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  1. They're saving high maneuverability with missiles for the TIE Avenger.
  2. Phantom menace isn't bad. The story following Qui-Gon and Obi-wan as they get to the bottom of this invasion of Naboo is enjoyable. Maul is a good villian. It's a decent picture of the Republic days of Star Wars, politics and all. Haden Christensen Aniken creeping on Padme for nearly the entirety of the second plunges it to rock bottom in my estimation. This is far worse than the easily ignored antics of Jar-jar or the clonking of balsa-wood dialogue from the secondary characters. This film was good, though like Blade Runner, prepare for a ride. It's long and full of content that is interesting enough to be a Star Wars film, just not gripping-tight because there are so many characters to follow around. It certainly has a lot more 'feel' to it than The Force Awakens. Plenty of gratuitous and awesome action, great and well-placed humor. I enjoyed it, and I look forward to the next showing.
  3. Just got out. It was certainly a ride! It's long, but my criticisms of the movie were not enough to torpedo my enjoyment of the film. I thought the Raddus pursuit was a little drawn out, and Snoke was basically explained to us as a darkside user channeling Palpatine pretty hard, but overall it was a thrill of a ride to watch. I figured Rey stole the books. I actually had to ask my fiancee and another one of my friends to confirm that I actually saw what I saw. I'll be seeing it again, I'll watch for it. I don't think Phasma's gone for good. She'll "be back, and in greater numbers" Lots of really touching moments here. I cried when R2 played the original hologram message for Luke... a great callback to the original. Though... on the matter of themes, they really touched on the Legends aspect of all of this. Rey walks into Snoke's throne room expecting to re-play Return of the Jedi. She's confident, expecting Ben want to turn, that she takes matters into her own hands since Luke won't grab his own saber to assist the Rebellion. And again, the bit of the end with the kids role-playing the story we just saw... and the kid grabbing the broom like a lightsaber... interesting remarks on the aspect of Star Wars being legends and tales told and shared.
  4. Got my gunboats to the table for the first time tonight! Rho Vet // XG-1 / Linked Batteries / HLC Rho Vet // XG-1 / Linked Batteries / HLC Kylo Ren (Silencer) // Primed Thrusters / First Order Vanguard Up against 3 Rookie pilots and 3 Bandits. A simple list, but what my opponent brought to the table. I thought it was fair to try it out, as I made the mistake of flying my Gunboats into the teeth of all of those fighters with Kylo trying to flank. So, it was a sticky situation... but I managed to get out of it. One of the Rhos dodged three attacks and only took a couple of shield hits until it whiffed a roll and ended up with damaged cockpit! Long ago I made the call for the gunboat to be a small cannon carrier for the Empire that was cheaper to field than the TIE/D. On paper I thought the two cannons was pushing it a bit and the SLAM un-thematic but, ok, I'll run with it. I really like the result. Gunboats play to a boom-and-zoom mentality of fielding their cannons, and either slow-rolling to shoot what they can in front of them or hitting the SLAMs to get out of range or arc as fast as possible. I think this might lead to longer games ultimately as Gunboats do maximum damage, then hit the afterburners to take a turn or two to turn around. Gunboats ended up being faster than their "canonical" depiction in TIE Fighter but I think I'm fine with it- and it may have been necessary for the health of the fighter since the cannon slot on a slow platform isn't enough, and it's too close to the shuttle. I really like what's possible in these fighters... I'll be using these frequently. Next thing I want to try might be autoblasters with Linked Cannons... or taking the Cruise missile suggestion listed above. SLAM your way into the flank and then fly in, deliver your payloads, and fly out. The SLAM action gives the fighter a lot of on-the-spot maneuvers to try losing pursuers, or getting into ideal positions when they move. I think throwing opponent into confusion with weaving high-speed turns might be a fun way to run these things. Looking forward to my next game with them!
