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  1. You still can't take the same action twice in a round though. Re-read the cards.
  2. Whisper with those upgrades is already 40 points before adding a crew card. That doesn't seem viable even with all the movement and the 3 evade tokens. It does seem like a lot of fun to try out, though.
  3. Three pages of comments and I only saw 2 or 3 people that actually understand how the cards interact. This is almost as bad as the Marksmanship + Cluster Missiles confusion stupidity.
  4. Picasso said: So that bounty hunter that gives stress tokens for evading crits, the crit from the damage deck that gives a stress token, all not so tough suddenly. Never were.
  5. Budgernaut said: Holliday88 said: Budgernaut said: I'm just gonna throw this bone out and see where it goes. It's now been over a month since I got Star Wars: The Card Game. The novelty of it has started to fade. While it's still a great game, I find that when I lay down to sleep at night, my thoughts turn toward the 2011 demo. I would love to try my hand at that game. What was different about that demo? Can you give a description? It was a totally different game. Here's a review from BGG. It was going to have a lot in common with Lord of the Rings. You had 1-4 players as the LS players. Together, they fought a DS deck controlled by artificial AI. I didn't get to play it, so can't describe it as well, but everything I've read sounded really fun. I get that a lot of people think it's not very exciting to play against a deck of cards instead of an opponent, but I find LotR pretty fun and would love the mechanical differences in the 2011 SW game. I can appreciate that you want to play that game and it'd be nice if you get the chance, but I don't think it will be compelling for most people. I can't really see this game being made.
  6. ShadowJak

    Mauler vs Alpha

    Torresse said: Mauler mithil is out manuvered, and out gunned (at 2-3) but excells with his ability to have a higher pilot skill, and ability to take a pilot skill (I would be scared of seeing a high initive mauler get behind a lower initive pilot at range 1 if he had expose :S) Focus is more damage than Expose.
  7. ShadowJak

    Mauler vs Alpha

    Herrgeist said: MM Being able to fire first can be the difference between winning and losing. If it was just a one on one I think it would be a clear choice. Yes, a clear choice against Mauler Mithel.
  8. Putting a Stealth Device on Night Beast doesn't change the squad point total.
  9. JodiePascal said: So the A-Wings are basically just X-Wings without R2 units? I always assumed that A-Wings were like the Rebellions version of the TIE Fighter… Guess I was wrong. I hope that FF doesnt continue this trend of each wave of ships getting faster and more powerful than the previous wave, just because. You gotta remember the X-Wing is the ship that was monumental to the victory over the Empire. If the A-Wing is a better ship, why take an X-Wing at all? Not sure what videos you are watching but it seems like the commentary on them is being done by idiots. I've noticed this happens a lot with this game for some reason. The people that make videos and articles generally have no idea what they are talking about and obviously have not played the game much themselves. For an example, take a look at the preview of the Millennium Falcon. The interviewer/commenter doesn't understand the cards, especially Weapons Engineer. I couldn't stand listening so I muted it and just paused when they showed the cards on screen.
  10. ShadowJak

