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  1. "Gravity Wave projection [Experimental][12pt] Modification. After a ship resolves a maneuver, if you can only be attacked by the forward hull zone of that ship, it must exhaust a defense token if it ends its movement at distance 1-5 of you. Then exhaust this card."
  2. Ones I use for ships. Many are obvious, but I try to keep them between 2-4 characters long. ISD - Imperial VSD - Victory INT - Interdictor QF - Quasar Fire GSD - Gladiator ARQ - Arquitens RDR - Raider GZ - Gozanti MC80 - Home One LIB - Liberty class A/F - Assault Frigate MK-II MC30 CR90 NEB - Nebulon HH - Hammerhead GR - GR-75 I've always referred to Disposable capacitors with DCaps.
  3. Alternatively you could take a ton of shuttles with Valen as your fighter contingent. You have a lot of strategic push, and a lot of hull to chew through before Valen can be engaged. For a time I was trying 3x VSDs with Vader to try making the best of thier damage output. Why it doesn't work comes down, still, to two things: Speed and protection. Without the former you can't contest the second player's objectives really well I think, and in the latter it makes you highly vulnerable to things like rampaging Devastators, or being plinked to death by repeated red dice attacks at range. The VSD is supposed to be a cheaper mass-produced Star Destroyer but it's ended up with a lot of shortcomings as the game has evolved. The suggestion of "going light as possible" means the VSD can never be the star of the show in any list, a fact I find highly disappointing.
  4. Until Warlords has a subtitle feature I'm forced to include tags in the list names to know what the list is comprised of. The convention I use is something like: Name // ship - ship - ship / [ace][ace] - Generic Fighter, Generic Fighter. So it would be something like: flying monkeys // VSD - VSD - QF / [Howl][Mithel] - TIE/LN - TIE/IN
  5. Nobody seems to miss when medium-large ships had their day back in wave 2. You're complaining about power creep now? Why do you think the VSD has been a challenge to take all this time! So, the Quasar Fire means the name of the game going forward is still going to be fighters. No need to take an expensive ISD or VSD... shed the batteries and use the points for making your squadrons and activations better and have more single targets to gang up on. Ok, thanks for that. But from what we're offered it does bring some units back into play: TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors. At least where I am the only reason to take these fighters is for aces. Now with Sloane, these fighters get a free re-roll if they don't have a usable result and they can use their accuracy to threaten capital ships. Even TIE Defenders and other standardized Imperial craft can take advantage of this, whereas before Imperial players had to lean on bounty hunter (or TIE Bomber) generics for most of their attacks against capital ships. So bringing back TIE FIghters and TIE Interceptors as good choices I think is a win on some level. Now FFG has to find a way to make big ships with huge battery play actually a choice again, and not hyper vulnerable to massed bombers.
  6. That's what I thought, I know I'm just more conservative with my fighters. What do you think of Stronghold? I'd feel better knowing I had a little extra insurance like that before deciding to willingly damage my squads. The range limitation may be a deal breaker though.
  7. Sloane with an ISD-II can command six TIE Fighters to fly to the far side of the ship and start attacking it, praying for Accs to destroy the ship's likely Brace token before the ISD opens fire. I'd like to try a hammer and anvil strategy of leading in with Stronghold and a mess of fighters and flanking with a couple of ARQs. My TIEs and QF deal with the fighters, exhaust tokens on the target ships, and the ARQs pummel them from range. Save on points by losing the Intel officers and upgrade the DTTs to Enhanced Armament.
  8. Hmm... Flight Controllers, Expanded Hangar Bays, Ruthless Strategists? Ruthless Strategists is kind of a risky play when leaning on hull 3 fighters. Who out of all that is going to be taking the hits? It was a thought if you have a Rhymerball out there since everyone has 5 hull... The thing about Sloane punching out lists like Rieekan aces is that they can elliminate defense tokens a lot quicker than natural. Sure when you hold an accuracy against a two-brace ace with one exhausted, there is little difference, but against aces with scatter? And what if you have nothing but accuracy on your roll... before if your blue die attack was crit/acc you could do nothing. Sloane opens up another result to use against your opponent. Moreover her ability on generic TIE Batteries attacking ships actually does something, instead of hanging around praying for one result on the D8 to make them meaningful, while absorbing all the shots from the ship they are attacking...