  5. I replace firesprays with mine since it seems appropriately thematic. Independent Gunboats with bomber? Works for me.
  6. What do Rebel fighters have to be afraid of here? GH doesn't stop Flichette Torpedoes, and as a whole Rebel fighters have enough points to easily tank two damage points if the RDR decides to deliver them. The Raider on the other hand can't survive a finite amount of attacks out of the bombers, and it costs a whole lot more to lose. Rebel fighters can risk leaving the GH ball if they want to, to delete a Raider, especially if they can get away with it and GH moves up to protect them after the fighter activation. I don't have a lot of faith in using Raiders to stop fighters- in my experience flak dice can't cut it as well as using your own fighters to stop them. If RDRs had a redirect maybe... but all that stands between survival and a bomber assault is one brace, 2 shields, and 4 hull. And Norra is going to make those shields not matter very quickly.
  7. The lowly Raider showed up in one of the video games. Anything is possible! I might be flying today and I'm trying to think of what to do with my Gunboats. I'm thinking of Long Range Scanners with Concussion missiles, Ion cannons and the XG-1 title for linked batteries... for theme, control, and stagehands for something heavy (my new TIE Silencer?)
  8. I don't think they did, @Fractalsponge was in here a while ago and I recall him saying they didn't. It's a strange dynamic, because Fractal contributes many good and wonderful things to the Star Wars mythos (See Vigil-class Corvette, Secutor-class carrier, Gunboat) but he's not often credited. I wince every time I think of LFL using his Star Destroyer model for The Force Unleashed. Also, let's not forget the original way the Gunboat looked long before games were sophisticated enough to texture their models: Lastly, take a look at the TIE Defender sometime. The transition is even more dramatic from original-to-model than the Gunboat!
  9. The catch is that Raiders are highly flammable. Especially with Norra nearby, bombers will eat them for lunch. If you have no activation padding, Rieekan will just activate the flotillas to draw your Raiders in and then pummel them with fighters.
  10. Ah! I didn't know this. So hold up... if you take Valen (who is sans heavy) and partner him with YV-666s... the opponent is forced to shoot the YV-666s because Valen pins them down, and they can't shoot Valen? If so, I may need to consider YV-666s again. I was leaning on Firesprays or Aggressors for fighter defense of an ARQ battery permutation, but if YVs can do the job I'd like to give them a try. True, but my experience with TIE/Ds vs Interceptors shows that Interceptors tear through Aces pretty easily while the TIE/Ds struggle. Against generics it works, but if I want to remove Norra Wexly from the table I'm not going to rely on the blue/black fighters. If you come across all-aces lists from the Rebels, is raw damage going to cut it?
  11. ...To a point. Heavy does them in because they won't screen your capital ships or pin anything down. Against aces? Their lack of blue dice for acc against defense tokens doesn't count against them? They bring hull 7 but it's a shame you can't force your opponent to shoot at them.
  12. I think part of the problem/resolution for all of this is asking how and when you can deliver damage at what distance from your ship. Yavaris can effectively project the three fighter attacks out to long range in spite of not having boosted comms or any movers. One of them has to be in position already, but FCTs allows that move from where two fighters started at medium range from the ship, to long range from where Yavaris began. If you try to intercept and pin fighters down, whatever you're using to pin those squads is either overhwlemed by Yavaris' activation or ignored by Intel. What this means is any strategy used to hurt Yavaris has to be effective through a combination of timing and distance to overcome it. In my experience, Yavaris works well because it can go at the end of the turn and fling attacks for maximum damage at long range with this combination. It delays you into oblivion with all those other activations, then goes last for cleanup. With Rieekan it doesn't matter if Yavaris is the first ship destroyed, because Rieekan preserves it long enough to still hurt something that tried to kill Yavaris- whether it's an ISD of some kind or Demo. I feel my ARQ battery was a possible solution because it also maximizes possible damage at long range... from multiple sources. Even if Yavaris' B-Wings take apart one of my ARQs, I still have two more jamming fire downrange into a target of my choosing. In the latest iteration of my list I also have some Rogues- spread them out far enough and Jan can't cover all of them.
