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  1. FFG always does this and I'm not a fan either.
  2. At this point I'd wait for 2.1. Or maybe even 2.2.
  3. According to this you never play. If so I'm sorry, but I also don't get why rotation would matter to you.
  4. He also said Destiny was their biggest release ever so I think it means we'll get the standard FFG under-production and delays.
  5. Although I find mill decks just as NPE.
  6. One-and-done print runs are more than enough for collectors. I hope they never do anything else.
  7. http://swdestinydb.com/card/02154
  8. They've never showed up in the LCG, but there are plenty of EU characters like Kyle here.
  9. Yep, that Navy deck's for real. I played 2 games with it tonight. Lost one game when I was a turn away from taking the game and won the other pretty easily. With some of the new Navy cards that have been spoiled I predict that they're going to become the DS faction to play. And then people can whine about that.
  10. Yes, the game is still a lot of fun and becoming more interesting as new decks emerge. Navy, for example, has been looking strong lately and spoilers point the way to some bonkers-looking Navy TIE decks soon. Jedi Gamor had been dominant, but around here they're not anymore as everyone's figured out counters like the Sith/Scum decks you see around. Sleuths haven't been that good in a while and are pretty much terrible against these. Rebel speeder decks are still a lot of fun and can do well. What's been really strong lately are pure Jedi decks with a heavy emphasis on shielding using A Deep Commitment and, sometimes, a splash of ewoks. Anyway, you're going to see a lot of whining about card balance much like the current whining about Netrunner and Near Earth Hub. Whatever. Neither game is perfect, but I still play them a lot and this game, in particular, is still one of my favorites.
  11. The player base was never big, but I see zero evidence that it's shrunk. It has here, no one plays it anymore. It is all Netrunner or AGoT. Netrunner is king everywhere, of course. As for AGoT, I hear that people play it around here although I've rarely actually seen that happen.
  12. We're having a swiss tournament at Game Kastle Fremont on Sunday, August 17. Start time is 11:30. Map & store event calendar
  13. Week one is in the books. We're going with this vintage prize kit from the store:
  14. We're running a weekly league at Game Kastle Fremont Tuesday nights from August 5 until September 9. Official start time is 7pm, but I, for one, will be showing up early most nights. I'll be there at 6pm for the first night, August 5. Everyone is welcome. All of our experienced players have volunteered to take time out from match play to help newcomers get into the game. We have prize kits from FFG and the cost is $5. You do not have to attend all 6 Tuesdays. Play as many or as few matches as you like.
  15. The player base was never big, but I see zero evidence that it's shrunk.
  16. Two singles make a double which would kind of negate the whole thing. Actually, these guys... http://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-Planeswalkers/pages/Android%3A_Netrunner_-_Star_Wars_LCG_Casual_Play/ ...do what they call a 100-card highlander variant. That's 20 objective sets. You could message Chris and ask him more about it.
  17. "Dead to rights?" Was it caught doing something wrong? I don't know why you think the game is shrinking. It's never been one of FFG's best sellers which X-Wing and Netrunner are, but I don't see any evidence that it's dying. It's always been niche and remains so. Still, it's grown a bit around here now that we have a local player base of a few dozen who stay in touch and get together for casual play and local tournaments.
  18. We're having a tournament at Endgame on the 20th at 11am. The address is 921 Washington St, Oakland, California. We've got this prize kit: More info: https://bookwhen.com/endgame-events
  19. Yes if you're not playing a lot the release pace will seem too fast. That's just how it goes. Free yourself of the compulsion to keep up if you don't want or are unable to devote much time to the game. It's cool.
  20. Notice how everyone (or at least nearly everyone) who played in a regional with those two sets supports the change? I did and I support the change. The combination of high-level players and a deck that's clearly better than all others is just not good. A restricted list is an excellent solution. When answers and alternatives arrive they can remove them from the list.
  21. According to... http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/iwp/2014-star-wars-card-game-regional-championships#France ...there was a regional back on the 9th in Toulouse, France. Did it actually happen? If so, how many players?
  22. Almost every game is all about the numbers when you get down to it.
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