    Turament Help

    Hordok said: My local gaming shop is hoilding a turnament next month. I want to get as close to 100 Points as possible. I need a little help building my squad. So for I have the following. Luke Skywalker (28 points) equiped with: R2-D2 (4 points) Skill: Markmanship (3 points) Wedge Antilles (29 points) Equipped with: R5-D8 (3 points) Skill: Expert Handling (2 points) With these I have 69 points. Who should I give Proton Torpedoes to and who should I use a s my third pilot? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks. Luke doesn't need R2-D2. Wedge shouldn't use R5-D8. Marksmaship sucks. Proton Torpedoes suck and should only be used as filler to reach 100pts. Using only 3 pilots is generally a terrible idea if you have no idea what you are doing. Make your own list.
  11. I originally posted this information on AFM. If you want to ask me about it, reply or message me at AFM because I will probably notice it faster. Here is a copy of the post from AFM: With a little help, I found a way to streamline the calculations so I made a table of the average damage for each possible primary weapon attack against each defense when hitting arbitrarily large hull values. Only crits that can destroy a ship immediately were taken into account. There are 7 Direct Hit cards and 2 cards that have a 3/8 chance of dealing a second damage in the 33 card damage deck which is 7.75/33 (0.2348) additional damage per crit. None of the non-damage or delayed damage effects are taken into account. I'm working on the damage for torpedoes and missiles but I like how organized this data is so I turned it into a table and graph: For comparison, here are tables showing the data when treating crits and hits as the same and how much of a damage increase factoring in crits is: In game, shields absorb crits the same as normal hits and critting on the last point of hull doesn't destroy a ship anymore than hitting it normally. Technically, the ships that are most vulnerable to crit damage are TIE Fighters and Interceptors at 2/3 of their total HP. That means the differences in damage are at least 1/3 less than what is shown. I think the ships that are most affected by crits are the Falcon (not Chewie of course) and Slave 1 (about 50% of their HPs are susceptible to crits). They have high shield values but once those are depleted, they will carry whatever crits they get for a long time. The thought of having 3 face up damage cards on a Falcon might make a lot of people use Chewie over the other pilots. I like making conservative damage estimates in my decision making process so I prefer to use the table without crits factored in (especially considering how often crits don't have an additional benefit). EDIT. Apparently IMG tags don't work so I had to add in the images manually. Also, the images are too wide so to see all of the information, you need to save the images to your computer or view it in its own browser tab. This forum software annoys me.
  12. Acebaur said: I think it has it's uses. Is it useful on every pilot? No certainly not, but then that is the same with every Elite upgrade. On Luke it is useful, especially if he has R2-D2. This is because Luke's pilot ability is already a quasi focus for defence so giving him a bit more offense doesn't hurt. Vader also can make good use of it because of his second action which allows him evade or whatever. Also as was said taking it with a ship that has a copilot slot is useful as well. Should you take it every time? No, but it is certainly not the worst upgrade in the game. That honor goes to Determination. With only 8 out of 25 damage cards being pilot related there are better things to spend 1 point on. (especially now with the new cards) Sometimes you just don't have enough other stuff to take and have a few extra points left over. In those case's it's 3 point cost isn't as bad. No. Determination is an adequate upgrade. It is mostly used to provide a minor benefit while adding ways to reach the point cap to avoid initiative. Negatting 8 of 33 crits is acceptable for 1 squad point. I've never gone out of my way to add it to a ship, but I have used it to reach 100 points quite often. With the new 1 point upgrades in Wave 2, it can be replaced by other upgrades but it still has uses over Draw Their Fire, Veteran Instincts, and Deadeye. Marksmanship is terrible because everything else either does more or costs less (or both). For the same amount of points, Push the Limit allows for more damage on average, more versatility, more synergy, and only has a minor drawback that is easily worked around. It basically turns any ship into a pseudo-Vader. Even if Push the Limit didn't exist, 3 points is still a lot. That's enough for a Stealth Upgrade, a combination of other upgrades that will be much better than Marksmanship, and/or getting a pilot with a better ability.
  13. ShadowJak

    Fleet help :)

    Total Squad Points: 100 Pilot: Wedge Antilles X-Wing (29) Upgrades: R2-D2 (4) Pilot: Rookie Pilot 1 X-Wing (21) Upgrades: No upgrades Selected Pilot: Gold Squadron Pilot 1 Y-Wing (18) Upgrades: Ion Cannon Turret (5) Pilot: Arvel Crynyd A-Wing (23) Upgrades: No upgrades Selected Rush in Arvel, cause your opponent to lose actions from collisions. Fly your Y-Wing right past your opponent's ships and use the Ion Cannon to avoid needing to face any particular direction. That leaves Wedge and Rookie as viable targets. If they attack Wedge, he has R2-D2. If they attack Rookie, you didn't want them attacking Wedge anyway so he is acting like a 21 point Biggs. Boom. You win. EDIT: This forum software sucks. Why is my text the wrong color?
  14. Duraham said: Over here swarm builds are laughed at and really suck very horribly, with a straight 0 win record by whoever even thinks about trying it out. Then again, we are playing with 2-3 core sets worth of obstacles in a 3x3 play area, so TIEs really drop like flies. No one cares about non-standard rules. Anyone can come up with a set of rules that screws over a play style, that's not impressive in the slightest.
  15. Sgt. G said: ok, all egg nog aside. of the elite upgrades, i like it the best. I know im not in the majority here. But i dont use swarm tactics ( the card ) or squad leader. As i normaly use alot of low pilot TIEs. They are just kinda fluff to the way i play. Where as marksmenship can really add the damage when the time comes. Marksmenship on Mauler at range 1 with Howlrunner behind him. 4 dice with a reroll and a focus to crit upgrade…scares the sith outa luke or wedge every time. i use this to almost garentee that a ships' sheild are gone at least, by the time the academy pilots start shooting. THis also makes quick work of Y wings. It may be pricy. But being able to take it on a named pilot and still stay under 20 points..not bad. DS-137-1 Using Marksmanship on shields is a waste. You might as well have focused.
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