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  1. Norsehound

    The Case For or Against a 3rd Faction

    Sure! I think the Federation from Star Trek would be a great addition to the game! /sarcasm. I don't think we can even begin the discussion without saying who the third faction is, since the character of that faction will depend upon whether it's a good addition or not. Especially if that faction should be so contrary to what is already in existence- this is that argument for the Yuuzan Vong to appear in the game isn't it? A new faction would be nothing but exciting and new I think, until you realize the hit it's going to take on getting the new content you enjoy. I'm opposed to it because out of, what, half a year there's only two ships? A new faction at this point has a lot of catching up to do to hit parity with the existing factions- potentially meaning nothing but ships from that faction for the next couple of years. I'm not excited to see that, especially with Resistance around the corner giving us new content for the FO-Res wars. That parity could work by giving new FO-Res ships to the Empire and Rebellion until theres' a population big enough for them to stand on their own. Honestly if the Republic/CIS is going to happen, that's going to be the best route for it. Right now only the Republic could possibly pull ships out of the game, with the Pelta/Arq/Victory being the only ships now that can be added to the Republic. CIS doesn't have any of their canonical ships to pull from in the game, unless FFG decided to wave their hand and define some ships for the CIS (which, to my knowledge, never were).
  2. Norsehound

    More Galactic Civil War movies...

    It's fine and dandy until you realize their expansions are taking up space you want for your ships. And this could go on for several waves, in which here in Armada they already come at a glacial pace. It's not just rage inducing. This is what ultimately made me leave X-Wing. I didn't regret my choice when the TIEs offered next to the scum-dominated waves included TIE-cut-and-paste-Interdictor Punisher, and the TIE-advanced-with-a-turret-aggressor. I do not want an entire year of two Yuzaan-Vong ship offerings (or Clone Wars) and nothing for the factions of my choice, Rebellion and Empire. I don't expect pure First Order and Resistance without those ships also being playable by the Rebellion and Empire- because it makes Zero Sense and is fan-raging to release ships for factions that cannot cross over with the existing factions. ****, X-Wing didn't do it until they were ready to put out a pack to appropriate other fighters from people's already existent collections. Rant, rant...
  3. Norsehound

    Store Championships Dates/Locations

    It's a bit late notice but I'm running a store championship this weekend (August 18th) at Game Kastle Fremont in the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay. I think admission is 10$, we'll be starting around noon, assembling at 11.
  4. A lot of people hated Rebels too, but it turned out ok. I'm willing to sit through a few episodes to see what it's about- seeing more First Order vs Resistance stories is worth it. So what I want to know is, is that an R-41 starchaser? Those things haven't been seen on a screen of any kind since The Force Unleashed II game! Great to see them come back and show up front and center! The structure looks the same, ditto with the armament, but the cockpit was slid far forward so it might be a variant.
  5. Norsehound

    Happy Friday - Do you recreate movie moments?

    Somehow I don't think two ISD-Is vs only Han Solo is going to be very fun. Battle of Endor though? That's what I'm waiting on. And now the SSD's here it's perfect to try running a BoE scenario.
  6. Norsehound

    More Galactic Civil War movies...

    Part of the reason I'm thrilled to eject the Legends continuity is because we can get away from those bio-booger ships. I get behind the used future look of the Rebellion and the clean/crisp/complex metal clean-cut edges of the Empire, but Bio-crap? No. If I want Bioships in my science fiction, I'm watching Babylon 5. I'm happy with that chaos aesthetic staying in Warhammer. I wouldn't appreciate it if it started showing up in Star Wars. And for the two or three who might know me from the Homeworld community, yes, that's part of the reason why I loathed Cataclysm's Beast. I like functional, clean-cut tech. Don't mess it up by slobbering it with bio gunk.
  7. Norsehound

    More Galactic Civil War movies...

    My comment referred to X-Wing v1. I'm not sure how 2 will do it, there may be a caveat? I figured they used the rule at first because there weren't a lot of TFA-era resistance craft to pick from.. just the falcon and the T-70. Now that the RZ-2 and Bomber are available there's enough for a full faction, ergo, those factions can stand on their own now. Plus with Resistance right around the corner there's bound to be more Resistance smallcraft in the near future to fill out a standalone faction. That's not the case here, where there's the Resurgence against three Resistance craft. While the SSD kinda enables the Mandator (nobody seriously expects the Supremacy), there aren't any screen-source First Order craft to draw from. The Comics at least gives us, finally, the Maxima-A and shows the Carrion spike being used in the distant future but that's about it. We've heard about the First Order using Imperial equipment, which may include Imperials and other old Imperial equipment, but we have yet to see it extend to starships.
  8. Norsehound

    More Galactic Civil War movies...

    I agree. Follow the precedent set down with X-Wing by letting the Resistance run Rebellion and First Order running Empire.
  9. Norsehound

    More Galactic Civil War movies...

    X-wing solves this problem by merely giving TFA ships an upgrade category specifically for the advanced tech. I really don't see why the same can't be done for TFA ships. Otherwise, maneuvers are slightly improved and so are the stats. And if we're gonna block out TLJ ships for being "too advanced", I guess that means we should block ever doing Clone Wars era ships too, for the same reasons as they'd be "too old".
  10. Norsehound

    More Galactic Civil War movies...