  13. ...exactly as I suggested upthread. You have to force this group to move, preferably in a way that disrupts their formation. Re: Konsantine, If you could get VSDs to survive damage better it could be worth it. Move forward with a couple of VSDs and use Konsantine to drag some targets to their doom, push away others, so you feed targets into the front of an Expanded Launchers VSD with ordnance experts and intel officers. Melt targets through sheer force of raw dice delivered to the face. Just one problem- VSDs aren't that resilient, and going to ISDs is prohibitively expensive. Maybe when Kuats come out?
  14. I think the response there is Rieekan declaring his A/F the target, you've blown your wad against one ship, now here comes a swarm of fighters to claw your face off and beat you to death. That's if you alpha against capital ships- if you alpha against fighters, here's wedge sucking up all your fighter attacks that RIeekan has declared his unkillable fire magnet... or whichever of the aces you happened to engage first with your fighter ball (or whichever ace will likely lock down the most fighters). Rieekan can also feed you one escort ace squadron at a time to keep your alpha fighters (and Sloane) locked up for a while while his freed B-Wings chew on any ship you bring into range. Offensively It's really Norra that's the strength of this fighter ball. Even with massed Y-Wings, the ability to delete shields in the race to get to deal hull damage, shouldn't be underestimated. Yavaris pushes this up to absurd levels, and BCC/Toryn allows you a good amount of control. Nerfing the BCC brought it down from super overpowered to 'just' overpowered, since a good many rebel Bombers still use Blue on their battery (which is why we see massed B-Wings with Gold squadron in these lists). ...I wonder if this is gonna be another merry-go-round of players asking for help against this list, everyone telling us it isn't that bad, then we're vindicated in the next large-scale tournament when that exact list not only tops, but tops fighting itself. At least in my region, we've know about this archetype and fought against it for a long time before it appeared on the national scene. Now, here we are again discussing it, and there isn't an easy answer, because nobody delivered a definitive kill against it. At least, not that I was aware of. Seemed like the tournament scene decided that list type wasn't fun to fly or face and went an entirely different direction.
  15. @thecactusman17, the list you dropped looks eerily familiar.... did you cross paths with Mythics again? I've tried many times as Empire to take this list on, trying to find some solution but it never worked. Most of our meta also runs rebels to either 1, compete with this list or 2, to have more variety than the Empire. Most of our regional meta sees about 1-2 empire players and the rest are rebels (sometimes those 1 and 2 include Cactus and myself). I think the only way to stop a list like this is to make your bid deeper so you go second and force the list to move and get out of position. Forcing the fighters to move means things like the B-Wings are going to need some extra pushing to get them to attack speed 0 targets camping objectives on your end of the board. I don't see any fighter movement assistant tools in that list you posted, except FCT to make Yavaris overpowered. Immediately as Empire you could build a star fortress list with Grav Shift Re-Route and GX-7 projectors. Move obstacles where you want, then deploy your ships in the speed 0 zone on top of the objectives you want (Contested Outpost / Sensor Net with Shuttles / Station Assault). Bank a nav token on one round, wait for whichever ships and fighters to get to your end of the board, then obliterate whatever comes into range. In addition to the Interdictor, you could have a Demo lying in wait ready to jump on the first ship that closes with you (with Ozzel). Or a couple of VSDs with DCaps to plod forward and tank for you to take advantage of anyone speeding to your side of the board. Point of that list is to try forcing the rebels to get out of position on their approach to your highly defensive list. Their best bombers, B-Wings, don't have the speed to cross the board fast enough to do a lot of damage if you're camping. It's not fun, but neither is playing against Rieekan even after his nerf. One non-Interdictor strategy I would have tried would be the ARQ battery to try annihilating the first things that come into range (Slaved Turrets with Intel Officer, Concentrate Fire). For defense, swarm Firesprays or Aggressors to lock down enemy starfighters and hit back with some decent punching when they can move-shoot with Rogue.