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  1. So what do you think of Android-Shadow of the Beanstalk? I saw it in the game store but know nothing about the card game or the setting of Android.
  2. Starpup, just curious if you did any more with this. I haven't been playing Genesys for many months (the guy at the game store who ran the system switched his campaign to D&D) but I've been thinking about Amber again recently and that brought me back to this thread.
  3. finarvyn

    Dark Sun

    I don't know Latex, but I do know my work printers do weird stuff. If I print to the main printer it does layout accordingly, but if I print to PDF it changes things so stuff from one page gets stuck onto another sometimes. (I have to click "print to PDF" then go back to look at the doc carefully before I actually go back to print to PDF.) I figured your layout was caused by something like that. Really great work, however!
  4. finarvyn

    Dark Sun

    Looks amazing. Awesome layout, etc., but I noticed a couple of things: 1. In the TOC there are some red boxes around most of the terms. I assume the PDF was made while in some edit mode? 2. A few of the headers for the races got shifted to the previous page or column. (I noticed both Half-elf and Halfling) Seems like you did a fantastic job with this overall, and thanks for sharing!
  5. A springboard off of the "Battle Royale" concept stated a couple of posts ago: I'm thinking about the old "Ogre" wargame by Steve Jackson Games, where one player was the Ogre (sort of a super-tank for those unfamiliar with the game) and one player was a whole army fighting the Ogre … maybe you could run a one-shot where the players were Godzilla or similar giganto beasts terrorizing the city and the GM played the civilians and armies trying to stop the monsters. Probably not easy to run since a Godzilla would be uberpowerful and there would be so many NPCs for the GM to deal with, but it could be fun trying to knock down buildings and battle other monsters. A cool concept. I just wanted to run with it a little....
  6. Sounds pretty interesting. 1. I was born in '63. A good year. 2. The preview looks pretty cool. 3. I have no idea what Discord is; I'm a tech-tard and haven't played anything online. 4. A "cannon" is a gun. You want "canon" as the term for official or scripture. (Sorry, don't mean to be snarky. That's just one word a lot of folks get confused. )
  7. This is a neat way to do it as well. Instead of looking at actual character levels, I like the notion of tying it to hours of game play. After all, I can see where a direct conversion could be tricky but a time equivalent could suffice. Gives me one more thing to ponder, so thanks!
  8. True, but as a fan of the tiered approach I appreciate having this sort of thing worked out for me in case I want to make use of it. Terefang did a great job, IMO.
  9. I love Butcher's Dresden Files, but so far haven't been able to "get into" Codex Alera. Not sure why, but I've started it a couple of times and get stalled out. Maybe because it's more traditional instead of Dresden's wisecracking style. Anyway, thanks to this thread maybe I'll give it another shot because the styles of magic seem pretty neat.
  10. I like the concept of having causes for magic, but I agree that it's more of a flavor thing than a mechanic thing in general. Or, it could be both. I can see where a character might draw power from an elemental plane (air, earth, fire, water, ice, whatever) or a specific place (a fount of power or the Pattern of Amber) or an item (the One Ring, a magical amulet) or something like that. I think that the setting is more fun when players do so because it may define the type of magic cast (no fire from an elemental plane of water, for example) or maybe a strength-of-spell modifier based on location (extra blue/black dice for being near/far from the source).
  11. I wish I could contribute, but tumble and grapple are all jumbled in my brain at the moment. Cody's original post seems pretty solid, however, and replacing vague distances with more specific numbers seems like it could work pretty well on a grid. One issue that I've had with Genesys (and Star Wars before it) is that I tried to play on a grid but had vague ranges in the rules. Takes a little time to reconcile the two in my head. Also, why is this a "Your Settings" topic? Seems like a general rules discussion and not a setting-specific one.
  12. Sorry to derail, but can someone explain to me what "GM Binder" is and what one does with it? I assumed at first that it was some sort of computerized GM aid for play-by-post or online games, but it looks to me like a storage place where you can share stuff.
  13. I'm nowhere near an expert on Genesys, as I've only played it a couple of times, but I think that "cinematic" might be the answer to your questions. Genesys seems to avoid a lot of the gritty details and focus on the big-picture stuff instead, so I think that any campaign which features Big Heroes doing Big Actions would qualify as a good example of a Genesys setting.
  14. I suppose the big decision would be... (1) Start with Genesys and create an Amber setting for it. -or- (2) Start with Amber Diceless and import a Genesys dice mechanic into it. My original concept was more like #2 above, but seems like TheSapient's suggestions are more in line with #1 so I really need to look at the pro/con of each method. I guess I'm going to have to delve deeper into the core rulebook to understand Genesys more (and look up the heroic abilities parts from Realms of Terrinoth) before I can make a final determination on which way to proceed. I "get" ADRP pretty well, but am a real novice with Genesys.
  15. Sadly, I haven't developed this any farther. Still in the concept phase and further discussion is encouraged. What I imagine is a case where a person might have a Warfare conflict, for example, and both sides would be rolling dice to determine how things turn out. Each is striving to earn more successes than the other, each can make use of advantages. In ADRP the GM would simply compare attributes and hand-wave some clues as to how the conflict is evolving, but with Genesys dice the funky symbols would be providing those clues. Or, if a character is using Pattern to manipulate probability he or she would be rolling Genesys dice to determine how the attempt works out and what effect it might have on the current situation. Again, the thought would be that GM decision would be replaced by narrative randomness and the story would follow the dice instead of the GM's interpretation. Indeed, the GM still has final say in how the dice symbols get interpreted, but the narrative nature of the dice would carry the story forward. I think.
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