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  1. with one player died, the next character have the same supplyes or none supply?
  2. A unit cannot enter or exit terrain outside of its own activation. This means the movements caused by Scuttling Horror, Insatiable Hunger, and Etharyon of the Ailatar cannot cause a unit to leave terrain as they occur outside of the unit’s activation. ...And vorunthul upgrade?
  3. thnx. Cancelled is my understanding too
  4. If you dialed the skill and no other enemy unit is at range to engage, ¿ the transformation is done or canceled?
  5. Maro betwen reanimates + DKs on each flank. Reliable.
  6. 199/200 Reanimates [35] 3x2 Dispatch Runner [7]- Blighted Vexillum Bearer [3]- [Music] Remove Unit [45] Reanimates [35] 3x2 File Leader [6]- Raven-Standard Bearer [3]- [Music] Eliminar unidad [44] Death Knights [24] 2x1 Obcasiums Gauntlet [5]- [Training] Remove Unit [29] Death Knights [24] 2x1 [Artifact] Momento de la inspiración [5]- Remove Unit [29] Ankaur Maro [40] 1x1 Fortunas Dice [6]- Violent Forces [6]- Eliminar unidad [52]
  7. Thanks Budgernaut. Im going with that understanding.
  8. A 3x2 unit is being left flanked by 1x3 leonx touching only the 2º rank. In that position is able the first unit to reform such way it wont be flanked? It seems Ilegal movment. Acording reform rules you can pivot on your center point or center tray, and both cases dont deny the flanking situation.
  9. With the "lingering death" upgrade and 3 green runes can you choose to refill one reanimate per empty tray in 3 empty trays in your back?
  10. In a friendly game my opponent put a 2x3 Daqan cav. next to the edge matt, and afther that realised that the unit is unable to leave the edge without rune wind. jaja
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