  9. Really the QF is just a cut+paste of the carrier portion of an ISD. You want to have massive fighter alpha strike activation without all the bloat attached to an ISD? There ya go, the hangar deck of an ISD strapped to engines with a few other things tacked on to be the best non-title carrier in the game. If you want more shooty, go to an ISD. If you don't want to compromise, take a VSD. If you want activations and don't really want squadron 4+, take flotillas. Since basically half of the Imperial faction is nothing but medium-large ships, we need to make the most of them. "Our" fighters are comparatively cheaper, but they're so hyper specialized that you can't win as hard as Rieekan's Speedbump apocalypse list does because you can't handle all threats. This is where Sloane comes in, allowing your cheap air supremacy fighters to do what they do best (kill fighters) and strike capital ships in places where it hurts: targeted defense token exhaustion. Suddenly the pitty little blue dice every TIE Fighter is throwing has a better chance now of doing damage, or stunning something that ship's going to need when it's defending. Before now you had no reason to take any generic TIE Fighters, or really any of the TIE/LN TIE/IN aces, because the game wasn't won by annhilating squadrons. It was Rhymer and his bomber friends all the way down. With Sloane we have some leverage on those fighters against killing capital ships, and with the Quasar we have strong alpha strikes with some titles to make this great. The only downside to all of this is that there's little love for the gunship lists. DCaps are going to make VSDs relevant again, but the QF's cards do more for strong fighter apocalypse lists than big ship play. This is a case of being unable to beat them, join them, rather than rectifying the situation. Ah well. Name of the game is still going to be squadrons for this upcoming wave, only now the Empire might have an interesting response to the Yavaris build at last.
  10. Sloane lets me re-roll my dud critical hit results for a better result, and turns accuracies into exhausting selected defense tokens. And, according to what I read of the RRG... "Spending" can include hitting a red token to discard it. So if I open fire on Shara with Saber squadron and hit her twice with (Jendon and) accuracies, I've destroyed her scatter. You'd still need intel to get away from enemy squadrons, that hasn't changed. But Sloane allows fighters to start harming aces particularly by targeting and spending those defense tokens, possibly removing them and stopping them from locking you down that way. And stronhold means any fighter shooting into that bubble has to subtract a die- meaning things like Y-Wings throw only one die against a TIE, and X-Wings need a perfect roll (or flight controllers) to kill a generic TIE Fighter. This is kind of like Cienna or Jamming fields for all friendly ships... but only for those TIEs. They aren't affected by the Stronghold jamming barrier when they decide to shoot at enemy squadrons. Counter is unaffected as well, though an A-Wings' counter when responding to a fighter attack is. Really the only downside to this situation is how vulnerable the Quasar is. It could be after we've played it for a while that it's found Stronghold isn't good enough when big capital ships come in and throw a big battery down on the QF.
  11. I like how Stronghold is a huge facepunch to the Rieekan fighter apocalypse list. Yes, bring your fighters closer... mine are always obstructed, blast off defense tokens, are cheaper, and I can activate more of them in a massive alpha strike. So we don't have Yavaris to pump up six squads, but they defend better and under Sloane, can really do a number on ace squadrons. The range restriction is not going to be pretty because it forces those squads to be close, but the Rieekan fighter list doesn't have a lot of large batteries to really threaten a QF- most of their attack power is in stacked B-Wings and bombers. And now with these QF tools and Sloane, the Empire can invest in the squadron game and actually do something with it after killing squads. I'm excited to put one of these on the table and start attacking things- maybe throw in a pair of ARQs without their intel officers and something else... since my fighters are taking the place of intel officers. Probably a QF-I with boosted comms, Expanded Hangars, Flight Controllers. Tests will need to show if I need Tua (with RBD or ECMs) or Chiranaeu. Commander I'd like to be Sloane, but reliable Mr. Motti is always there. Also, look at that: the VSD is still the only ship locked at speed 2. Even interdictors can load up on Engine techs and get out of dodge, the poor VSD can't. Grand Inquisitor is probably going on Demo for speed control, letting it switch to concentrate fire for more black dice! Squall can be good... though I find most Imperial squadrons are pretty fast already. YVs I guess are back with the extra speeds, and Decimators go faster, though what I'd be curious to try is Boosted comm shuttles throwing objective tokens around at long range. Yes it's there for a massive alpha strike, but you need to follow up with other activations after that or it's not worth it. I've made alpha strikes that big before and the amount of stuff I've actually destroyed with it is kind of disappointing.
  12. You mean a classic image of an imperial? Really? It's narrower? Changing the proportions creates an entirely new ship class? That's one step beneath copy-pasting your way into a new design. Change the turrets, the bridge, something to make it stand apart from the imperial! All I'm saying is that the Tector is a bad choice because it's identical to the ISD in all the visible ways that matter. If we're going to get another big ship, it should be different in some significant way to make it worth our time. Even the rebels permutation would be welcome. Now if you want another large imperial ship, the Venator and (my choice) the Resurgent are more worthy of your hopes and desires than the production-team error anomaly to come out of rotj.
  13. Well, just play with Imperials and never look at the bottom. Since I imagine everyone plays the game looking down on the top of their models, you'll never notice the difference.
  14. They're called Victory Star Destroyers, and you can run up to five if you really wanted to.
  15. There are many topics talking about Rieekan, nerfs, and dealing with full squadrons. I guess you made a new thread to push your thought ahead of the sea of responses in the others?