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  1. I’m just starting out and the Core set came with two TIEs. I’ve always been an Empire fan. So, I started with a TIE swarm. Once I win some games with it and “git gud”, I’ll pick another archetype to learn to fly. I’m hoping that will happen before the release of X-Wing 3.0. Fingers crossed. It is rather satisfying to be able to keep them in formation after one or more engagements and the furball is in full swing. Also they look cool on the table in formation. Very cinematic.
  2. You didn’t provide an option for those of us who do fly TIE swarms...
  3. Not sure where to report this, but a number of Gunner cards are not available for the Republic ARC-170, most notably Seventh Fleet Gunner and Clone Commander Cody.
  4. Warboss Krag said: Man, why is it I keep getting the impression that a lot of you guys play against opponents that don't array their squads in mutual support? Said close combat attacks can easily be reacted to by another enemy squad that's within 12" of the squad being close-combat attacked. Um, no. There are only two circumstances in which a unit can React. 1. An enemy unit begins or end its movement within 12". 2. An enemy unit targets the unit and a Miniature in the target unit is withing 12" of the attacking unit (Yea, there is the "Hit The Dirt" exception). In other words, if the Hammers move to get within 3" of your Zombies, nobody can React to their movement because of their Jump ability. When the Hammers then decide to Rocket Punch the undead crap out of your Zombies, your nearby unit of Battle Grenadiers cannot React as they were not targeted by an attack. Check out pg. 34 of the Core Rulebook. Under the Reactions heading, read the first sentence of the second bullet point.
  5. And that is why my initial answer was "From my reading of it". You never know how Zach is going to rule…
  6. ragesteel said: …but can't find any information on their stats for Dust Warfare (outside of buying them)… Just FYI, buying the models will not provide you with the Dust Warfare stats - only Dust Tactics stats are provided with the models. In most cases, the Dust Warfare stats are identical to the Dust Tactics stats, but not always. The only ways to get the Dust Warfare stats are from the book (not out yet), FFG's unit sheets (updated once the book is out), PDF copy of the book (usually released 2 weeks after the book), or the fan-made unit cards (created using the book).
  7. From my reading of it, yes.
  8. Bi0mech81 said: Heyas. I've been playing dust for a couple months and have about 12 games under my belt. A lot of questions have arisen due to some un-clear rules from the rule book. My play group would be deeply grateful if we could get some resolution from more experienced players with the following: 1) Do grenades require a LoS to use them? the paragraph says they can be lobbed "over walls, through doors and windows." I have interpreted this as not needing a line of sight to throw a grenade over a wall onto the enemies hiding on the other side 2) If I am within 3" of another enemy who has hit me already in close combat, am I required to only use close combat weapons? 3) spray weapons seem to get worse the more people I kill with them. it states "Roll number of dice equal to models in the squad." so if I'm shooting at a squad of 5 soldiers, I roll 5 dice. I manage to kill 2 of them, leaving 3 people standing. next time I only roll 3 dice, killing 2 more and leaving 1 standing, so the final time I only get to roll 1 dice? Or is the "Models in the unit" mean how many models its supposed to have when it's at full capacity? 4) Walkers and cover. the rules as we understand them say that if you can draw a line to the walker's base it doesn't get cover… but what if 90% of the walker's base is behind cover, but I can draw a line to that last 10%? is it supposed to be if I can't draw a line to "A" part of the walker's base it gets a cover save? Thanks in advance 1. You need LOS no matter what the fluff might indicate. 2. Only if you are Reacting to the Close Combat attack. During your unit's activation, they can make any kind of an attack even if an enemy is within 3". Actually, one of the more cheesy ways to get around a Close Combat unit that is "in your face" is to shoot another enemy unit since only your target can React. 3. It is models currently in the unit, so yes spray weapons get worse as you continue attacking the same unit. 4. If even the tiniest sliver of the base is unobstructed, the vehicle gets no cover.
  9. Unless you are playing huge games or moving at the speed of evolution, memory should be fine. At 300 points, most lists I've seen have between 6 and 12 units. I play with cards and will use them to keep track by flipping them over, especially if I'm running a list with 10+ units.
  10. PeterClark said: Well i'm not sure if I'm missing something, but isn't Nikolais Take Aim restricted to piloting a vehicle? So there is no hitting on blanks for infantriy with Nikolai. There is nothing about the Pilot: keyword that restricts using the ability outside of vehicles. Nikolai still has the Take Aim ability, which is a Shared ability. He can use it, any unit he joins can use it (due to Shared), and any vehicle he pilots can use it (due to the Pilot: keyword).
  11. Get_Outside said: With the walker dissection upgrade at 3 ap's x 4 =12. Does the upgrade include infantry? Unit upgrades are applied per unit and do not include the cost of the unit itself. Upgrading an entire unit with Walker Dissection costs 3 AP in addition to the unit's base cost.
  12. Correct. There is no effect for starting your turn inside a minefield.
  13. I picked up the set from battlemarkers.com which includes 12 each of Reaction and Suppression and 4 of everything else (I don't use the damage markers) and I've never run out at 300 AP.
  14. I have to agree - start with the revised core set. The axis units in the revised core set (unavailable elsewhere) are great staple units - Heavy Lasers and Heavy Flaks. Also, you get the Sturmpioniere command unit which is great if you plan to run zombies at any point. Something else to consider is Lara, when joined to either Heavy Flaks or Heavy Recons makes for a very deadly anti-air unit (15 dice vs aircraft 2). This gets important when you start facing SSU with multiple choppers, especially if one is a Striker. Sadly, in Dust, each unit is currently only available from one source, be it an individual box, an expansion (where many heroes are found), or the revised core set. Sometimes you can find individual units on eBay, but you can't count on that.
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