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  1. Mmmh, I'd still point to the Oppressor on excessive, unnecessary parts (third wing, and what the fsk is that thing hanging beneath the fighter?). TIE Scout is essentially a TIE Avenger with an upper deck for equipment and larger wings to accommodate a frame. At least it isn't copy and pasting one feature to make a "super" version of an existing fighter... The rosarch test I have for whether I think something is a title or not is compare how different the Z-95 is to the X-Wing. For the Vanguard, I think it deserves its own mini and probably its own dial (new manuvers, possibly less red since it's not a combat fighter). If you want a recon title for the TIE, it's the TIE/rc. It's literally a TIE Fighter with guns swapped out for sensors. TIE/gt is iffy, but probably in the Title range as well. TIE Vanguard is just too distinct to swap it out for a title.
  2. I have a soft spot for the TIE Scout and TIE Vanguard as artifacts of the Decipher game that, like the Gunboat, never got much attention outside of the one entry they came in on. At least the Galaxies craft got some say in the RPGs, and the TIE scout got an appearance in Empire at War, but the Vanguard? Both designs are kind of understated and don't go crazy on excessive, unnecessary parts. The TIE Scout is just bulk with an upper deck and larger wings, but it doesn't mount crazy multiples of them of them, and most of the form is contained in the single hull. It's what a TIE Bomber would be if it wasn't a split hull design. The front glass and the wings are enough, it doesn't need any weird add ons or fancy cut wings. It's simple. The TIE Vanguard is a nice understated variant that doesn't go overboard either. Bend the wings, give it antenna, downgrade the armament. It's enough of a modification from the stock TIE to be a recognizable variant, but not so unchanged that it looks like a grade schooler took scissors to the wings after gluing on a spare out-of-scale Battleship turret from the bits box. The TIE Avenger and TIE Defender are also understated modifications. Compared to the Galaxies craft they don't have excessive out-of-the-way features to take away from the center ball-and-wings idea. Their additions are balanced laterally and trilaterally. Of the scout and Vanguard, I only see the scout having a realistic chance of coming to the game. It would be an Imperial crew carrier if they wanted to build a ship to that specific purpose (instead of modifying the TIE Bomber), and wanted it to be on a small base. Low armament, but the point would be some kind of special area effect slot that gets a passive buff for being near/around the Scout. IF the Vanguard was in, it would be the same as the scout minus the crew slot and a lot more vulnerable (no shields, basically a TIE with an attack rating of 1). *shrug*
  3. Not necessarily... you have to dig, but Rebel units are out there, from Empire at War to Battlefront. Besides in a large-scope battle game I figured the Rebellion would lean harder on combined arms and raiding forces than walk'n'stomp of the Empire. It's kind of the dynamics going on in Armada right now, though hopefully without giving too much of an advantage to the side with the most units like what's happening in Armada now with Rebel ship swarms. Honestly, I'd love to paint up some Skyhoppers in unit colors to augment some T-47s. Take Rebel pathfinders, a couple of units of Wookie shock troops, and some Rebel combat speeders as a fast attack unit. Drop a couple of Torpedo artillery trucks from Empire at War to use as bait, or suppressive fire against Imperial AT-ATs to immobilize them with terrain and then hit them with air units. Part of the thrill of such a game would be seeing all these vehicles across Star Wars get the plastic treatment and actually look good. That, and having a game big enough to pair with Armada to use in a campaign system to play out the GCW over a few months. These little man-skirmishes in Legion don't seem grand enough to determine who holds a planet. They never did for IA either, which like X-Wing are better used for simulating surgical strikes.
  4. It's partly the second. Yes, I do understand that Legion's move off the grid system and with a larger play area allows for more dynamic infantry fights. I understand that the unit sizes are a larger, and the current rules are more reflective of an entire unit firing than single troopers shooting at individual targets. Now walkers and tanks aren't so awkwardly confined to grid movement. Speeder bikes have enough room to actually be a viable unit. Yes, I can make out distinctions. My disappointment is the scale and subject matter. In the end IA and Legion are still pushing around individual troopers on the board. The smallest capable combat unit is one man armed with a blaster against another man armed with a blaster. You have the same infantry battles, just choose if you want to be indoors for it (IA), or outdoors (Legion). To some level it's a repetition of effort. Had it been smaller scale with vehicles, at least Legion would have added the dimension of ground armor battles, it would have been Armada to IA's X-Wing. Since we all feel AT-ATs would kind of be an awkward fit at this scale, and since I hear you're limited to only two armor units in a list, this isn't want Legion is setting out to accomplish. So... meh. Legion does offer the fantasy of throwing hordes of stormtroopers at things, which can be nice, but I was looking forward to customizing Imperial armor.
