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  1. I predict that if there isn't some Armada related news by June 17, I may become a bit defeated and begin considering using some of my excess squads as tokens for Outer Rim.
  2. I played a game of it yesterday, and wanted to immediately play again. I am scrubbing toilets and vacuuming, may even do the (shudder) dishes, trying to get my wife to give a try just so I can get another game in soon. So far, highly enjoy!
  3. I love Arkham Horror the card game, as well as the board games, but no, I don't know that I would want any of those components my Star Wars. Although, some of the great old ones may already be present in canon.
  4. I just realized I missed the opportunity to say "I have more dollars than sense!!!!!!" Please don't hold it against me, I am really more cliche than dumb!
  5. Me too, except (I am not sure I'm kidding. Thank god my wife doesn't micromanage my checkbook.)
  6. Honestly? I am more excited about the campaign. I'm getting at least 2 SSDs, but I think I will get a lot more enjoyment out of the campaign. Now if I can just find some time to play...
  7. Vulutre- YT 1300 speed 2 hull 7 AS 3 blue Anti Ship 1 Blue Counter 1 Intel Heavy 13 pts. No, I don't why my ship lists to the cockpit side. Bad motivators or something.
  8. A while back we had a 600 pt for fun tourney. I ran 3 Interdictors and 3 Vics ( or was it 2? I forget). Completely shut down the opponents deployment zone. With out the squads to punch with, my opponents just sat and stacked tokens. Still, Nose punch is where I kind of started the list, and this version certainly would have played nicely into what I was trying to do. Hmmm, I don't think I am going to be popular with my local community for a while.
  9. I have been part of 3 Corellian Conflict campaigns, two of which ended in all out assaults. It was glorious! We had a lot of fun with them, although I believe we only made it to turn 5 or so due to lack of time. Still, those games were more or less going to end the way they ended anyway. As to the third campaign, well, the final matches would have decided the campaign, with the rebels needing to go 3-0 to win. None of the games got played, due to life being what it is.
  10. Wait, what? I thought I had gotten some incredible draws from my squadrons packs. Every one had an ace! Hey, if it's not random, where the heck is my Dark Curse? I'm 7 packs in and haven't got him!
  11. You mean like play on a glass table and wake up to the underside of the remnants of Admiral Raddus' desperate bid to liberate Toshi station? Is that a scotch match, or an Imperial stout?
  12. I generally forget the objectives anyway. Throwing more firepower will aver come the 15 victory tokes my opponent has, right?
  13. played the game drunk. My lists on the other hand...
  14. Where did the article predictions thread go? I could not see it on the front page. I don't have the attention span to click next! help!
  15. Just off the top of my head, meaning I KNOW I have these... 3 Starters 2 Victory expansions 4 Corvette expansions 3 Nebulon expansions 3 Rebel squadrons 3 Imperial squadrons 3 ISD 2 Home One 2 Demolisher 5 MC 30 7 Rogues and Villains 3 Interdictors 2 MC 80 Liberty 3 Assault Carriers 3 Rebel Transports 2 Imperial Squadron II 2 Rebel Squadron II 3 Arquetins 3 Peltas 3 Carriers that Sloane comes with 2 MC 75 3 Raiders 1 Corellion Conflict I think I have at least 3 of everything, but I am only sure I have at least 3 of every Imperial. I usually play Rebels. I may have a problem, but only because FFE won't consult with me about my funds availability.
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