be a thing if they killed off IA for legion, since between the two I'd like Legion, but I've already invested money into IA... so that's my SW ground battle game of choice.
  5. I'm just glad to see attack wing plummet off this list. Good riddance. Hopefully someday accompany will craft a minis game deserving of that franchise, but it hasn't happened yet. And if you felt attack wing was balanced, ask yourself how easy it was to one-shot the Enterprise-D with all available combos. The less we speak about model quality, the better.
  6. The Arrestor Cruiser

    I think the hot wheels art is chunkier than I'd want out of the arrestor... Almost expected to see it in rebels because of it
  7. I wonder.. think they're trying to merge the carrack and dreadnaught designs into one ship? They look identical after a point, and I can see traits of both in the rebels design.
  8. The Arrestor Cruiser

    I'm thrilled to see the pre-star destroyers make it back to the universe. The cantwell protos are really cool, and now that star wars is big we don't have to worry about getting lost next to forgotten titles like space 1999. I don't get it. People complain about everything triangles, then a non triangle shows up and everyone loses thier minds? It's perfect. The dishes are odd, but the hull shape is sound, and I'd love to see these in the fleet.
  9. Homeworld: Armada

    Polarized armor... ugh... not a fan. "Polarize the hull plating" in Star Trek: Enterprise was a shorthand way of saying "raise shields" without actually saying Shields. Lazy, terrible writing. I would wish a more elegant, creative solution. Let's take shields out of the equation and just say every ship just has a hull value. What else can be done? Double braces with a single contain for the natural hull? New defensive retrofits that deal only with hull amounts? Bring down all the native weaponry so ships can survive without shields? Make contains naturally stop critical effects? Even if you keep shields as outer armor and hull as "core structure", take redirect defense tokens out as a class, because it doesn't make sense in the context of immobile armor. Design upgrade cards and mechanics with that mentality in mind. Make the mod stand out! If we're already taking liberties with the design, why stop at just changing stats?
  10. Homeworld: Armada

    At least I can pitch an idea for dfg frigates: take the wording for Jan ors, except friendly ships within 1-5 can use the frigates' redirect and brace tokens.
  11. Homeworld: Armada

    Somehow the Armada modding community as a whole needs to find a solution for universes without shields. B5, Homeworld, Humans in Halo, New BSG, Macross, sbc yamato... quite a few high profile universes are lacking the myth of forcefields now. Really redirect is the only defense token impacted and without shields, unit health is highly suceptible to critical effects on first hits. Suggestions?
  12. MC-75 Experiences!

    C&S aren't range dependent (ie you don't need a blue) for Ackbar maximum red dice, just restrictive to one color and don't chuck a die. Nothing stopping you from using both, either.
  13. MC-75 Experiences!

    Catikan and shollan on the 75 means rerolls for your guns AND "anti-collision system".
  14. MC-75 Experiences!

    Here's a question; you think Ackbar conga lines could come back with the '75? Having spikes on the grill means nobody is cutting you off anymore...
  15. Custom card/ship yard: Star Trek (Armada)

    Wasn't a fan myself of how trek ships were mass-lessly zipping around in DS9 and similar. I like trek combat out of wrath of Khan and yesterday's enterprise a lot more... Feels more deliberate, and ships looked more like capital ships.