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  1. Francisco's list was: 298pts Victory I - Adm Screed Gladiator I - Demolisher, Assault Concussion Missiles Gladiator I - Assault Concussion Missiles Gladiator I - Assault Concussion Missiles
  2. I'm going to Target int he morning when they open. Where in the store are they? With the toys, or is there a special Force Day section?
  3. Now this is the kind of click-bait I support!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/appliedperspectivellc/photos/a.682360471775844.1073741829.303454922999736/1039469132731641/?type=1&fref=nf
  5. I really enjoyed the show. It starts off a bit like Aladdin in space, but stick with it. There is reward at the end!
  6. My GenCon shopper (coworker) just got her ticket #! Hopefully they will still have the Raider in stock when her # comes up!!!!
  7. Does anyone have a hint, or belief that FFG will have any of the upcoming ships for early sale at Gen Con? Is that something that FFG even does?
  8. In the last tournament I flew 3 B-Wings with FCS and Y-Wing with BTL-A4. I did really feel that having the turret's 360 arc would have been better. The B-Wings are good enough jousters, and in my games having the turret Ion would have been better than the extra 2 Attack Dice from the Y-WIng.
  9. First game last night vs Scum. Boba Fett Emon Azzameen w/3 Seismic Charges 2x Cartel Spacer w/Manger and Stealth Device Tons of fun! 90min round and although I lost Dash in the final turn, it was going to be a draw until one of my B-Wings went barely off the board! I'm still not convinced on the HLC. Loosing Range 1 for just one extra die is a tough sell for me. But time will tell. He Ioned Dash and then kept his ships at or near range 1. Predator was great though!
  10. I didn't catch that! Consider my list changed to add Dash (and I'll have to buy him as well). Thank you!
  11. Ohhhhhh, I like that one! Dash seems like he'll do more damage than Biggs + Blount, even without Ion. Do you think the extra 3pts for HLC is really worth the extra die and only range 2-3 vs Manger (3 Att, range 1-3, can do Crits). If Manger, then I could spend the 3pts on a Mod.
  12. Do you think Biggs is a good idea and worth it? Or should I use the points for something else?
  13. I see your point. Perhaps a Shield Upgrade is a better choice (same points) and may help him survive past one round of shooting.
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