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  1. I havent used scatter dice, although I did play with a d6. Each number on the d6 coursponded to a movement template. We rolled again to see who got controll of what astroid.It was really fun.
  2. I havent used scatter dice, although I did play with a d6. Each number on the d6 coursponded to a movement template. We rolled again to see who got controll of what astroid.It was really fun.
  3. How effective are these boxes for transporting ships. I have already had an X-Wing that one of the lasers fell off the wing. I chalked it up to just a defective model and elmers fixed it so I am not worried. I just know that those lasers in perticular are quite dainty. Also .. one thing I have been doing is I just put the ships on one of the pegs instead of two of them… I guess I feel like at some point in time the peg is going to break. I would of liked to see a little better construction on some of the materals. or the option to buy upgraded / replacement parts.
  4. A 3x3 silk screen play mat would be awsome as a prize. Also Howbet plastic movement templates or 3d counters of some sort. Kinda like the gamming aids found for wings of war.
  5. Thats so stupid. Why would you ask someone to trace a model that you ALREADY have in your inventory. One would think that if the company traced something already you would keep the stock model trace outs available for everyone to use.
  6. I have searched the posts and havent seen a post dedicated to this. So.. How many models do you own? I have 2x core set (4 Tie fighters, 2 X-Wings) 3x Tie fighter expansions 2x X-Wing expansions 2x Y-Wing 1x Tie advanced
  7. I ordered 2 of thoes battle foam holders… at $15 each its a steal, considering my SDE one cost $45. Also I contacted battlefoam and they said since the foam for the core set was selling so well that they would PROBABLY be making foam for the expansions. One can only hope Orginal question from e mail: I just purchased the Fantisy Flight X-Wing game and I see you do have foam available for that. Do you have plans for foam for when the new expansions become available? If you are, what are the dimensions for the new foam going to be? Will it fit in the current box ( I have 2 of the core boxes) or Is this something that I need to consider getting the Pack system, or just a couple of custom trays to fit into existing bags? answer: "As for the X-Wing kit, we will see how many requests we get once the expansions are released. We will most likely make them since the kit we have now is doing pretty well."
  8. So I was thinking more about the big ship question, and this might be a viable option. Make it so the big ships only have 1 defense die and something like 20 health (15 shields +5 life) Big ships can't attack small ships; however, each time a small ship gets within 1 attack range of a big ship it automatically suffers 1 damage (nothing could block this damage). Small ships would always get the +1 attack die when attacking from range 1-3. As for action: Only one action would be availabe; however, that action would be able to used twice. Big ships would have access to decoy drones as an action to block up to 2 damage in one turn (kind of like evade for the tie fighter) Gunner turrets which would allow a 360 arc of fire for up to 2 targets with 2 attack die (moddifiers for attack would apply as normal) and Tractor beam. This would pull a ship within 3 range 2 movement towards the ship. Direction of the ship would not change.
  9. I for one like the idea of "BIG" ships. I do agree with some of the arguements that big ships have powerfull lasers but seldom hit fighters. That could be resolved with rolling a dice to see if the attack activates, making an evade token being able to negate the activation roll, then rerolling to see if the attack resolves. I dont know if i explained it well but I think you get the picture. At any rate I dont think "BIG" ships would take away from the game. For those that just want a skirmish battle system, simply dont play big ships. That is your option. Also you would have to consider the point value system. A big ship would probably be 100-150 points in itself. Even if it was at the low cost of 100 points that would allow you to field 8 tie fighters. 8 rolls vs. 1 roll (ok mabye 2-3 roll depending on the abilities of the ship but still) Compound that with making the "big ships a low inniative value.of 1 or 2. If those safeguards were set I think that you wouldnt see many of those being fielded, unless it was a 1000 point game. I think there is room for the "BIG" ships. I also think that FF may find that star wars collectors simply buy the ships becasue of how they look. You really have a cross platform here. So I think that you will probably see bigger ships. If you dont like them, dont play them. Just let people know that you only play 100 point games or just squad fighting. Most gamming groups are ok with that anyway. I have never played a minature game that the players werent able to agree to the rules of the fight or the squad limits. Some people actually like the limitations because its different from what they normally play,and its fun. and lets face it, we play games to have fun.
  10. edit to hyperspace.. if you fail a roll during hyperspace your ship moves 1 straight
  11. I know the Millenium Falcon is coming out in wave 2 but I would really like it to have abalities that are something like this: 1. Ingor arc of fire, when in the arc of fire treat all attacks as though you had acquired missle lock. 2. Hyperspace, upon a sucessfull dodge or focus roll you are allowed to perorm your selected green or white movement twice. This stresses the ship.
  12. Ok this came up the other night. Y-Wing has target lock, uses focus as an action, then shoots with the ion cannon. Would you recieve the bonusus from both target lock and Focus. OR just the Focus. We came to the conclusion that both effects would go off; however, If that is true, Ion cannon just got a little better.
  13. I will be honest. I was a bit dissapointed when I found out that there were only 3 ships in the starter box; however, being a player of minature games,, this is not really bad. Basically for 39 dollars you get a 2 player scrimmage. I used to play warmachiene and for $50 you only get a one player scrimmage. Not to mention the rules for the core game cost $50 plus your faction book cost ANOTHER $50. So as far as minature games go…. its not really expensive at all. My inatinal investment was the Core game,plus an x wing, 2x y-wings, tie fighter, and tie advanced fighter A total investment of $120 (I could of got it cheaper online but I decided to support my local gamming store) . This is a playable army for TWO people. Anyone that has played minature games knows that $120 for 2 STARTER armies with the rule book is unheard of in gamming. I think that eventually I will buy another core game for the 2 extra tie fighters, dice and templates. I also think that FF decided to only include 3 ships as a stragetic marketing ploy. The could of doubled the mini's and threw in a tie advanced fighter with darth vader but the box set would of cost arround $100. In today's econony who wants to spend $100 on a game? I will but I dont like investing $100 on something I may or may not like. At this price point you can invest little money and decide if you want to spend more. After playing this game I am having more fun with it than some of the Minature games I have invested $500+ time to paint and assemble. This is a very well rounded game. If you dont like what you get in the box.. buy another one. or do every other minature gamming person does… assemble your army for 1/2 the cost and pray to God that someone will show up to play with you.
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