    This is a matter of perspective here, because I think that's a really interesting twist on classic Imperial wedge ships and I would have LOVED to see such an early concept legitimized. Besides I also look at it and see a ship that can carry two fleet support slots. Rebels get the cheapest flotilla? Well, Empire gets a ship that can cover the whole fleet out of one craft! That's something I would like to see coming to a table near me. I'd also be down for more GCW movies, or TFA-era. Clone Wars does nothing for me.
  11. Norsehound

    Star Wars Canon (in reference to Armada)

    The byzantine levels of canonicity was also a mechanism to try "allowing" "everything" that had been created for Star Wars (including children's literature- Jedi Prince series! Glove of Darth Vader!), but to varying degrees of permission/acceptance/prevalence. I think this is because there wasn't tight oversight in what should go and what shoudln't. Anything and nearly everything went in Legends. Rather than untangle this mess and try picking one thread of "proper-ness" or another, LFL (and Disney) decided it was better and easier for content writers to just >reset everything<. I don't blame them, and it's had positive results. The recent generations can feel on the forefront of creating new stuff surrounding the original trilogy without feeling like they missed something pivotal defined in some book twenty years ago. It's kind of exciting to see the tale about stealing the Death Star Plans, instead of trying to reconcile 3-4 different accounts of the incident from previous media.
  12. Norsehound

    Rebel Lucrehulk-class Battleship

    They won't. FFG I think is touchy making open statements in places like this least the forums doggedly hold them to it, or extrapolate some meaning that isn't there, or something to that nature. Maybe try cornering one of the designers at a convention to ask them that question? Really what the Lucrehulk's base size is, is up to you. You're the content creator for this particular show, you can decide what you want to do. I think Large makes the most sense to me as I didn't think the Lucrehulk rivaled or approached the SSD in terms of size. Besides, Mel has them already configured for a large base, not a two-prong huge base. As for Tarkin and Krennic using separatist holdouts for justification... I felt that was just an open excuse for excessive military spending. Nobody seriously believes the CIS is coming back and even if they do, the Rebellion is that new face of the CIS.
  13. Norsehound

    Rebel Lucrehulk-class Battleship

    ...but also the Empire is not going to waste precious resources hunting down and destroying CIS forces that are leaderless, uncoordinated, and routed. I think those 30 years of Imperial consolidation also include the Empire crushing such holdouts until the fragments are so few and uncoordinated they are no longer worth worrying about. Whatever fragments either cling to some lost dream of being relevant again or realistically joined with a larger faction (Rebellion) to get back at the corrupt republic... or just disbanded. As far as I'm aware the spotlight has never shone on any significant sepratist holdouts. Even their breif appearance in Rebels is hardly less than a thousand battle droids on one crashed transport ship with one tactical commander, who is in no way a recognized authority over the entire CIS (even if he/it is one of the last remaining leaders). Unless the CIS had some leader to rally behind, they are nothing. I think with the amount of hull it has yes, remove a brace. Then anyone packing accuracy generators is going to be able to flood damage into this thing when it has no possible recourse for keeping the brace token alive. But, at least it'll last longer than a naked VSD in the same situation on account of that hull. Also, bulk doesn't necessitate armor. While the Lucrehulk was modified to be a warship, it didn't start that way. Neither did the MC series and they all have lesser hull than the combat-built ISDs. Also take into account that much of the bulk of the Lucrehulk is vast, open hangar spaces. Not the case with the super-desnse ISDs.
  14. Norsehound

    Rebel Lucrehulk-class Battleship

    If you're concerned about ISDKs, you have enough points to swap out strategic advisor for Bail Organa to get the jump on it and utterly destroy it with repeated B-Wing strikes, ripping shields away with Norra and landing multiple hits out of the B-Wings. With two braces and a redirect with 12 hull and gratuitous shields, your Lucrehulk isn't going down anytime soon. The worst he can do is 16 points of damage with an APT. Brace that down to 8 and wipe out your forward and side shield. That's after a perfect roll. You've also given the Lucrehulk more hull than the ISDK, so in a ramming/APT war you're coming out on top. And talking about attrition, I can't think of anything worse in attrition attacks than using fighters. The majority of the fighters I've listed have Bomber on them, to proc off BCCs. As for ARQ strafing, you have first obstacle placement. If you're a dedicated second player you're creating an asteroid thicket on your side of the board with at least 3 obstacles to make this difficult for flankers to get in and have their way. If you favor a corner, they'll have to choose between flying off the edge of the board, flying out of range, or entering your sand trap. Especially if they want to score some points- you can funnel engineering tokens over to the Lucrehulk to keep moving shields into attacked directions until the flankers decide which one of those options they're picking. Then you either keep the objective unharmed or you have a ship you can pounce on with all of those fighters. Rieekan MC30s might be an issue to crack through, but Norra backing all those B-wings with BCC backing make shields evaporate like ice in a microwave. I've had a fresh ISD die within one activation from a Yavaris punch, which you're activating more or less the same number of fighters in this build. Your followup battery with the Lucrehulk is also more powerful than the Nebulon's. Besides, the reason why MC30-APT-OE works well against rebels is because Rebels have lesser hull than Empire ships. Your Lucrehulk has more hull than its imperial counterpart, and redudnant ways to make damage vanish via the brace token.
  15. Norsehound

    TIE Defender best overall fighter?

    TIE Defenders are probably the best all-arounders, but they don't excel at anything. If you want a better anti-fighter craft, rolling 3 blues to scare aces and with a re-roll and counter, TIE Interceptors are the best at killing other squadrons (In spite of the TIE/D's two black dice having a better hit chance). TIE/Ds work in attacking generics, where scatter isn't a concern with them. The better bomber is the Firespray, with rogue and throwing two dice. TIE bombers are also significantly cheaper., with the same hull, and comperable speed. Against the cheaper-by-3 X-Wing the TIE/D is significantly faster, but loses out on attacking aces and has a lower ship-damage cap for sake of more consistency. I wouldn't call it the best fighter, but if you're dealing with a lot of generics I'd say they're a good pick.