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  1. FFG always does this and I'm not a fan either.
  2. At this point I'd wait for 2.1. Or maybe even 2.2.
  3. According to this you never play. If so I'm sorry, but I also don't get why rotation would matter to you.
  4. He also said Destiny was their biggest release ever so I think it means we'll get the standard FFG under-production and delays.
  5. Although I find mill decks just as NPE.
  6. One-and-done print runs are more than enough for collectors. I hope they never do anything else.
  7. http://swdestinydb.com/card/02154
  8. They've never showed up in the LCG, but there are plenty of EU characters like Kyle here.
  9. Yep, that Navy deck's for real. I played 2 games with it tonight. Lost one game when I was a turn away from taking the game and won the other pretty easily. With some of the new Navy cards that have been spoiled I predict that they're going to become the DS faction to play. And then people can whine about that.
  10. Yes, the game is still a lot of fun and becoming more interesting as new decks emerge. Navy, for example, has been looking strong lately and spoilers point the way to some bonkers-looking Navy TIE decks soon. Jedi Gamor had been dominant, but around here they're not anymore as everyone's figured out counters like the Sith/Scum decks you see around. Sleuths haven't been that good in a while and are pretty much terrible against these. Rebel speeder decks are still a lot of fun and can do well. What's been really strong lately are pure Jedi decks with a heavy emphasis on shielding using A Deep Commitment and, sometimes, a splash of ewoks. Anyway, you're going to see a lot of whining about card balance much like the current whining about Netrunner and Near Earth Hub. Whatever. Neither game is perfect, but I still play them a lot and this game, in particular, is still one of my favorites.
  11. The player base was never big, but I see zero evidence that it's shrunk. It has here, no one plays it anymore. It is all Netrunner or AGoT. Netrunner is king everywhere, of course. As for AGoT, I hear that people play it around here although I've rarely actually seen that happen.
  12. We're having a swiss tournament at Game Kastle Fremont on Sunday, August 17. Start time is 11:30. Map & store event calendar
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