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  1. Also the first Collectable Dice Game: Dragon dice! That also petered out after a few years. To bad really. Actually Dragon Dice is still being produced (by SFR., http://www.sfr-inc.com- a small company) and played. They are at GenCon, BTW. Besides, I love dice games, and I even asked for a dice-based LCG (even though I was thinking more to Star Trek Collectible Dice Game than to Dice Masters - as this seems to be, as far as selling model goes), so I'm looking forward to watching a game play video to see how good the game is.
  2. Hi, I know this is old news, but I've only come across it today. Thank you for the great effort! the cards are sweet, they even have terrific designs!! Thanks!1
  3. Firs of all, thanks for taking the time to answer me! alpha5099 said: I say this as someone with almost no experience with dice games, so take this with a grain of salt: But I wonder if there would be much of a market for a Living Dice Game. The LCG model works because it's essentially just a variant of the very well established and popular CCG model. There are hundreds of CCGs out there (Board Game Geek lists 445 of them), and FFG has successfully marketed an alternative that keeps most of the major features of the CCG genre, but removes the randomized distribution and rarity. That's a huge selling point. On the other hand, Collectable Dice Games are not a well established category. Board Game Geek lists only 15 CDGs. You would first have to find enough support for a dice game where you have to constantly keep buying new packs, which there just might not be, particularly considering that non-collectable dice games are already not that huge a market to begin with; whether or not those packs were randomized would be much less of a factor. Well, of course I don't have enough information about the market to tell if a similar product could be profiting or not (I'm not involved in this kind of businesses at all…) but a market with no competitors may well be a good thing, after all! Of course how sensible it could be to release such a product needs more investigation, which surely FFG can do. In any case, a living dice game can be thought in several different ways, ranging from a quarriors-like game to a sort of miniature game, passing through a lot of other typologies. A stroke of genius from the developers is probably needed to create a game whose longevity is high, is good to re-play, and that makes you want to buy expansions. In star trek the dice game, for instance, boosters introduced new ships with different stats, weapons, etc. A similar approach can create interest in the game. But again, I'm not involved in such market at all, I'm surely missing a lot of aspect I don't even know I should take into consideration Luckily I'm not the one whose going to release a LDG, FFG is! (I hope. ) Danilo
  4. Hi all, I'm a Warhammer Invasion player/fan and I eagerly await for new releases to add new fun to the game itself. In other words I find the Living Card Game distribution mechanism to be a very nice one, making the game grow constantly but without the Collectible Game bad aspects we all know about. Now, I also happen to very like dice and dice game. So I came to think: why not a living dice game? There has been a similar product some years ago (Star Trek - the collectible dice game) which despite its name was distributed in a similar way with starters and boosters, all of which had fixed content. Just like is a living card game now. Maybe it can work with the Star Wars brand FFG seems to have right of, or… basically with anything, that would be a really different game from what you can find elsewhere. Hoping that FFG is already secretly thinking about something like this, I ask you, forum users (but also FFG employee): what do you thing about this? Danilo
  5. ooooops, you were talking about AgoT! ehhhm,….
  6. KEM said: Toqtamish said: $120 is still way cheaper than any TCG out there to get a full playset in. And you don't need playsets of every card in any of the LCG's. AGoT it is kinda pointless as once a character is dead you can't play another copy. Netrunner has like 11 cards that come in singles. I have two core sets now and don't really see a need for a third to get 11 cards. Maybe eventually to get some demo decks. Good point, I wasn't as clear as I should have been on that and I ended up conflating some issues. I think for a more casual player the issue would be more about being able to build a couple of functional decks and less about having a full play set. I don't own Netrunner so I can't speak to that, but I do know that with the AGoT core set you are not able to build even one functional 60-card deck. To build a functional deck requires a core set and at least one expansion, which comes out to about $70 retail. Compare that to a TCG like Magic or WoW where you can get an Intro/Class Deck for $12-$15. So for the price of one core set which won't even let me build one deck, I could buy 3 decks for a TCG. That's more what I mean as far as LCG's having a high barrier for entry for a more casual player. Let me first say that I still own just one core set as I'm still hoping for a "core complement" set . Now, if you take pre-constructed decks from MtG, they are as bad as the 4 decks you can build out of Warhammer Invasion core set. Can't see why you need extra expansion for building a single functional deck out of the core set. Yes, these are un-competitive decks we are talking about, just as well are the MtG pre-constructed ones. (cant' say about WoW, but I have a feeling it's just the same…) Danilo
  7. a very complete analysis, thank you! danilo
  8. Hi, I've been lurking the forum for a year now and only recently I've registered. Anyway, if you are going to play against other friends which already have the game, maybe you can choose a race, go through your cards and build a tentative deck. Then bring with you some of the cards that tempted during the building, and try to swap out some in favor of others between matches. Building the deck is one of the most funny part of this game, don't copy deck lists over internet, you'll spoil the fun of it… If, like me, you have few to none friends playing this game, then build _two_ decks and try them out one against the other, to spot week points of them (but keep an eye on what could there be found in an opposing deck). The process is the same as the other case, it's just that you're at home having all the cards at hand Danilo
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