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  1. Francisco's list was: 298pts Victory I - Adm Screed Gladiator I - Demolisher, Assault Concussion Missiles Gladiator I - Assault Concussion Missiles Gladiator I - Assault Concussion Missiles
  2. I'm going to Target int he morning when they open. Where in the store are they? With the toys, or is there a special Force Day section?
  3. Now this is the kind of click-bait I support!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/appliedperspectivellc/photos/a.682360471775844.1073741829.303454922999736/1039469132731641/?type=1&fref=nf
  5. I really enjoyed the show. It starts off a bit like Aladdin in space, but stick with it. There is reward at the end!
  6. My GenCon shopper (coworker) just got her ticket #! Hopefully they will still have the Raider in stock when her # comes up!!!!
  7. Does anyone have a hint, or belief that FFG will have any of the upcoming ships for early sale at Gen Con? Is that something that FFG even does?
  8. In the last tournament I flew 3 B-Wings with FCS and Y-Wing with BTL-A4. I did really feel that having the turret's 360 arc would have been better. The B-Wings are good enough jousters, and in my games having the turret Ion would have been better than the extra 2 Attack Dice from the Y-WIng.
  9. First game last night vs Scum. Boba Fett Emon Azzameen w/3 Seismic Charges 2x Cartel Spacer w/Manger and Stealth Device Tons of fun! 90min round and although I lost Dash in the final turn, it was going to be a draw until one of my B-Wings went barely off the board! I'm still not convinced on the HLC. Loosing Range 1 for just one extra die is a tough sell for me. But time will tell. He Ioned Dash and then kept his ships at or near range 1. Predator was great though!
  10. I didn't catch that! Consider my list changed to add Dash (and I'll have to buy him as well). Thank you!
  11. Ohhhhhh, I like that one! Dash seems like he'll do more damage than Biggs + Blount, even without Ion. Do you think the extra 3pts for HLC is really worth the extra die and only range 2-3 vs Manger (3 Att, range 1-3, can do Crits). If Manger, then I could spend the 3pts on a Mod.
  12. Do you think Biggs is a good idea and worth it? Or should I use the points for something else?
  13. I see your point. Perhaps a Shield Upgrade is a better choice (same points) and may help him survive past one round of shooting.
  14. WE have a 150pt tournament coming up and wanted some feedback on this list. 4x B-Wings with Accuracy Corrector X-Wing Biggs w/R2-D2 (get shields back to help survivability)-helps protect the Z-95 until it can fire the Ion Pulse. Z-95 Lt. Blount w/Vet Instincts and Ion Pulse Missiles. His Ion Pulse auto hits, great to deal with a large ship or Phantom. I did like the idea of having Tactician on all the B-Wings, but I don't think I'll be able to get 3 more cards before the tournament. I know we will see several 2 large ship lists, and in our last 100pt tournament most players only had 2 ships (2 small, or 1 large+1 small). I did very well last time with my 4 B-Wings with Fire Control System, but I think the 2 guaranteed hits is a bit more flexible vs more ships. Lt. Blout is just too darn cool not to have, and since he will likely be a priority target before his one off Ion shot I put Biggs in to protect him.
  15. Heh! That many Tacticians would certainly help. I found that only having 2-3 was tough. Tough to get enemy ships in that range 2 sweet spot, but with 6 I you are all but guaranteed to get a few in range 2.
  16. Thanks, DraconPyrothayan for that thorough post. I appreciate it. In our last 100pt tourney I ran 4 B-Wings with FCS and did very well, partly due to my good formation and focused fire. The 2nd place player ran a fat VT-49 and only me and the 1st place TIE swarm player took it down. But I do see your point that players will expect to see more large ships and bring weapons to deal with them. Our one TIE swarm player (I also favor TIE swarms, and have considered it, but with most of the group playing Imperial I like to mix it up) only has 6 TIEs and he is probably augmenting it with 2 Phantoms.
  17. Hello everyone, I have an upcoming 150pt multi-day tournament and am asking for any thoughts and advice on the following build. Even 'trash those ships and take this instead' is okay! x4 B-Wing Blue Squadron w/Accuracy Corrector x2 Z-95 Bandit Squadron w/Ion Pulse Missile & Munitions Failsafe x1 Z-95 Bandit Squadron w/Assault Missiles & Munitions Failsafe At this point level I am expecting to face many lists with 1-2 large ships. The Ion Pulse missiles are primarily for them, but also for the 3 Phantom heavy lists I am expecting. Likewise the Assault Missile Z-95 is to do some added damage to the few swarm lists that will show up. B-Wings with Accuracy Corrector to help guarantee teh hits when I need them. I have ran them with 'Fire Control System' in the past, and while good I think I prefer the 2 hits if I roll poorly.
  18. I'm trying to build a 150pt Imperial list for a local tournament coming up. I own all of the Imperial ships and have no problem buying any others I may need. Anyway, I really like the idea of 2 large ships with some smaller support/hunter ships. I usually run TIE swarm, so am looking for some advice on this build (even if it is, don't use those ships at all!) Cpt Oicunn VT-49: Tactical Jammer, Darth Vader, Mara Jade, Intel Agent Krassis Trelix Firespray-31: Mangler Cannon, Gunner 4 Academy Pilots TIE Fighters (Or 1 named and 2 generic TIEs) I think Vader is much better on the VT-49 and I am considering Proton Bombs on it as well. I like the idea of the VT-49 being the tip of my spear, running right at the enemy to block (and obstruct). The Firespray being the big hitter with TIEs supporting and chasing down severly damaged runners. Any and all advice/criticism is welcome! Thanks
  19. Thanks, seeing as how Opening Moves is soooo expensive (eBay and Amazon ~$70), is there any other Corp pack you would recommend?
  20. I am hooked after just one solo learning game! I read the New Player Buying guide on reddit (wonderful work, btw) but it was last updated 8 months ago and mentions only 2.5 cycles released. So other than, or instead of the four first recommendations there (Future Proof, True Colors, What Lies Ahead, Cyber Exodus) are there any of the newer data packs I should consider right away? I have not yet picked factions, and right now will likely be supplying some friends to help them get into it. Thank you, -JMichael
  21. I finally found it here. http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/117164/cardholders-carrierboxes
  22. I can't seem to find the Carrier Box downloads anywhere on BoardgameGeek or SirWilliBald's site. The link to download the .zip for it just takes me back to the Armada Downloads page.
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