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  1. Saturday October 11th 12pm to 7pm Group North Historical Wargame Society Penfield, South Australia The format will remain as Rebels versus Imperials. Early registrations and payments will receive the force they want, late comers may be asked to pick one specific side to balance things out. The tournament will be a mix of dogfights and custom missions. Players Pack is available. For details at WargamerAU.
  2. As part of the Greenacre Gamers Dungeonbowl weekend an X-Wing competition will be held on March 16th. This will be a 4 round FFG standard tournament. Visit http://www.dungeonbowl.com/ for details and registration.
  3. The Lightspeed tournaments are more than just your standard dog-fighting. There is a mix of missions and dog-fighting along with a balance so only Rebels and Imperial forces fight. We're already at 11 players and want even more! See http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=157235 for further details.
  4. I was playing through some scoring examples for the FFG tournament format and came across a situation I couldn't figure out the best answer for. The situation involves three players that end on equal scoring, A, B, and C. Player A has the hightest strength of schedule, then player B and finally player C. However Player C has beaten player A during the rounds. Would the final scheduling be: A, B, C, or B,C,A, or C,A,B. Player A has scored better than player B, but player C should be above player A. The first order ends up respecting the strength of schedule, the second uses the strength of schedule but then adjusts losers below anyone who beat them and the third bumps player C to the top so they are above A, but moves B down to the bottom because A still did better. As an extra question on breaking ties the rules talk about identical win-loss records but there is win, modified win and loss records. Does a player who has 3 wins and 2 losses do better or worse than a player that has 5 modified wins (both has 15 match points)? I know that the 5 and 3 points makes it hard to get to situations where the wins are the same, except for the given example above.
  5. It was a great day at the competition. 9 people showed up and we had 4 people trying for the top spot in the last round.
  6. I think I was reading one rule without considering the others. The failsafe is just an extra order that can be issued, like Take Action or Regroup. As such the recipient must be in 12" (or radio range). This performs just like Blitzkrieg and sort of like An Army of One (which ignores range). That would mean my first interpretation was the correct way of playing all this time.
  7. I've got a question on the failsafe order too. The rule says the Command Section of a Blutkreuz platoon may order a "Failsafe Order" to a non-Zombie unit. Up until now I've played that as a normal order, where the target has to be within command range and counts as receiving the command order for that turn. However on reading it today I also thought it could me the command section performs the order and then any non-Zombie unit gets the serum roll, and this unit could be anywhere on the board (as all units have the serum). While the first interpretation grabs me as the most likely the second also makes some sense to me as the unit could just shove the serum into itself regardless of where the command unit is (I know not to interpret fluff as rules though). Any opinion on which is the correct interpretation?
  8. Competition is on this weekend. Enjoy those who are attending.
  9. While I was waiting to get a copy of SWSwiss I had a crack at making my own tournament organiser. It is a HTML and Javascript application. The most recent version will be available at http://houseofholden.net/xwing/app/xwing.html At the time of this posting the GUI still needs some working on. The tables are to spaced out and I think the round results tables should be added back to the round they were calculated in. There is no support for the elimination bracket at the moment, just seeding rounds. There is no undo function. Data isn't saved yet, so hit the back button on the browser and you lose everything (I'm planning on trying the local storage API to save games per browser) The application handles separating family or group members in the first round if desired. Adjustments can be made to the round ordering and error markers will appear if the match has already occurred at least once. The final round sorts on points, then winners and then strength of schedule. The ranking rounds sort on points and then assign matches based on the FFG tournament ordering (i.e. based on order of name entry). This is just a playing application (I wanted to get familiar with jQuery and do some more Javascript programming). If I continue developing it I'll add a proper back-end to make it easier to load player names, save competition status and undo changes.
  10. Okay, a second later I found something in the works, SWSwiss. Not downloadable anywhere, but a found a mention on A few Maneuvers that referenced SWMGamers. No mention on if or where that software is available, so if anyone knows anything else I'm still interested.
  11. Does anyone know of any software that can be used to help with running an X-Wing tournament? I'm looking for something that will do the round assignments and score tracking in accordance with the FFG tournament rules.
  12. The competition entries will be required soon. Head over to the website of WargamerAU forums for more details.
  13. CPTMcMurphy said: If a ship makes a move that it can not legally make, or makes no move (forget to give it a dial), then your oppenent picks a legal move for you. In the case of using the wrong dial, if the ship can normally make that move than it is not an illegal move. In the future you need to make sure to read the text on the dial and not take it for granted. I know I make that mistake from time to time only to realize the problem as I go to set up the next dial. But what if the ship can make the move, but the colour is different? I don't mind in friendly matches but I'll be running a tournament soon and I just need to pick a definitive ruling for this even if it occurs. I know I've had times where I've put the wrong discs out and haven't realised until the pilot activates. Not that it's something that occurs every round, just once every couple of matches. It wasn't an issue till I got Y-Wings and TIE-Advanced's and I can only see the chance increasing when you add extra ship types into the mix.
  14. Targets will get cover unless the weapon has Burst. So cover from a Steel Rain attack (either weapon) but none from a Long Tom.
  15. Also when deployiing camouflage I assume that has to be within the deployment zone too. What happens if the piece of terrain is in and out of the deployment zone? If you attack a camouflaged unit do you measure distance to the camouflage marker or the terrain? Is the first attack only used to reveal the target unit, meaning they take no hits even if a Spray or Burst weapon revealed them?
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