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  1. If an investigator is engaged with a snake and then receives ichtaca if they fight the snake will ichtaca attack?
  2. If you pass the revelation check can you move or explore? Or is the card saying no matter if you pass or fail you cannot move or explore.
  3. In the first scenario once the final railroad faction has been shot and the courser is moving toward the railroad, is there anyway to slow his progress? Once he reaches the railroad the institute gets moved forward five times which makes someone win the game. Can this be stopped?
  4. My Conjurer has 2 Image tokens on the board. I am reading the card as each image token is treated as a hero so I would have 4 possible attacks this turn. Is this correct?
  5. The princess has been captured - the empire is trying to do a mission to turn her to the dark side - the rebellion is doing a mission to save her. Which mission is completed first? If the rebels succeed in their attempt to save her and the empire succeeds in turning her- what happens?
  6. For cards that have the word "or" example... if failed that investigator must either take 1 damage and 1 horror or resolve the hunter keyword on each enemy in play. If there is no hunters in play do we have to take the damage and horror?
  7. If a card says, "discover a clue at your location" does the clue come from the reserve or from the location? For example, could you use that card to gain a clue at a location even if there were no remaining clues?
  8. I hope so. I would love to play these scenarios with the new app, particularly the Yellow Sign and Laboratory expansions.
  9. If a group is attacking should they attack each character in turn, if possible, or can the overloard decide to have each member of the group single out and attack one person?
  10. We are not sure how this card should be played. When the attempt is made again are all of the skills used from the first attempt?
  11. Laura has a pathfinder ability which allows her to once per turn , re-roll all of her dice for free. Can she use this re roll ability on quests or to explore?
  12. If Zoey has an item that giver her an extra two dice during combat and she did not lose any sanity during a combat encounter does she get to roll 4 additional dice during combat?
  13. I see in the rules that a weapon is limited to the number of modifications. I see on the overcharger card a triangle around a blaster icon but the rules make reference to colored bars on the bottom right corner of a weapons card. I assume I am looking on the wrong area of a weapons card. What should I be looking for when looking for modification bars?
  14. I don't understand critical hits - do critical hits bypass shields? For example a ship has two shields on a side and a critical is rolled, does that person pull a damage card? Thanks!
  15. During this scenario the Rebels rescued an operative. The scenario allowed for the imperial player to cause the operative to bleed. Could this ally player give up his movement to heal?
  16. When an investigator lands on a face down Arkham adventure card does he have to do the text on the back of the card or is it optional? Reading the rules it looks like in one section that the investigator "may" and in other that the investigator "resolves" the text.
  17. Can this card's ability only be used after a special action or can it also be used after a normal action?
  18. During a skirmish can Fenn perform two attacks if he doesn't move, as per his assault ability?
  19. If two figures are one space apart but diagonal from each other are they adjacent?
  20. I successfully completed my encounter. I was allowed to move one space for my success. If I move to a space with a monster can I then have a combat with that monster, or do I have to wait until next turn?
  21. Can you move for one action to a city second action pick up a water or train token then immediately use the water or train token?
  22. The 'Terracall' card states "while this card is exhausted, 1 of your summoned stones may perform an attack during its activation". Does this mean that this card has to be exhausted in order for the summoned stone to attack, or once summoned can the stone and the hero preform an attack action? Thanks in advance.
  23. I am a new player with a question about damage control and the amount of hull repair this action can do. When rolled during a battle, do multiple successes repair more than one hull damage? Thanks in advance.
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