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  1. MN Regional won by Patrick Christians playing Spectre (Doubt).
  2. I was pasting into Word. I tried the clear formatting button and that worked. Thank you for the suggestion, as I've never used that button.
  3. Are you able make it so that the printer friendly page doesn't copy with a grey background with the text. Like this: 40/40 Deployment15/15 Command Points15/15 Command Cards
  4. I ran this tonight. It was very effective. Han is crazy good. Ko-Tun worked well, but I think I need more time to play her better.
  5. This looks really nice. One suggestion: Be the last part of the text at the keyword Driven By Hatred in bold. It will make that text stand out more.
  6. I saved them to my computer, since they were so awesome. Nice work!
  7. Were you playing with the correct version of the E Sabs? To find the correct version, you need to find it in the FAQ.
  8. These command card might fit better for you: ▪ ASSASSINATE [3] -▪ BLITZ [1] -▪ CALL THE VANGUARD [2] -▪ CAMOUFLAGE [1] -▪ ELEMENT OF SURPRISE [0] -▪ FORCE RUSH [0] -▪ HEART OF FREEDOM [2] -▪ MITIGATE [0] -▪ NEGATION [1] -▪ PARRY [0] -▪ PLANNING [0] -▪ POSITIONING ADVANTAGE [0] -▪ SON OF SKYWALKER [3] -▪ TAKE INITIATIVE [0] -▪ TOOLS FOR THE JOB [2]
  9. FFG Event Center says these will release on July 14th.
  10. FFG store championship on Feb. 22nd was won by a list something like this: 2 Bantha Riders 2 HKs Gideon
  11. I use an app called ScoreKeeper from the Apple App Store. The paid version has a timer built in and it very much worth the $1.00. You can enter each players name and e-mail results when you're done with the game. The timer stays what you set it on last, so once you set it up for 55 minutes, it's always set to 55 minutes. I used this at World's and it didn't even drain the battery that much.
  12. This is great. However, any chance you could post it with multiple copies of the RG, IO, & Sabs, since that's we want anyway. This way we don't have to print so many copies to get what we would like or need. Thanks. I think I did it. Take a look here.
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