  5. Us flight simulator fans have to watch, again and again, ships from galaxies being offered up for plastic embodiment. Even Scum could have drawn up the T-Wing or R-41 to break up the monotony of Galaxies MandalMotors contributions when they don't have a bounty hunter ship to put in the game. The Kimogila could have easily been the R-41. This thread is as large as it is because there's a large number of simulator fans who have wanted to see more than just the TIE/D in the game to represent it. The Assault Gunboat is the most distinct of the two ships from that game that are in high demand.
  6. So long as our next Imperial offering for X-Wing is not from Star Wars Galaxies, I'll be happy. The last craft (ugh, they already tapped this out?) they haven't done yet is the atrocious TIE Oppressor, perhaps the ugliest TIE Design ever made, including all those experimental TIEs from XW Alliance. If Empire really wants a bomb dropper TIE, the Scimitar Assault Bomber is practically made for this purpose, and much better looking. Pulling this back to campaigning for the next community championed fighter though, my vote's the TIE Avenger. We're not going to get it because of the Silencer, but the Silencer and Avenger are not the same craft. For one thing, the Silencer isn't armed with missiles...
  7. Rather than use Rare Earth Magnets (which you would need to buy...) why not configure the plastic to have puzzle-piece connectors so they could all lock in together without the aid of a magnet? I'd illustrate if I had some art tools handy... I really like the gantryways you're using. Once the walls and floor have been made, you thinking about adding different gantry way backings usable depending on the ship? Miniature ground crews could come later, I just like the idea of these mini dioramas.
  8. I want to bump this to the first page because I'm interested Thinking those of us who are electronics savy might find ways to get these lighted too.
  9. X-Wing is starfighters fighter models shooting at other fighters. Armada is Starships shooting at other starships. Imperial Assault and Legion are people models shooting at other people models. Don't confuse the issue.
  10. So... dudes shooting at other dudes. Same thing. I do actually understand the subtleties in all seriousness. However, I look at this game and all I see is how they modified IA to morph it into Legion. Even the wound tokens are the same- they just inverted the colors. Someday I'll accept the game and happily paint stormtrooper units in a color scheme I already pictured. But I'll have to come down from how I wanted to paint my AT-ATs and their AT-ST screens for my Armored Imperial division first.
  11. My desired core is an AT-AT, two-three AT-STs, maybe three troop units, possibly on Imperial walkers. One or two Fighter tanks. Since this doesn't look easily possible in Legion my enthusiasm for the game is easily contained :\ *goes back to paining shapeways Imperial Armor*
  12. Some of us looking from our Imperial Assault collections to this are still wondering the same thing. I don't think AT-Ats are going to work here. I think the terrain would be too close-in for the AT-ATs to maneuver, their obvious counters (starfighters) won't be present in the game, and they would be too expensive for people to snap them up and use them. Likely it'll be up to the players to furnish their own AT-ATs if they want to play with them. Realistically the biggest we can probably expect is an AT-ST, and even then, perhaps only one of them.
  13. It used to be Demolisher in a Gladiator pack, but I think my say would go to the Imperial. It's the most expensive ship in the game... but also the most versatile. As your collection grows with more things you can add more to your Imperial. It's a solid contender that performs many roles. The Chimaera may be interesting but I would also recommend that as a second purchase rather than the first. I get the sense that's more an enhancement for ship runners that already have larger collections (and thus, multiple ships that can use the Cymoon/Kuat cards). Skip over it if you feel you can make a workable strategy out of one of those designs, or you really want Thrawn...
  14. LFL has tapped Fractal in the past regarding some work for the Essential Guide to Warfare. I emphatically agree that when it comes to defining background starships and vessels not illustrated well, Fractal provides beautiful elaborations. The Gunboat X-WIng is getting is heavily inspired by Fractal's take on the design, which IMO is the best of all the ones out there.
  15. But that's such a small thing (no pun intended), it's not enough to hold back the stem of releases possible out of Sequel saga. Either a distinct miniature will be molded (like a small antenna by the cockpit for Comms relay, struts on the inside of the TIE Wing) or an exception will be added to the tournament rules allowing two craft to be represented by one miniature. Come to think of it... we have that now with variants, after all. ISDs now have four different bases to choose from and really only one (or two depending on how it is painted) models to represent them. Is it right to get mad/confused at a player who is using a Chimaera model for an ISD-I base? It's the same model, different base.