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  1. Here's the link to the intro to the Ruinouse Hordes http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4035
  2. Actually, upon further investigation, while looking at the introduction to The Ruinouse Hordes battle pack I noticed that it featured a photo of a card called "Sigvald the Magnificient" which is a legend. So I guess special card types are featured in some battle packs.
  3. There are almost four delux expansions for Warhammer: Invasion the Living Card Game. Each one of them includes specialized cards like legends and fulcrums. My question is will these types of cards show themselves in future battle packs so as to add a little variety? I mean, there are only six fulcrm cards in the up-comming expansion Cataclysm. Wont people eventually get tired of only playing with those six? I haven't gotten the game quite yet so I don't know whether or not cards like the legends or the vampire counts tend to show up in battle packs. Thank you.
  4. .. Iv been looking into lcgs for a while now, and the two that have really caught my eye is this one and Warhammer Invasion. Im torn. Which one is the better choice for someone who has never in his life played a warhammer game or read lovecraft?
  5. I cant wait to get this game. It looks so in depth yet simple. I tried TCG's once, what a money waster. I can't believe that the battle packs of sixty cards are the same pric as a TCG expansion of ten cards.
  6. This looks similar to a tgc, but whats the difference? Tgcs are a waste of money, i know that much. However, this looks kinda cool. Iv'e never played any warhammer game before and i like the gothic art as opposed to the anime junk, the fact that this game seems to have a complex setting and even a plot also draws me. Is it a good game? What are its pros and/or cons. Can i havea description from the people who have actually played it?
  7. I believe it is for sale on the website.
  8. Look up start of turn on the Summery Card, it says specifically that start of turn starts with the first player and then proceeds clockwise. There's you official answer.
  9. Im realy itching for another expansion to this game, but i haven't heard anything for so long. Are they even making another expansion?
  10. Does anyone know where i can get replacement parts for the game. Im missing 2 army figures and its pretty lame later in the game.
  11. Does anyone know where i can get replacement parts for the game. Im missing 2 army figures and its pretty lame later in the game.
  12. Yeah…its pretty spendy. Thanks for the info though.
  13. This game looks really cool and in-depth. Does it have a good replay-value and how exactly do you play? Whats the overall theme?
  14. They left out a lot of good civs in the board game and its expansion, but that doesn't mean that they wont includ them in future expansions. Im actually more dissapointed in their exclusion of Babylon (although it is a dlc for the vid). Their my best civ. Iv never actually tried Britain really. I just cant seem to wait for the next expansion and see what they include…..they better put in religion though.
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