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  1. T-65 X Wing fix (as distinct ftom the T-70). At long last. Good shoo-in for the Scarif pack mentioned above.
  2. So change the wording to say: When you reveal a green or white maneuver, you may either reduce your attack power by 1 until the end phase and perform a free boost action, or reduce the maneuver's speed by one (you must seect a maneuver on the dial with the same bearing as the original) and increase your attack power by 1 until the end phase. Makes it more limited for turns (most rebels dont have that many options), but all the rebel droid carriers could benefit to some degree on straights or banks. 2 points is still a bargain, 3 maybe not quite so much....
  3. Reporting a great trade with TheKhan74. Thanks for a great experience.
  4. Want Luke and have Jabba and force choke to trade. PM me if interested. I also have Jango and want flamethrower.
  5. what book is that taken from? Judging by the grooming standards, 'Hirsuite Men of The 70's: An Anthology'
  6. Wasn't that guy's name Schroedinger?It both might be and might not be....
  7. Bought a new box tonight. Well my better half did, which was a nice surprise. I am, however, rationed to 4 boosters per day, until Christmas. I am thinking of it as an ultimately cooler advent calendar. First 4 boosters I pulled tonight: 2x Cunning (so now I have 4x of those too), Launch Bay and Promotion. So, now I have 4x Cunning, 4x IQ11 Blaster rifle, 4x Scout as well as all the other spikes. Would someone please tell me who is packing these booster boxes? Anyone else think this is a bit weird?
  8. Having pulled some extra packs now, I am really convinced there is something weird going on. Definite skews appearing. Next to no blue characters in 50 packs (1x Qui Gon). What I have got is 4x IQ11 rifle, 4x scout, 3x Holocron, 4x Grievous, 3x Jetpack. Also though I have got blue dice they are mainly support or abilities, i.e. Force Choke and I have doubles, at least, on those too, plus 2x Cunning. Each time I have pulled a character I have pulled a second of THAT character, not complaining, it's just weird. Elite Leia, Bala Tik, Jabba, 2x Tuskens, but only one or two other characters. I am also pulling a lot more reds and yellows than blues, noticeably so, and every time I have bought a handful of boosters they are predominantly red/yellow. It appears the Force does not want me running a blue deck any time soon (edit) wrong rifle and forgot cunning....
  9. phocion

    SWX58 Still missing

    That would be kinda tricky to hide. A some 450m wide sphere makes storage slightly problematic.... Life size would be slightly larger than 450 meters And thats why there has been no announcement for SWX58 yet...Its taking sooooo long to build! Solved!!
  10. Looking for players in Prague, Czech Republic. Two local stores stock it in decent amounts that I know of, in both language versions. https://www.tomovyhry.cz http://www.svet-deskovych-her.cz Both have gaming space and there are other stores that offer gaming space too. Shouldn't be a problem to organize games. Just looking for players.
  11. I guess I am on the curve somewhere. 30 Boosters, 5 legendaries, some good pulls and some weird skews. For example: 3x Grievous, 3x Sith Holocron and 3x Jetpack...... Will have to trade some of those off. Legendarys: Jabba Phasma Force Choke Han Luke's Lightsaber Very few characters though, apart from the legendary ones, General Veers, Bala Tik and the Grievouses (Grievii?) Overall, card balance is fairly evenly spread between Blue, Red and Yellow, though far more dice in yellow and red than blue. A few support (luckily only 1 Rey's Staff) but most are usable. Going to try for an Elite Grievous and Regular Jabba deck. Going to throw at least one jetpack in there, as the idea of Jabba flying around on a jetpack is somewhat amusing!
  12. phocion

    Alex Davy

    I think technically that was 'drilling'.
  13. phocion

    Unspoiled HoTR cards

    Oh yeah... Derpy, derp, derp! Note to self: drink MOAR coffee before posting,
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