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  1. I wish ships that traditionally have ion cannons built in had them as part of the basic 4 stats. It could have been a different colored number after the red primary attack number, for instance: Tie Defender Attack - 3/2 (2 being purple or whatever) Agility - 3 Shields - 3 Hull - 3 All costs adjusted accordingly.
  2. Yeah much better idea, I don't play competitively so I don't catch things like that.
  3. Now that we have all of the bounty hunters I would like to play a 5-way free-for-all someday with each player controlling one ship. I played around with these builds, nothing competitive in the least bit, just trying to balance them out at 40 points each. I'd love to see what you guys could come up with. The only stipulation is that you must use the bounty hunter for a given ship type (Boba for Firespray, Dengar in JM5K, etc.) Again, this would just be for fun so, it doesn't have to be perfectly balanced or uber-efficient. IG-88B (36) Mangler Cannon (4)Total: 40 Boba Fett (39) Crack Shot (1)Total:40 Zuckuss (28) PTL (3) Advanced Sensors (3) Mist Hunter (0) Tractor Beam (1) 4-LOM (1) Shield Upgrade (4) Total: 40 Bossk (35) Greedo (1) Mangler Cannon (4) Total: 40 Dengar (33) Plasma Torpedoes (3) R4 Agromech (2) Extra Munitions (2) Guidance Chips (0) Total :40
  4. A-wings aren't a post-Yavin fighter anymore apparently.
  5. I really enjoy your videos, keep it up! I like the fact you make a lot of thematic lists rather than only competitive.
  6. I'm sure from an Imperial point of view all the Azzameens were "scum and villainy".
  7. Gotta have Kyle Katarn so I can have him single-handedly running through the mission mowing down Stormtroopers.
  8. One thing I've noticed with FFG is that they will spring a surprise announcement like it's nobody's business. Examples include the wave 4 announcement, wave 5 announcement, Armada announcement. None of those major announcements were made on special days if I recall correctly. The Imperial epic ship announcement may very well be made in the middle of next week or some other random time.
  9. A hutt fighter from Star Wars Galaxies.
  10. Exciting is hardly the word I would choose.
  11. Still surprised Ace Azzameen wasn't one of the Z-95 pilots anyways.
  12. Does no one use the bank maneuvers or am I missing something?
  13. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but a YT-2400 is on the Outmaneuver card. Anyways, the maneuver dial on the Defender makes sense. It's like the Me-262, it has such a speed advantage that turns are a drawn out process.
  14. Just a side not here: I can't find any information about a character named "Whisper" that was a Tie Phantom pilot. Could this be the first made-up pilot for the game?
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